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Name: Liam Skia

Gender: Male

God Parent: Hades, Thanatos, Nyx

Mortal Parent: Unknown

Appearance: Liam is a small 10 year old kid under five feet high, with black hair, black eyes, and if he knew about lipstick and nail polish, they would be black too, basically he is your stereotypical goth who loves death and darkness. His skin is pale and is skinny and scares mortals and the weak at heart.

Personality: Liam will not tolerate weaknesses in people and can take advantage of them, his favourtie colour is obviously black and learns by trying things and doing them on his own, staying away from the living and light. All in all, he is the sterio typical goth.

History: Liam's parent died in a car carsh when Liam was at a young age and was placed in an orphanage, se he never knew about his parents. He was tought mortal school and life, but he didn't like it and didn't belong, he preffered being taught on his own and didn't enjoy the company of human and light, so he slept during the day to avoid both human and light, since both were less active at night. however the leader of the orphanage didn't like that, or just nekros in general, Nekros never enjoyed him, or anything about her, but he sensed that something wasn't right about her, her nails were relitivally long and had sharp teeth...

One day another kid came to the orphanage., He couldn't have been more than 13, but had a wispy beard and walked in an interesting way, more of a gallop than a walk, he also carried something in his bag that clanged like tin cans, though he only opened it in his room. The new guy introduced himself as Damain (yes the same satyr from my previos claim) and tried to get to know him, Liam didn't enjoy his company, but gave in, so they were simple friends. On his 10'th birthday, after a night of wandering a nearby graveyard, he slept and dreamt.

He was:

A: In Hades throne room, Damain was next to him, he was shivering and seemed scared and was wearing a pair of goat legs, but that wasn't important. Liam was comfertable, there was an Aura, it improved the way he felt, but possibly not Damains mood. When he looked in front of him, there was a tall and dark man, that looked like him, but had an aura that improved Nekros's mood, making him think of death and darkness and riches. Hades glared at Damain, who answered back by stuttering. "Liam Skia", boomed the man, "I am lord Hades, King of the underworld, Lord of Riches, gaze upon these facts son" "Dad?" Liam replied, "Yes, about time you knew something was different about you, i will explain about how we gods put up with Demi-gods and monsters and all that," so he did. "And when you wake, I am afraid that you will be in terrible danger in the condition you are in, as you are unarmed, untrained, and your Leader is a monster, don't take that the wrong way. When you wake, you will have a sword, engraved with you last name on the hilt, and will have to fight this monster, your bus tickets to Long Island are under you pillow and Damain knows the rest of the way, isn't that right?" Laim only now remebered that Damain was there too, so he explained that he was a satyr and that he was Liam's protecter, but before explaining more, Hades interupted and said that both of them needed to awake and face their troubles. And so they awoke.

B: In pure blackness, Liam saw nothing, except a tall, buff and powerful man with long black wings and a feeling of death near him, "Hello Liam" I am Thanatos, Reaper of men, and your father." (okay, same sort of conversation with hades but without Damain) Along with your sword, I have implanted a dream in Damains head to make him think that he told you about greek mytholagy and that you needed to get to camp. However there is more important dangers ahead, you need to awaken. (sword and training talk) And so he awoke.

C: On the edge of the pit of Tartarus, Liam stood with a Beuatifal woman next to him, she had long black hair and black eyes like him, her black dress glowed with darkness and her aura was a feeling of night. "Hello Liam, I am Nyx, Goddess of the night, and your Mother." "Mom?" (yes the theme is now obvious, now please, without damain and with the dream implant in Damain's head) "Danger awaits you, you must awaken. (sword and training talk) And so he awoke.

When he awoke, he found the sword next to him on his bed, with Damain next to his bed, so they jumped out of bed, packed their few possensions and ran to the front door, blocking their way was the Orphanage leader, "Going somewhere?" she asked, then slowly morphed, X happens, her nails grew longer still and her skin becamse X, "Oh ****" said Damain, "Thats a X", "*X speaks" Damain took a concealed essense wood club out and charged the X, with her slashing her claws at him, whilst Damain bocked, (yes he had that in a previous adventure, see Ajax Carolos). "go to camp Liam! you'll know the way!", Liam refused and fought with him, Nekros took his sword and whilst X was distracted with Damain, liam took off its head, the monster exploded into dust. Next they ran to the bus station and boarded the bus to Long Island, when they were there they took a taxi near the border and walked past it.

Weapons: A short stygian iron sword with an engraving on the hilt, "Skia"

and if you say that he is too young to sleep through the day and live in the night, compare to nico. Zz Zakzedd 04:08, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

I think Stygian Iron is something you have to request later from the armory. Windsword7HoggyhoggyLet the magic begin

I think you can make weapons in your claim, so long as it makes sense. The power of Z is far beyond what you imagine, Zz

Since this happens years after events from the book, I think Stheno and Euryale have already faded, again. Anyway, the cheese thing just doesn't make sense. Oh, and is "Nekros Skia" name even makes sense? If it does, please explain. Queen.Bee(Your Highness here!) 13:27, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

OK, how did the parents meet? How did hid mortal parent die? OrbieGlowing Blue Orb 21:54, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

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