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Name:Lina James


God/Titan Parent:Athena

Mortal Parent:Ben James

Appearance (optional):Elbow length orange hair, gray, kinda silver eyes, pink-red full lips, peach skin and 5 feet, 3 inches.

Personality (at least a sentence or two):Kind, leader, throwing out knowledge when others need it. Some times called "know it all" by un-friends, she knows lots of random knowledge, and helps her friends as much as she can. Lina also assures her friends using facts.

History (at least two paragraphs): Ben James had been working on researching for a book about how brains work, when he met a super-smart woman. She asked him about what he had learned so far, and told him what he didn't know. They met up a couple of times, and she helped him with the book, but when Ben asked her name, she said "I'm the goddess Athena.". Ben laughed, thinking she was joking, but when she always said her name was Athena, Ben wondered. Then they had to split up, because Ben had to go home. One week later, a red-headed baby was left on his doorstep, with a note from her mother.

Raised by a smart father who fell silent when she mentioned the mother she never knew (or her birth, or family on her mother's side), Lina lead a sad, boring life, until she aced a test (age 7) she had only given a glance at a page explaining the skill. She then discovered her photographic memory for knowledge, and how she knew things she had only looked at for a millisecond. She sometimes amazed her father by giving him the perfect fact he needed on his "long and boring books on how minds work". Lina always tried to blend in, but her friends always left her side in her "knowledge attacks", all except for one: Danley, who always comforted her "You'll find where you belong, someday. I don't doubt it".

Lina practiced her magical knowledge. At age 10, after completing 7th grade (yep, she skipped two grades), Danley revealed that he was a satyr, and Lina was a halfblood who belonged at Camp Half Blood. Lina understood at once what he meant by "You'll find where you belong, someday. I don't doubt it". She informed her father that she was "going to some nice camp, with lots of nice, and different people," and that "it goes year round, and I'll be back for holidays, though not the school year".

Weapon(s) (optional):A silver clip, turns into bronze sword.


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  • At the start history, briefly go over how Athena and Ben met (how they met, how they connected on a strong intellectual level to conceive Lina as a brain child, and when Athena left).
  • Could you kindly specify what monster Lina was attacked by and briefly explain how she and the satyr were able to kill it or escape from it?I took out the monster

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Hey there! I'm Flopfish3, another staff member of the wiki. One quick thing I'd like to add to KMØ's comments: how does Lina know about topics she hasn't heard of before? This isn't a power from a child of Athena's powerset, and custom powers aren't typically allowed for characters.


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