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Name: Lela Summers

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aphrodite,  Harmonia or Hebe 

Mortal Parent: David Summers

Appearance: Long black hair, blue eyes, olive skin

Personality: Sweet, funny, athletic, friends describe her as beautiful, but she doesn't believe them, very insucure, and shy.

History: Lela's dad, David Summers, was a famous surfer from Australia. David met Lela's mother on the beach. They soon fell in love. Nine months later David became the father of a girl which he named Lela.

When Lela was five she moved to California. When she was ten her father died after being attacked by a shark and she was put into foster care. Lela went to live with The Davis'. While she was in the care of The Davis' Mrs. Davis died of a heart attack. When she was thirteen a snake with two heads attacked her at school. The snake's fangs kept trying to reach Lela's face. Lela, using all her strength restrained the snake. Finally another student helped her fend off the snake. He picked up the snake and stabbed it with what Lela thought was a dagger. Lela quickly blacked out.  When Lela woke up she was informed that the classmate who saved her had died after being bitten by the snake. When Lela told the story to the doctor they told her that she was tired and was just seeing things. When she was fourteen Lela ran away from the Davis house after being raped by their son, Micheal.

A few months later Lela stumbled upon The Hunters of Artemis. Artemis could sense Lela had been mistreated by a male and instanly offered her a spot in The Huntrers. Lela turned down the offer because she didn't want to be immortal. She wanted to one day join her father in death. Artemis pitied the poor girl and offered her to spend a night with the Hunters. Lela told Artemis about her past. It dawned on Artemis that Lela was a demigod. Artemis explianed that the Greek gods were real and that she was a goddess and that Lela's mother was a goddess. She had two hunters, incase of the event that one was to die, take her to Camp Half-Blood.

While in New Jersey the girls spent the night in an old abandoned apartment building. Lela quickly fell asleep. When she woke up she was hanging upside down above a pot of boiling water. Next to her she saw three cyclopes cooking one of the hunters, Joanne. Lela thought this was the end. Suddenly a zooming arrow hit one of the cyclopes directly in the heart, causing it to melt until al that was left was gold powder. Another came hitting the second in the stomach, the same thing happened, it was now nothing but, flakes of golden powder. The last one, obiously the leader, cut Lela loose, and picked her up. Lela knew she was going to be eaten. When, suddenly, his hand dissovled, along with the rest of his body, until a lone arrow remained. Lela saw the face of the other huntress, Caia. The girls quickly fled the scene. Lela made it to Camp on her fiftennth birthday.

Weapons: bow and arrow

Notatypicalgirl (talk) 21:55, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

Firstly, please do not delete admin comments. Also, she was too young for the first attack. too old with the last attack and it doesn't make sense for her to suddenly be attacked so close to camp after a long period of time without being attacked (I mean she wouldn't go from 5 to 15 with no more attacks, and 5 is waaaaaaaay too young. That's too young even for a child of the big 3). She would not be a natural with a bow, seeing as none of the godparents you have suggest even specialize in a bow so the girl might be moderately good for her first time but never perfect. I suggest adding more to make it flow better and easier to understand. This seems a tad bit choppy.

  FororbbyOrbit   The Star Chaser - Dragon Tamer  14:22, 16/08/2013    0   14:22, August 16, 2013 (UTC)

Ok i fixed everything you said and I'm so sorry about deleting comments. I'm kinda new at this so I didn't know.

Kindly sign your claim with four tildes (~). Next, what was the cause of her father's death? Why did she turn down Artemis' offer? In addition, why were three hunters needed to accompany a single demigod to Camp?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Ok I added the tildes and added how her dad died, why she turned down being a hunter of Artemis, a why she needed multipul hunters to guide her.

Her first monster attack was at, why didn't her classmate actually tell her the truth and shipped her to camp?Smiley-sad055 There is a crime, but no criminal; does that even make sense? ★❣Broken❣★ Jap32

okay i changed it soo that the satyr died.

Also, to be sure, there is only one gryphon, right? May I suggest a pack or group of medium difficulty classed monsters? It's because I don't think a gryphon would want to chase after just demigods.Smiley-sad055 There is a crime, but no criminal; does that even make sense? ★❣Broken❣★ Jap32

Okay! I changed it to a Hydra

Erm, that's a really hard monster ^^" Can you please pick something from a small group of 3-5 medium difficulty monster hereSmiley-sad055 There is a crime, but no criminal; does that even make sense? ★❣Broken❣★ Jap32

Okay i changed it to cyclopes.

Does she know about the gods, if so how?Joker by NerdXV Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -The Joker 05:20, August 20, 2013 (UTC)

Yes she does, Artemis explained to Lela that that the gods exist

Gods are not permitted to appear before their children and it would be even less likely that Artemis would appear before Lela given that she has no connection whatsoever to her.

Skullwindleft "No wind is of service to him that is bound for nowhere."  -WindSkullwindright   

Artemis did not purposely find Lela. Lela accidentally crossed paths with her.

What type of monster was the snake? ~ 434518xlbzh5vtdsShow my cards, gave you my heart. ~ ♥Wondereh♥B186 21:53, August 24, 2013 (UTC)

The snake was an amphisbaena

It doesn't take a year for a child to be born. It takes nine months. So, nine months later he was a father to a Lela.

  FororbbyOrbit   The Star Chaser - Dragon Tamer       0  

Okay i changed it to nine months

Are you still going to work on this

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Yes!I am!

Aphrodite's cabin's full, so she's going in Harmonia's. Sorry for the wait

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