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 Name: Lilian Harvestman

 Gender: Female

 Current Age: Fourteen (November 1)

 Godly Parent: Demeter, Hecate, Iris

 Mortal Parent: Franklin Bloom

 Appearance: Lilian has long, dark brown hair, bright green eyes, and a freckly complexion.  She's not big on makeup and is seen wearing simple jeans and a t-shirt almost all the time.

 Personality: Lilian is extremely hyper, pretty clumsy, and will space out at random times, thanks to her ADD. She is also a very cheerful, easy-going, joking person and likes to make people laugh.  She is forgiving and trusting, and doesn't hold a grudge easily.  However, she is also quite stubborn and impatient, and does not give up easliy.  She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and is very protective of them.  Athena would say this is her fatal flaw -- that she is loyal to a fault.  She is also very honest and frank, and often states the hoenst truth that others see as too unnerving or uncomfortable to say, which can be awakward at times.  Lilian is also very friendly, optimistic, and out-going, although she is shy to people she doesn't know.  She doesn't like to fight and is more on the defensive side of a sword fight, but will jump in and fight intensely if needed, even if she is a klutz.      

 History: Franklin Harvestman was a farmer (which is probably why Demeter had the hots for him), living in Kentucky, where he met Demeter.  They met one day while he was out in his field, harvesting the grain with his combine, and he saw a younger-to-middle-aged woman watcing him with interest.  He, personally, thought she was very beautiful, but didn't say anything until the third time he went out to his fields and saw her there waiting again.  Finally, that morning, he marched over there and started talking to the lady, and they struck up a conversation, kept in touch, and soon after that, Frank asked her out out on a date.  They both went on several dates, all of them very much enjoyed because they both loved the same hobbies and had the same interests at heart.  Frank always felt a litte uncomfortable when they first started dating, because Demeter was a goddess and she gave off that powerful aura, but he gradually learned to like and eventually love her.  They dated about a little more than a year and a half before Demeter was pregnant.     

He never knew she was a goddess, however, and was heartbroken when she left about two years after they first met, as soon as their child was born.  But before she went, she left him with a newborn girl, whom she christened Lilian Penelope Harvestman, another demigod daughter.  

During her early years, she was already labeled a troublemaker, and she was often in the middle of events no one could explain.  On her second grace field trip to a farm, her archenemy, the school bully, antagonized Lilian into hanging him upside down by his ankles with apple tree branches.  She was diagnosed with dyslexia in fourth grade, then with ADD and ADHD in fifth grade.  Which, of course, lead to more teasing, bullying, name-calling, all that loveliness.  She didn't know she was a demigod.

Her first monster attack was when she was seven months into her twelfth birthday, when she was walking home from school.  She only survived because of a stranger, who stabbed the hellhound and left a Celestial bronze knife and a curious map for Lilian.  The unknown person disappeared before she could even say thank you.  Her father wondered where she'd gotten her scapes and bruises, but did not pry, much to his daughter's relief.  Lilian pondered where the map led to, when it indeed led to Camp Half-Blood, but loyalty to her father and disinclination to go somewhere far away, somewhere she didn't know even exsisted, kept her from going there.  Lilian kept the map safely tucked away, on her at all times.  On the back of the map, the words Keep secret and with you appeared on it, so although she didn't exactly trust the map, she kept it, feeling she may need it someday. 

The second time she was attacked, she was it was a dracaena.  This happened about six months after the first attack, she had turned thirteen.  Lilian had been out in the woods behind her father's crop, enjoying nature, when dracaena slithered up to ambush her, but with a little luck, and with a instinctive little use of her powers, she defeated it by choking it with vines, then stabbing it with her knife.  Unfortunately, the sudden use of her powers exhausted Lilian.  She started practicing her powers and started practicing with her knife.  But she had to balance it out, because she figured out that the more she practiced her skills, the more frequent the monster attacks would get.    

When she was thirteen, almost fourteen, two Cylcopes came tromping silently around the house, sensing a tasty demigod snack.  Then one of the Cyclopes went inside the house, and scaring the living daylights out of the Frank and Lilian, they ran, barely making it out of the hosue as the monster made a huge mess looking for them.  Then the other Cyclops, who had been waiting outside, caught Lilian, and with his buddy, who had come out of the house, they both pulled out long knives.  Her father, who could not see through the Mist, thought it was a large bulls attacking.  He saved her by attempting to drive his combine over the the Cyclops, telling her to run.  Lilian took the chance and summoned long, thorny weeds to grow out of the ground and stabbed the monster's hands, causing him to drop her.  The Cyclops, in a murderous rage, hefted the combine up, with Lilian's father in it, and threw it at her, obivously intent on making her another grease spot on the ground.  The combine, much to Lilian's relief and horror, missed her and sailed over her head, crashing into the ground and exploding with the force of a small bomb.  Frank was trapped inside the tractor, and was killed instantly when it blew up.  Lilian attacked the Cyclops in complete mad sorrow, ravaged with grief.  She summoned more vines out of the ground, and when the Cyclops ripped them away, she ssummoned more until she sneaked around behind it and stabbed it in the stomach multiple times, creating one more pile of yellow dust in the world.  The good new was is that the other Cyclopes was so distracted by the huge firebomb that he wasn't paying attention to his friend.  Just as the Cyclops disintigrated, the other, who had been picking around the tractor looking for tasty morsels, (with the name Frank Harvestman on them), went on the attack.  She was overwhelmed by this one, having exhausted herself by using her powers, and had to run, leaving her home and everything she had behind.  She had only the clothes on her back and the Celestial bronze knife and map given to her from the demigod that had saved her life.  She also had a painful reminders of the battle: a scar running vertically down her left forearm, and several burns on both her arms and lower legs, injuries that would fade but never be entirely invisible.  

