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Name: Leo Walker

Gender: Male


God Parent: Athena Mnemosyne Zeus

Mortal Parent: Jack Walker

Personality: He is very curious and inventive, often spending hours at a time working on his book. He is protective of his friends, and fiercely loyal. He is interested in everything.

History: Born in Britain, Leo had a normal enough life, until the age of thirteen that is, it was at this time that he came home from school and went to his room, he began drawing a sketch for a pencil-for-writing-out-multiple-lines-at-once(“design the thing first, better name later” he'd say) when he heard a noise from the other side of the house. His curiosity aroused, he went to find out what had caused the noise.

What he found confused him greatly: his father was yelling at a lady with snake tails where her legs should have been. He started to ask his father what was going on, when the creature turned her eyes on him. His father, seeing this stepped between the creature and his son, but though valiant, it was useless as his father could not stand against the monster, and she struck him down with one strike. Leo ran back up the passage and hide himself within the first room he came to: A, rather smelly, closet. This probably saved him as when the monster came past it sounded like it was trying to sniff him out, though he did not think of this at that moment as at that time he was thinking only “Don't find me, please don't find me.” She didn't. He ran out of the closet as soon as he though it safe, sadly the monster was only at the end of the passage, and so gave chase. He ran out the front door, pausing just long enough to grab up his book. As he ran he thought of his father, and though he felt great sadness, he forced himself not to cry, as he knew this would make escaping the monster almost imposable. After running for a time he bumped into someone, but it was too dark to see the person clearly. Leo started to swing his fists at the figurer, but he was held back by the persons arms, a strong, but not unkind, voice came from the figure “It's not me you want to fight, boy. Now what are you running from?” Leo only managed to say “Snake-legged dad” before he pasted out.

He awoke again to find himself in a bed, and at first thought it had been a dream, but then he saw that the room he was in was not familiar, the second thing that hit him was the smell, it wasn't that it was foul, just very strong. He got up, and realized he was still dressed, still he set off toward where he thought the main room of the place might have been. He found an old man sitting at a table, playing chess with himself. “um...hello?” the old man looked up and smiled “So you finally pulled yourself from your pillow. Good, I thought you'd sleep the day away.” Leo blinked, confused and the old man chuckled “I should explain. Come sit.” Leo did “Firstly, and most of the time this should be told with care so not to freak you out but I find ripping the bandage off quickly, so to speak, is best: you are a Demi-god, and I know this because the thing that was chasing you, a Scythian Dracanae, would only chase a demigod.” “But wait” Leo said “why did you even bring me here?” “Well, for starters, I'm not a cruel man, and a child who is panicked and obviously lost needs help and if I can give it, all the better. Second, when you mentioned the “snake-legged lady” I guess what you were, and did what I thought best, now best I introduce myself, I'm Will.” “Leo” “Good, now that thats done. You won't survive long out there, and don't try to argue that you can handle yourself, because you can't believe me, not now that they know your there.” “How do you know so much? And who are they?” “They are the monsters, creatures who hunt demigods like us. I know so much because I myself am a demigod, like you, but unlike you I have training, now as I was saying: you won't live long unless you learn to defend yourself, and since getting you to the camp will be hard enough and I can't defend you since, though I hate to admit it, I'm not as strong nor as fit as I was. But I can still teach you to fight.” “Okay, teach me then.” “Indeed? I thought I was going to have to convince you...” “No, I saw what that thing did to my dad I want to learn to defend myself.” “Alright then, but first, it's time you learned the truth...” Will then told Leo how the Greek gods still existed, about a camp for demigods, even talking about some of his time there. “right now then, lets get training.” Will tossed a stick at him “What the...?” “You aren't going to start training with a blade yet, “We must learn to walk, before we can run.” And so his training began, Will taught him not only to fight but also began to teach him many other things: Ancient Greek and Latin, chess(which he'd never learned to play), among others. While in his free time Leo continued to design devices, contraptions and doohickeys, and for about a year this was the case.

Then one day he came though to find Will holding a box. “Good-morning, today you will move away from that old stick of yours and started training with a real blade. But first, Breakfast!” Leo spent all of the meal wondering what was in the box. He did not have to wait long, for after the meal the old man brought out the box again and opened it. Inside was a curved blade. Will handed this to him. For another year his training continued. Then Will came to him one evening “You are ready, tomorrow I'm going to take you to camp.” They left early the next day, boarded a flight to New York, from there Will summoned the Grey sisters taxi which took them to the camp. As they left the bus Will said “Can I ask one thing of you go off?” “Yes, of course.” “If you ever find the time, pay me a visit, will you?” “Of course, I will” “Good, now off you go, one last thing before you go: Gutta cavat lapidem non bis, sed saepe cadendo, sic homo fit sapiens non bis, sed saepe legendo.” “A drop hollows out the stone by falling not twice, but many times; so too is a person is made wise by reading not two, but many books?” “Very good, Leo.” “Wait, one thing, you said monsters smell demigods, so why did they never find us?” “I'm sure you noticed the smell around my home? Well that smell is there on purpose, I wouldn't have survived long if I hadn't had that smell there. Now off you go, boy” Leo then crossed the boarder of camp, and was claimed as a son of Athena.

Weapons: A twenty-five centimetre long curved blade

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