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Name: Leonardo (Leo) Blanchard

Gender: Male

Age: 19

God Parent: Dionysus, Aristaeus and Hades

Mortal Parent: Daphne Blanchard

Appearance: check pic

Personality:Leo is a rich playboy, he's calm, playful and is a natural party boy. Due to a terrible loss during his first stay at Camp, he tends to sleep around and drink like a sailor. Since sex and drunkiness is the best way to make the pain go away.

History: Daphne Blanchard was a single, rich and very charming daughter of Aphrodite. She was in her mid 20's and lived in France. She was used to having one-night stands with dashing men. Until one day, she met a man who was the clearly the life of the party. She was taken with him, led him back to her mansion and had her way with him.

Daphne soon found she was pregnant with his child, she considered not keeping the baby. But decided having someone to take care of her when she got older was a good call. So 9 months later, she gave birth to a boy named Leonardo.

Leonardo spent his childhood getting everything he wanted. When he was 6, he started calling himself Leo. He was the only child of a very rich mother, so he barely had anything to ever complain about.

When Leo was 13, his mom was having a party. He was in his room when a flock of harpies flew into his room. Luckily, his mother had came up to check up on him and used her CHB training to slay the winged beasts.

She explained to her son everything about the secret world of the Greek Gods, with monsters and demigods and the sort. She began training her son to defend himself from deadly beasts that would try to cause him harm.

A year later, Daphne decided to bring her son to camp after a very bad cyclops attack. She had went with him on a flight to Long Island, when they arrived she dropped him off with a satyr who guided him to camp where he was claimed by Dionysus.

He spend a whole year there in the Dionysus Cabin, until he fell in love with a daughter of Demeter named Sandy. Leo was head over heels in love with her, they even consummated his relationship with her at some point. But unfortunately the 15 year old son of wine lost her. She was killed by a really powerful cyclops.

Leo was heartbroken, he felt like it was his fault that his true love died. So he left camp and returned to his mother mansions where he remained for 4 years, becoming addicted to alcohol and such. His training making it quite possible for him to fend off monsters.

When he was 19, he had gotten bored of mansion life. Since he figured everyone at camp wasn't there long enough to remember Sandy's death, he decided to give CHB another chance and to return there..

Weapons: Crossbow

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Please put his current age at the top of the claim. Other than that the claim looks good to go.

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