For several weeks, she lived as a wild child, hiding from monsters and humans, afriad they would take her to a foster home.  The Cyclops that had been at her house pursued her, but she evaded and eventually killed it with trickery and a little usage of her powers.  She scrounged for food and looked in dumpsters for supplies, and found a backpack, flashlight, and usable lighter, which she still has with her to this day.  She admittedly bent the law at times, to survive monster attacks, and lived off vending machine candy and take-out with the money stolen in a not-so-honest way.  She did odd jobs at first, to discreetly pay back the people she'd taken things from, but soon realized authorities would start questioning, so she gradually traveled to a big city, Chicago, where nobody would question her.  Sometimes she would take out her map and study it, wondering where it led to, so she traveled in that direction, hoping to find someone she could trust to explain her life.  

Once she battled and defeated some karpoi, who really seemed to hate her because they said she was a child of Demeter.  She had been walking across an empty field in Kentucky, when a grain spirit came up and grabbed her ankle, knocking her knife out of her hand.  Lilian had sensed it and tried to use the grain around her with her powers, but the karpoi resisted, so instead, she took out a lighter and threatened them with it, allowing her free passage through the field, plus getting her knife back.

She made it to Chicago, mostly by walking, sometimes by hitching rides, and lived there in the streets, doing odd jobs and fending off monsters that someimtes attacked.  She avoided gangs of other kids and lived alone, so she could move about as she wanted to and no one could tell her what to do.

While she was searching through a garbage can one day, Lilian heard a noise and immediately attacked the maker of the noise, figuring it was a monster, when it was indeed another half-blood, who went be the name of Carter Jennings, a fifteen-year-old son of Tyche.  After several apologies, Lilian noticed he was looking at her strangely, and when she inquired, she figured out that he was the demigod who had saved her on the day the hellhound attacked only a year before.  She urged him to stay with her, and he refused, but then a small flock of Stymphilian birds assaulted, interrupting conversation.  Only after hacking and slashing their way through the birds, and getting a good distance from that area, did Carter agree to gang up with her, mostly to survive.        

Each week they survived, and each time her demigod scent grew stronger.  They traveled, unable to stay in one place in fear of monsters pinning their scent down.  They also practiced sword fighting, so their fighting skills got better to battle monsters that attacked.  Carter soon figured out she still had the map he had given her and he pressed Lilian on to New York, ocassionally using the map, telling her about Camp Half-Blood and explaining about demigods and monsters.  He told her he would travel there with her, but would not stay, because he didn't he would like it there.  He didn't lead her there in the first place because he wanted to give her a choice of leaving or staying.  He had survived without going to this camp for demigods, and he thought she could too, but then again, she's the daughter of an Olympian.

 She figured out that his father, who had been heartbroken when Tyche left without knowing why, started drinking and taking illegal drugs.  He took out his anger and frustration with the world on his son, until it got so bad, that when the son was eleven, he ran away.  He'd been on the run ever since, avoiding people and fighting monsters once he hit twelve.  He had even been to the camp for demigods, but left, for reasons only logical to that brain of his.  He was a very unsocial type of guy, and he thought that Camp Half-Blood was too orderly and social for him, always having a schedule, doing the same things each day, so he ran away about a month after he got there too.  Lilian, of course, thought he was nuts, but she still agreed to follow him there.  

Several monsters and piles of yellow dust later, (about two weeks), a satyr named Brody Oakland found them, and the trio rushed to Camp Half-Blood, battling and hiding from monsters the whole way.  A few times, Lilian consulted her map, a useful tool along the way, because Brody's sense of direction was sometimes muddled by the scent of monsters.  She finally realized that the demigod who had helepd her was probably someone like her, and he given Lilian a map to help find Camp Half-Blood.  She was fourteen years old, having celebrated her birthday with no one there, by the time she got there.  At first Lilian didn't exactly know what to think about Camp Half-Blood, but she quickly grew to like it, and now it is her home, just as it is to many other Greek demigods.

 Weapons: The Celestial bronze knife given to her by Carter Jennings.

