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Name: Lena Samantha Charleston

Lena Charleston1.jpg

Age: 16

Weapons: CB Katana; CB Bow

God Parent: Apollo

Mortal Parent: Caitlin Walkers (Biological mother); Emanuel Farmer Jr. (Adoptive Father)

Siblings: Theós Hampton (foster cousin), Vince Walkers (mortal uncle), Domonick Farmer (foster cousin), Emanuel Farmer Jr (foster father)

Personality: Lena has a sweet, yet clueless personality. She tends to be confused a lot, but no one ever can say that they've seen her scared or frown. She's constantly smiling and looking out for others, and that makes people take advantage of her good soul. Despite this, she remains very kind and very good-hearted.

Lena isn't a genius, to put it lightly. She tested 70, just on the brink of mental retardation. Despite this, Lena has never been enrolled into Special Education. Her low IQ, however, caused problems with other students. Despite all her struggles, Lena always kept a positive attitude and despite being confused a lot, she's loved to be around for her great sense of humor, and excellent social presence.

History: Caitlin Walkers met Apollo in Los Angeles. Caitlin was 20, and was enrolled in college in L.A. She worked as a waitress at a local bar in town. Apollo came in as a customer named "Paul". Paul came back to the diner numerous times for a week, and soon, Caitlin fell for Paul's charms, choosing to let him spend the night with her. The next day, Caitlin woke up in her dorm room alone, no sign of Paul. Worried, Caitlin searched L.A every night for him, with no luck. A month later, Caitlin, worried Paul impregnated her, took a pregnancy test, and she found out soon enough: she was pregnant.

Lena was born 8 months following that day in a hospital in L.A. After giving birth, Caitlin woke up to a note and a sword and bow leaning against the wall. The note read, " Give this to our child when she is 16. We will not meet again. Sincerely, Apollo, a.k.a, your Paul" . Lena's first years were rough, to say the least. Lena learned to walk at 4, and to talk at 6, far slower than anyone else. Meanwhile, Caitlin never completing college, tortured Lena, locking her up in closets and drawers for no reason, and beating her with long-heeled shoes and tree branches if she stuttered. Caitlin also became an alcoholic, frequent smoker, and a drug attict, being addicted to meth. Despite this, Lena always loved her depressed mother, no matter what she did. Then, when Lena was 8, Caitlin was beating Lena with a tree branch for sleeping too long, when Caitlin kneeled over. Lena, unaware of what was going on, didn't know her mother was having a heart attack. Caitlin died, and Lena was placed uo for adoption. Only a few months later, she was adopted by Emanuel Farmer Jr.

Emanuel was a former judge and was currently a real-estate investor, making millions monthly. Lena, being Emanuel's only child, got Emanuel's completely attention. Many would be happy to be taken out of an abusive, poor household and placed within a supportive, rich one, but not Lena. Lena has known Emanuel for 8 years now, yet not once has she ever spoke nor looked at him. He made multiple attempts to bond with Lena, but she ignored him, longing for her mother to return. This caused bitterness and sadness for Emanuel, who never did anything wrong towards Lena, ever.

Lena was first attacked by monsters when she was 11. Emanuel, as an attempt to get closer to Lena, bought her a pony. But, this pony wasn't actually a pony, in the end. When it arrived, Lena complained about smoke that Emanuel couldn't smell. When Emanuel went to search the house for a fire, the pony transformed into a Fire-Breathing Horse. The horse charged at Lena, who shrieked and started running. As the horse prepared to hit her, she rolled out of the way, and the horse crashed into a metal railing, tripping over it and snapping it's neck on impact. Lena darted towards the house, never telling Emanuel about what happened. Over the years, Lena was attacked by monsters, but her skill of evasion kept her safe each time.

When Lena became 16, Emanuel gave her the weapons and the note that was given Caitlin by Apollo. Emanuel, as a real estate investor, bought Lena's old house, and found them hidden in the basement. Lena then was told about her two cousins, Theós Hampton & Domonick Farmer, by her foster uncle and her foster father. In the end, Lena was taken up to Camp Half-Blood from her home in L.A to train to become an excellent demigod. She's been there for around a week now.


Hiya, it'e me again!

  • How did Emanuel get ahold of the letter and weapons given to Caitlin?
  • What do you mean 'Lena has known Emanuel for 8 years now' if she only met him when she was eight? (quite confused there)
  • Was she attacked between her first and when she turned 16? Remember, just a generalized sentence that she was attacked during those times (since attacks, usually, comes at least once a year after the first before getting to Camp)

And that's just all. Cheers!

Pleasure to meet you! I'm Summer June. B L I M E Y.My studio!

Okay, thanks for checking my claim. Time for answers.

  • As for the obtainment of the letter, I edited that into her history. Thanks for the tip!
  • Lena is currently 16. She met Emanuel when she was 8...maybe I didn't word it correctly!
  • As for attacks, I edited it into the history: a generalized sentence is what I added.

Thanks for checking my claim!

Ajacopia1 (talk) 13:26, January 31, 2018 (UTC)

You're always welcome! Happier cheers!

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