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Name: Lindsay Faville

Gender: Female

Species: Demigod

Current Age: 15 years old (Birthday is on June 2)

Sexuality: Straight

God Parent: (1)Poseidon, (2)Apollo, (3)Zeus

Mortal Parent: Adia Faville

Appearance: Lindsay is tall and slim with long, straight, blonde hair. She has pale flawless skin and large blueish greenish eyes with a very faint purple outline around the pupil. Lindsay is 15 years old and 107 pounds. She is 5ft 8in. (Her model is Holly Mackie).

Personality: Lindsay is very independent and hardly ever lets people see her true feelings. but she has trouble trusting people she hasn't known for a long time. Whats bad about her is that she is pretty sarcastic and sort of mysterious. Lindsay is not shy at all and is pretty straight forward. Despite her troubled past, Lindsay is mentally strong, at least in front of other people. 

History: Aida Faville met Poseidon on a beach in Hawaii when she was twenty one. She fell in love with him. But like all the rest, Poseidon left Aida just one month later. Adia, heartbroken, went in search of Poseidon. She didn't know he was a God and thought he was lost at sea. She searched and searched but, obviously, she couldn't find him. Adia was so mad at Poseidon. "How could he leave me?" she thought. Adia tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists. It didn't work. Later, she found out she was pregnant. She was overcome with shame of trying to kill herself and her child. She promised herself she would do anything in her power to raise her child with loving care. Every month, when Adia was pregnant with Lindsay, Adia would go.

Couple months later, Lindsay was born. Adia was lost. She was very young and didn't know a thing about taking care of children. Adia even thought about giving Lindsay up for child care! But in the end, she remembered her promise to herself. Adia managed to move to Rhode Island when Lindsay was six. Lindsay always asked her mother why she had never met her father. Adia always told her he was lost at sea. Despite everything, Adia was a very good parent. She was always doing what was best for Lindsay. Lindsay was bullied a lot when she was in school. Sadly, Adia died in a car crash when Lindsay was only seven. Lindsay was also in the car when Adia died, but Lindsay was unharmed. Adia had thrown herself over Lindsay to protect her and therefore, dying herself.

One month after her mother's death, a social worker brought Lindsay to New York City to stay with her abusive uncle. Lidnsay's uncle was the only relative Lindsay had nearby so naturally, the government sent her there. Lindsay's uncle was first interviewed and when Lindsay first saw him, she thought her was very nice. Turns out, he was cruel and very drunk. Everyday, after her drunk uncle came back from the bar, he would hit her. One day, when Lindsay was ten, her uncle started hitting her harder than usual. Then, he started sexually abusing Lindsay. Sobbing, she called the cops on her uncle. The cops went to her house. When Lindsay's uncle found out that Lidnsay had called the cops, he was furious. He threatened to make Lidnsay's life worse than she could imagine if she told the ploice the truth and that even if he did go to jail, he had some friends who could "do the job". Lindsay, terrified, listened to her uncle. She told the police that she was just kidding around. The ploice questioned Lidnsay and her uncle for a couple hours but in the end, they decided to let Lindsay stay with her uncle. Everyday, her uncle hit her. Lindsay almost ran away. One day though, two months later, a mysterious man moved into the apartment across from hers. She never gave the man much thought but in the back of her mind, she wondered why the man was always looking at her. What Lindsay did not know was that the man was a demigod who was lucky enough to survive to adulthood. He was a cop and he found Lindsay's story very intresting and strange. The goverment was still a bit suspicious and they asked him to live by her to make sure the uncle wasn't actually doing anything to Lindsay. One year later, when Lindsay was eleven, the man (whose name was Steve) saw Lindsay being stalked by a hellhound. Lindsay did not know because this hellhound was blending in with the shadows and Steve just happened to be a son of Hades and he saw. Just as the hellhound was about to pounce, Steve leaped up and killed the monster. He knew Lidnsay was a demigod and he vowed to protect her from mosters and her uncle until he found a way to get her to camp.

