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Name: Lena Volkov

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lena's shortish, 5'3" with long dark brown hair and eyes to match in color. Her skin's pretty fair but not so much she looks like she's been trapped in a basement her entire life.

Age: 16

Weapon: battle axe

Parent/Parent Choices: Aeolus, Pandia, & Hebe

Mortal Parent: Eduard Volkov (For Pandia & Hebe), Sonya Volkov (For Aeolus). Also she will have a step-father/mother.

Biography: Lena wasn’t always the way she is today. In fact, it was quite recent that she became humble.

Lena was born to [Aeolus, Pandia, Hebe] and [Eduard/Sonya] in Minsk, Belarus. There she lived until she was five years old. That was around the time that [Eduard/Sonya] married her step-[mother/father], [Tanya/Abram]. [Tanya/Abram] pressured [Eduard/Sonya] into moving to Russia with them, despite not having the funds to really do so and survive. So when Lena was six years old she relocated with her family to Omsk, Russia.

There [Tanya/Abram]’s true colors began to show. Though never mentioning it until a good year after marriage, [s/he] hated children with a fiery passion. [S/he] began to abuse Lena vocally and emotionally, eventually ending up with physical abuse. [Eduard/Sonya] turned a blind eye to this because of [his/her] love for [Tanya/Abram]. This planted a seed of hate in Lena for her [mother/father]. She began to associate love with merciless abuse.

At thirteen, things had only gotten worse. Five years had passed since they moved from Belarus to Russia, and money was still tight. They’d moved several times; each time the house got tinier and tinier. Lena hadn’t had a real bed or room since she was eight due to the shrinking living size.

Lena slowly began to break. She had a deep anger that nothing could put out. This was around the time she was getting her abilities in, as well. They were starting to show up uncalled for, but thankfully they were rather weak.

One day on the walk home from school, when she was nearly fourteen, a boy who bullied her at school was following her, teasing her. She led him into an alleyway and killed him brutally. Lena returned home and told her parents.

Immediately, fear was struck into her parents’ hearts. They kept Lena locked away in a closet, hardly daring to open it. They never imagined that the shelter child they raised would be capable of such an awful deed.

A short while (about two-three weeks) after this new treatment of her began, she was near death. She didn’t eat often and she was sick from the poor condition of the place she was kept. She knew what she had to do—even though she didn’t like her options. So one day when her door was opened to give her food, she escaped and killed [Eduard/Sonya] when [she/he] went after her.

Lena lived on the streets for a couple of months, stealing for money to somehow leave the area. She made the money and began to travel under the radar. During this period of her life she made many illegal acquaintances across Europe and a small part of Asia, it was through these acquaintances she found transport through and even shelter from the laws and governments she passed through.

By the time she was almost fifteen, she’d made it to England. This was the first time she was attacked by a monster. A by standing demigod saw this and defended her. He gladly explained the situation of her being a demigod. She immediately believed him and asked how he could get her to this camp. He said he could arrange for her to be taken soon, but she would first have to work to pay the debt it would cost for transportation. She assumed it would only take a few weeks of hard labor, and he agreed to this statement. But he lied. He had plans to enslave her for life.

The day after the monster attack she was sent to the Czech Republic to work on a farm with other demigods the man had talked into working off debt. She quickly found out his intentions and plotted escape. [Pandia] That night she conjured a weapon and killed several of the people who were meant to keep an eye on the enslaved demigods working in the camp. [Aeolus] That night she escaped the camp, with little trouble due to being understaffed. However, she did stumble across one man. He attempted to hurt her and she almost instinctively had a wind pierce his chest. As he screamed for help and in pain, she escaped into the nearby woods. [Hebe] That night she escaped the camp, with little trouble due to being understaffed. However, she did stumble across one man. He attempted to hurt her, but she almost instinctively made him feel aged, and he was unable to protect himself for a short amount of time. This was long enough for her to kill him—which she did. It was the last time she killed.

She found the way to New York and Camp on her own. It took her two years, and through her journey she began to humble herself and let go of the anger that her parents had caused years before. With this, however, she refused to kill anybody. She would even break into tears after killing monsters, using a knife she’d received from a demigod she’d met to do so. Lena stole money to fund her travels, but if this didn’t work out in the end she would hitchhike or sneak onto various modes of transportation to hitch rides. At one point she was caught and nearly handed over to the police, but she managed to escape non-violently.

Personality: Though she was once hostile and pretty sociopathic, she's now calm and hesitant to hurt anyone. She's mostly slow to talk and quick to listen. Yet at the same time she's willing to protect herself and those around her, need the situation arise. For the most part, she is more comfortable when she's alone and despises large groups. She's most comfortable when around those she is emotionally close to, or close to when it comes to their personalities.

She can also take a large amount of mental torment--but she's not completely immune to it as she once thought she was.

To the stranger's eye, she may appear a little snobby due to her calm aura. But she's pretty much the opposite.

Her personality still has plenty of flaws; it's hard to get close to her due to some trust issues and she is almost completely useless in the fighting area of her life, and not because lack of skill.

Doctor Lenoica (talk) 00:00, December 7, 2013 (UTC)


I think 11 is a bit young to be able to control powers. How was she able to travel so far at that age? Wouldn't she have been found and taken to foster/other sorts of help centers being so young?

Cloudsies.png Riri ye ye ye Special:EditCount/Riri25Cloudsies.png

You'd be surprised how many kids make it off the radar, but I'll add something somewhere. Also I never really said she controlled her powers, only used them. Buttt ok. Doctor Lenoica (talk) 16:12, December 7, 2013 (UTC)

How did she, as an unarmed eleven year old girl who only has a basic grasp of her powers, kill a boy who was more than likely stronger than her? The situation seems even more unlikely when she kills her mortal parent. She is sickly and dying, still without training or a wepon, so how did she kill him? Please add more about how she managed to live alone for so long, as the premise of it seems a bit sketchy to me. You've mentioned she made money, was this apart from stealing? Also, if a demigod farm of the kind mentioned in the claim existed, it would have drawn a lot of attention, monster and satyr alike, so it wouldn't have gone unnoticed for long at all. The idea of the camp just isn't viable. Also, despite Lena's opposition to fighting, please list a weapon for her as it is one of the required fields in a claim (since she's going to a camp to train how to fight.)

Do you have a lot of sad thoughts? ...Doesn't everyone? ~Ava Ire Tumblr mqb6t1mLTM1sbc0poo1 500.png

Fixed again ._. Doctor Lenoica (talk) 00:57, December 13, 2013 (UTC)

Since you don't have a picture, I think it would be nicer to add a bit more to the appearance description. "Our fearlessness shall be our secret weapon." ~Maple

It's the last one on my reserved images on my profile page. Doctor Lenoica (talk) 05:52, December 13, 2013 (UTC)

The claim's all good except for one teeny tiny detail.

The thing about you saying that she used a knife to kill the monster while she was on her way to camp, eh... I don't think she'd survive by having only a knife with her o-o

Four penguins.pngSmile and wave, boys. Now that's the worst disguise ever. ~Alias KitMen-In-Black-psd71564.png 10:24, December 15, 2013 (UTC)

How was she near death only a short while into the treatment? Even if she had just a tiny amount of food and water each day (a pea, for instance) she'd still survive longer than you'd think. Also, Kit's point mentions that it's unreasonable for her to have been killing monsters with only a knife. We consider knives as only a secondary weapon on the wiki, and taking down multiple monsters with one knife isn't a manageable feat.

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