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Name:Leonard Ryder

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent Anne Ryder

Godly Parent: Hypnos, Hades, Hermes

Appearance: Model-Tomas Skoloudik


Personality He is very childish at times. He can also be very dependent on people around him. He is very flirtatious around the opposite sex. He is also funny and has a genuine heart, even at some time he can be rather naive, for he isn't that smart. He makes up for his lack of intelligence by being physically strong.


Parents Meeting:

Marry Anne was a beautiful gorgeous young woman. She married her childhood friend one day. But fate may have other plans for after a great year of marriage, his husband died in a car accident.. Mary’s kindred spirit falls as each day passes. Days of depressions turns into months as she remorse about the past. Many friends comforted her but none succeeded.

One day, she went to a local bar in Houston, Texas, together with her friends, who constantly pursue her to date another person. As coincidence happened, Hypnos was also there. He was wandering off the mortal world, and decided to just stop by in the bar, have a few drinks. He was about to leave when he saw Marry, so he decided to stay longer.

After some hours, both of them were drunk. Marry was ordering some drinks when Hypnos came toward her. The stars align as they seem perfect for each other. A short discussion may have just been infinity to them, though it may be just the alcohol. But whatever it was that click to them, they had slept with each other the same night.

The sun shines as Marry saw herself lying in a bed, her acquaintance gone. She has some fuzzy memory of what happened that night; she almost can’t remember the face she had slept with. That was an incident that she never told anyone, nor did she remember, but as time passed by, she learned that she was carrying a child.

After 3 months, Hypnos came to her doors, and shock Marry Anne. Marry thought that Hypnos wants to have a relationship with her, but Hypnos’s real intension is to give information about their child. Naturally, Marry Anne will be so puzzle at the time. Then Hypnos drops the truth about her kid and about Gods. She did not know whether to believe him or laugh at him. Hypnos left just leaving an address of Camp.

This incident was often thought about by Marry Anne, but she never bother to find out if it was true. She just focuses on what’s on her, which is her new child.

Early Childhood

So, after some months, a child was born. It was a great moment for Marry Anne. He named the kid Leonard in Honor of his late husband. She raised him in her homeland, Houston. She wanted the best for her child; he was the world of her. Leonard grew up with an over protective mom, she won’t let her child in any danger. So Leonard grew up very dependent with her mom.

He did poorly in his class. This maybe due to the fact that he has ADHD. He had trouble with his grade to the point that he almost repeat a grade. Other than that, his childhood was practically the same as any other kid.

He has lots of friends growing up. He never really had trouble socializing despite the fact that he was a demigod. He usually plays with them through sports like basketball, and was exceptionally good at it.

Monster Attack

First Monster Attack

When he was 13 years old, a hell hound was about to attack him. He was going back home after a tiring day at school when it came near him. Naturally, he was scared. He tried to run away but the hell hound just cornered him.

He tried to fight it off, but it was just too powerful for an inexperienced demigod. He might be dead now, but a man was able to defend him. With a few swing the man killed the hound to dust. Leonard is in complete daze, having been save by a man in his late forties.

Leonard tried to recollect himself but he was still in utter shock. He was calmed by a girl at his age or at she least tried to. He could still not believe of what he just saw. The girl, explained to him calmly what he might be, but he was really afraid from the experience.

The old man, Dante, a son of Ares and his daughter, Jaimee, a daughter of Asteria had just moved on in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. They were the one to save Leonard with the experience. They assisted him back to his house. Good thing his mom did not see his ragged appearance from the attack, or she might freak out.

He tried to keep this a secret to his mom upon finding more and more things about a demigod is with his new neighbors. He would secretly practiced how to use a sword with the two also. He quickly began to be comfortable of what he is, and this started his friendship with Jaimee.

Other monster attack

The three had lots of monster attack. Since the first one there had been a variety of other attacks. When he was a harpy when he was 14 years old, a Giant Scorpion when he was 15 years old, a Orthrus when he was 16 years old, and a harpy again when he was 17 years old. In all of this attack, Dante and his daughter was there to protect Leonard so this attacks did not bother him. He was also able to keep this a secret from his mom the whole time.

They could have gone to camp at any point with the monster attack. They do know that the camp exist. Dante himself has been their when he was a young adult. But it was Dante's arrogance that stop them from going. He has a 'I can protect my daughter, no need for camp attitude'. And he was able to do this in his daughters 16 year's of existence, every attack she faced, he was right their, until this one time.

Leonard and Jaimee where walking along going to school ( they go to the same school) when a trio of Empousai suddenly confronted them. They quickly drew of their sword, and defended themselves. They had a hard time fighting the said monster. Leo took two, while the lady fought the last one. They were overwhelmed, especially Leo who had to deal with two. Not having much grip of his sword, Leo lost his when the monster attack him in the arm.

So he was left, unarmed. Jaimee got a chance to stab the Empousai in the thoracic region, and the monster disintegrated into dust, leaving 2 more.

It was a tragic fate when one of the monster land a fatal blow on Jaimee's abdominal region. She collapses, leaving Leo all alone. He saw what happened to his friend and so he needed what he need to do to protect her. He grab his fallen weapon and stab the one he was facing. The empousa turned to dust just like all the other monsters he had face.

When the remaining monster was ready to pounce on Jaimee, Leo jump in and tried to push it away. He grasp his sword so that he can have a great attack on it. With one sword swing, the monster vanished to ash.

Leo called Dante, and told him what had happened. Dante quickly went to the alley where the fight occur. He drove her to the nearest hospital. Investigation was set to find out what happened to her. Leo lied to them that there was a group/gang that mugged them, and Jaimee refused to give them what they want. So they attack them and hit Jaimee with a metal stick. Dante was coincidentally walking in that same street, and was able to fend off the group. This was also the lie that they give to Leo's mom. They did not question them any further.

Going to camp

With the severe injury that Jaimee got from the previous attack, her dad had some doubts about weather he can protect her or not. Her daughter and Leo barely survive the attack. He had a sudden realization that he is not always there for them, his training may not be the proper one. Maybe camp was the best thing for them. With much thinking, he concluded that camp is the best solution.

He consulted Leonard and his mother, of course what the mother thinks of camp is an ordinary camp, so she agrees happily. When Jaimee was fully recover, they went there way to camp.There was no attack the way to camp.

After some time, he was claimed by Hypnos...


  • Celestial bronze sword (turns into a ring)
  • throwing knife made out of Celestial bronze


  • I will also make a claim for Asteria's daughter (Jaimee)

"Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it." ~Reone~


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