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Name: Lilly Lancaster

Gender: Female

Age: 16

God Parent: Hades, Hypnos or Eros

Mortal Parent: Natalie Lancaster

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin

Personality: She's a little shy, but also generally nice to others. She likes keeping secrets from others, especially the ones about her demigod status. She's also a very good student, and her intelligence amazes her teachers almost all the time.


Parents' Meeting

Natalie met Lilly's father, Hades (who was using the cover name Roland) on a trip to London. They got along well, which led to them falling in love and spending some months together, conceiving Lilly within those months, when he also told her about CHB. The morning after Lilly's conception, he was gone, but he left a sword for his daughter, which would later be used as a mean of protection. Natalie really missed him, and never talked much about him to anyone.

Lilly's Early Childhood

When Lilly was four, she kept asking her mother why her father never showed up, something that left her mother very upset and causing her not to answer Lilly's questions about him. Nevertheless, Lilly had a happy childhood, and was always safe from harm. At the age of eight, Lilly went to her first Mythology class, which helped her learn more about the man she would later find out he was her father. 

First Monster Attack

When Lilly was nine, she went camping with her school friends. During her time alone she was attacked by a Harpy, but she was able to kill it with fire.  Over the next few years, she killed many monsters, including Fire-breathing horses. This experiences also helped her develop her powers, something she admitted she liked.

Going to Camp

When Lilly was ten, she was approached by a satyr, who told her she was a demigod. Lilly wasn't so sure about the idea, and didn't want to leave her clueless mother, so she refused to come.  But monsters kept coming and the satyr finally convinced her to go, and she agreed.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Sword

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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood Roleplay Wiki! Your claim is indeed a start, but it unfortunately has many issues.

  • Please elaborate on Lilly's personality so that it's at least a few sentences in length.
  • Please expand on the history so that it is at least 3 to 4 paragraphs long. It will need to cover the following:
    • The god parent and mortal parent meeting (how they met, how they fell in love, the conceiving of the child, the god parent leaving, and etc.).
    • Lilly's early childhood.
    • Lilly's first monster attack (only the first monster attack needs to be described in detail; afterwards, you just need to summarize that she encountered monsters over the next years).
    • How Lilly got to camp.
  • Lilly cannot meet her father in person as that is considered direct interference and is forbidden among the gods.
  • For our reference, please provide the exact age that Lilly got to camp in the history and Lilly's current age.
  • Please specify that her weapon(s) are made of Celestial Bronze—which is the only metal fatal to monsters.
    • Daggers are considered secondary weapons, so please provide a primary weapon alongside the dagger.

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  • Gods usually leave a mortal right after the child is conceived and return to Olympus (or for Hades, the Underworld), as they have to return to their godly duties or perhaps interact with another mortal. 
  • Please elaborate more on Lilly's early childhood; there's not much besides what happened when Lilly was four.
  • Fifteen is too late for a child of a big-three god to encounter her first monster; this should occur between the ages of 8 to 11. After the first attack, simply summarize that she encountered the monster over the following years.
  • Silver weapons are mainly used by Hunters of Artemis, weapons of demigods should be made of Celestial Bronze.
  • How exactly would the knife transforming into a sword when coming in contact with heat work if there's no heat source? It would be much easily if the sword and knife were two separate weapons.

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  • Please try to fill the gaps between the ages Lilly's early childhood a bit; currently it goes from Lilly's birth to when she was four, then eight, and then directly to her first monster attack at the age of thirteen.
    • Per the last sentence of the second paragraph, how exactly does Lilly know that she's a demigod and who her father really is? Being a demigod doesn't really mean you'll just know of these things.
  • Thirteen is too late for a child of a big-three god to encounter her first monster; this should occur between the ages of 8 to 11.
    • It would be most preferable if you could elaborate more on the details of Lilly's first monster attack so that it's not just one sentence.
  • How does Natalie know of the location of camp? If Hades had told her before his leaving, please specify that.

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  • Please elaborate on Lilly's encounter with the harpie. Besides just saying that she used her sword to kill, it would be most appreciated if you could explain "how" she killed the harpy.
  • Why had the satyr (that she encountered at the age of 10) not taken Lilly to camp—which is their priority task—if he had told Lilly that she is a demigod?
  • Three years after the age of eleven would be fourteen (making that the age Lilly got to camp), and Lilly's currently sixteen. This makes it so that Lilly has been at camp for the past one to two years—however, that is not allowed as at the end of the history, a demigod can only have already been at camp for a maximum of two weeks.

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