Dancin4evah (talk) 23:29, October 26, 2013 (UTC)


Okay you need 3 godparent choices, for one. Two, she wouldn't get monster attacks that young without being a big 3 kid and, 3, she wouldn't get the attacks or the powers till early puberty.   Spiderman-Hydro-SigHydro   " We all have secrets. The ones we keep... and the ones that are kept from us."   23:38, October 26, 2013 (UTC)    20,620

Kindly add more to her early childhood. You left a big gap from being left with her father to suddenly being twelve. Also, if she had been practicing her powers since twelve, monsters would have frequently went for her because when a demigod practices his/her powers, his/her scent grows stronger. Now since you stated monster did go after her, kindly specify which monsters attacked. An entire horde of monsters would not suddenly rush to her house. Perhaps two or three at the same time but definitely not an entire horde.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

If the monster attacks started at age 12, you need to describe some of these attacks more specifically. What monsters attacked her? What kind of damage did they cause? How did she defeat or escape from them?

Skullwindleft "No wind is of service to him that is bound for nowhere."  -WindSkullwindright   

Her father would be hard pressed to tackle a cyclops as they can range in height from the size of a teenager (a baby) to 5 times the height of a fully grown human (one of the larger ones). Also America doesn't use orphanages foster homes are used instead.

Mazsqurad was here :P (UTC) 20:50, October 27, 2013 (UTC)

Believe me, if a dad is mad enough, he would be able to do things he wouldn't normally do.  But I'll change it.  And thanks for reviewing.  :)  

How was she able to survive for months with nothing but her clothes and a dagger? How did she come across the karpoi? Kindly add in her age when she was first attacked same as when she arrived at Camp.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

We have a strict name policy where someone can't have the same as someone famous, first and last. Please fix the issue

Gigi2 Brocky Good morning, campers! 27,583

I fixed it!  :)  Thanks for checking, please check frequently, i will be able to fix all issues.

Who/what is the stranger that saves her from the first monster attack?

Skullwindleft "No wind is of service to him that is bound for nowhere."  -WindSkullwindright   

"Lilian pondered where the map led to, when it indeed led her to Camp Half-Blood..." Does this mean she actually went to Camp? Why would she keep the map with her at all times when it appeared she had no interest in ever leaving? If she had the map all along, why didn't she use it to navigate her way to Camp after she fled from her house? Also, you have yet to answer the question regarding the stranger who saved her.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

A single demigod could not survive on his own, for 3 years, especially without training of any kind, that more than certainly means that Lilian would not have been able to survive for months with carter, as he had no training, nor did she...

  Slay Talk  "Shadows wonder why we scream."19:17,10/30/2013    5,915  

They were only running for about two months and Thalia and Luke survived for that period of time.  And Carter had some training, fighting monsters on his own.  Nico had almost no training, and he still survived.

-- Dancin4evah

Just to clarify, the stranger who saved her was a demigod, correct?

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Correct  :)

-- Dancin4evah (talk) 22:13, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

Could you explain how the parents met and if they had dates. What sparked the attractive/interest?

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I love the way you put the details especially her monster encounters while she was out. But there are a few points that I noticed had some problems:

1. "The Cyclops and hellhound that had been at her house pursued her, but she evaded and eventually killed them with trickery and a little usage of her powers" I think having these two attack her at the same time would probably get her killed already especially that she's untrained.

2. Carter Jennings isn't an existing char in camp so it would be illogical to say he stayed in camp.

3. How old was she when she reached camp?

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How did she kill one of the cyclops that killed her father?

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I fixed it.  Rainbows. Very macho. Dancin4evah 17:14, November 8, 2013 (UTC)

Now, I'm not saying it's impossible, but it certainly isn't that plausible for a girl to be alone, traveling for that amount of time. Adding a bit of realism would be great. Other than that, it was pretty solid "long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

luke survived on his own since he ran away when he was eleven, till he met Thalia.  Percy survived that long, and Nico survived that long with barely any training. 

Note: These are the comments from our PM >.<

Why didn't the stranger who saved her the first time bring her to Camp then? Why leave a map instead of personally bringing her there? What age was she when she was attacked the second time? Why would 2 cyclops set the house on fire? If her father could see through the Mist, how come he didn't recognize that Demeter was a goddess? A simple stab in the stomach won't be enough to kill a cyclops, especially when there are two of them. If she had the map, how come she didn't follow it directly after escaping the monsters? How did she recognize someone whom she had not seen for years?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

You didn't address some of my questions: Why didn't the stranger who saved her the first time bring her to Camp then? Why leave a map instead of personally bringing her there? What age was she when she was attacked the second time? Why would 2 cyclops set the house on fire?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

I really don't think a cyclops would set a bonfire in someone's house prior to attempting to kill a demigod. Monsters usually try to be at least somewhat discreet when hunting demigods so that humans aren't involved. 

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