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Name: Leandro Reyes

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Father: Diego Reyes

Mother: 1. Lyssa 2. Athena 3. Demeter

Weapon: Spear

Age: 16

Personality: Leandro is very quite calm and reserved. He doesn't talk much but has powerful facial expressions to convey his emotions. He's scared of talking because he believes people with jest at his high, squeaky voice. He's a loner and is used to spending most of his time on his own thinking. He is an extremely sad individual and is still greving the death of Laura. When enraged though Leandro's personality takes a 180 degree turn. He becomes angry, loud, violent. He tortures his victim till they feel abosolute pain. His angry side has been only shown on one occasion though. 

Appearance: Leandro has a tall, firm frame at 6'0 166 lbs. His natural hair color is brown but he frosted his tips a light brown. He has tan skin. He has a short beard and moustache. He has chocolate brown eyes, and slightly large eyelashes. He has a slanted nose and short lips. 

History: Diego Reyes was man of adventure. He was a hunter, semi-professional wrestler, and gambler. Diego generally was good gambler, but one week he went on a losing row. Angry, he went to a country club golf course and began taking out his rage on the golf balls. Attracted by his rage, Lyssa approached him as a golf club attendant. She preceded to flirt with him, then scheduled a few dates, and soon she was pregnant. After being impregnated she left, which relieved Diego because he didn't want to raise a son. Nine months later a baby was left on his doorstep with a note. The note was from Lyssa and informed him that Diego was his son. Diego had a change of heart when he saw the baby and decided to keep him. 

Leandro didn't become the son Diego wanted, though. Diego wanted a son like him dangerous, arrogant, and living for adventure. Leandro started like that and ihe showed early signs of these traits. Then Leandro went to school, and things changed. Kids in school began making fun of Leandro because of his squeaky voice and made racist jokes at him. He then changed and became more quiet and resevered. He became a husk of his former self, which dissappointed his father. His father hoped it was a phase, but after it persisted with a few years he gave up on him. Neglected by his father and bullied at school he became a lone wolf. 

In high school things changed when he met a girl named Laura. Like Leandro she was a bit different and was also bullied. The two bonded and became close friends. The few short hours Leandro spent with Laura made him happy. During this time Leandro's innate dangerous nature came out and he was a completely different person, but whenever he left her presence he returned to his depressed state. One day Leandro visited Laura only to find she had hung herself with a note addressed to her bullies. Leandro was heart-broken. He cried for days mourning the death of Laura and gave a moving eulogy at her funeral. The funeral was front page news in Leandro's small New Mexican town. When this happened Leandro protector, Randy, approached. The two had been acquaintances and Randy informed him about his demigod powers and that monsters would attack him after seeing the news story. Leandro promised Randy he would go, but first he needed to avenge Laura's death. One day after school Laura's bullies taunted him in the usual isolated location. Tapping into his demigod powers he recently learned of and using the boxing skils his dad taught him he violently beat up all of them. Woozy after using his powers he fainted. Luckily Randy have found him before the police dead and had carried him to his car. The two then drove to Camp Half-Blood and fortunately were attacked by no monsters. 

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