Throughout the years, Steve did everything to protect Lindsay from monsters. At first, he wanted to report Lindsay's uncle but then he remembered that if he reported Lindsay's uncle, he couldn't look after Lindsay any more. She would be killed by monsters. So he did everything in his power to protect Lindsay until he could find a way to get her to camp. Steve tried to get Lindsay to camp earlier but everytime he was about to bring her to camp, Lindsay's uncle got in the way. Steve wasn't very smart and he just couldn't think of a way to get her to camp without the uncle noticing. 

Lindsay had another monster attack when she was thirteen. Lindsay was walking home from school when suddenly, a harpy came at her. The mist was over the bird though and Lindsay thought it was just a deformed pigeon or something. Just then, the harpy lunged at her, talons sharp. She screamed and threw her back pack at it. Lindsay happened to have her science project in it and her backpack was really heavy, so it crushed the harpy. The harpy was screeched and flew away. Lindsay ran to her apartment only to be beaten by her uncle. Her uncle beat her very hard and she passed out. When she woke up, she convinced herself it was all a dream. And for the next two years, she believed herself. During that period of time, Lindsay was attacked by three more assorted monsters. Luckily, Steve was there to protect her and he always killed it before Lindsay noticed. But that one harpy attacked always haunted her in her dreams. Deep down, she knew the harpy attack was not a dream. still, her uncles constant beatings often made her forget. She almost convinced herself that even her dreams were fake. That is, until the hellhound attack.

On the day Lindsay turned fifteen, she was attacked by a hellhound. Lindsay had just escaped from one of her uncles beatings and she ran to the edge of the park. Bad idea. A big blackish dog thingy had come running at her (a hellhound) Lindsay screamed and she threw rocks and anything she could get her hands on. But still, it was closing in on her. The hellhound backed Lindsay into a corner. Just when she thought she was doomed, Steve, who was walking around the park, came and killed the hellhound with a quick swipe of his sword. Lindsay fainted from shock. Lindsay had a very interesting "dream" or vision while she was out. She was in some sort of salt water (Lindsay had no idea how she knew, she just did) and a uniquely beautiful woman was next to her. She said something that Lindsay couldn't quite make out. Something about her father and a delivery. The woman handed her half a dozen throwing knives. Now, Lindsay could clearly make out what the pretty dark-haired, mysterious, underwater-breathing woman was saying: "These are from your father. Use them well." Then, she swam away. When she woke up, she was sitting on a lawn chair over looking Camp-Half-Blood with six throwing knives in her lap. When Lindsay was unconscious, Steve knew it was the time to bring Lindsay to camp. Without thinking, he carried her all the way to Long Island and gave her to Alexander The Great. Then, Steve went to Lindsay's uncles's apartment and socked him in the nose. After that, he went home, had a bath, and ate Chinese takeout.

Weapons: Throwing knives

"When I say I hate you while I'm smiling, I don't mean it. But when I say I hate you while I'm glaring, you better run!"~LindsayF"

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please add in another godly parent. also add in her age at the top and could you elaborate more on history like her first monster attack (which should be about when she's 11-13) what happened in her childhood and all (history should at least be about 3-4 lengthy paragraphs) oh and kindly add in your signature with 4 tides. thank you.


Does your character have an image? 

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What age was she first attacked?

Kindly specify which of her weapons is the main weapon also where she got the following weapons.

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It would be highly unlikely for a demigod to live alone by herself for four years with no training at all and survive.

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But if Poseidon is her god parent, if her were looking after her that would be direct interference which the gods don't allow, not on that level.

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An eleven year old would not be able to survive on her own for four years, please change that part.

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Posiedon may be able to look at his children, but he can't directly interfere it's not allowed, period, no exceptions. Giving her more power to save her from attacks would be direct interference, also having more power would make her smell even more and have more monsters attack her. also, the ages don't match up, you have the uncle start abusing her at 12, and gets put in foster care, but then you have her current age as 15, but claim she was on the streets for 4 years. Also if she had no idea she was a demigod, how would she survive one monster attack, let alone 8.

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The years still don't match up, at 12 the uncle abuses her, cops are called, she gets put into foster car, all that wouldn't happen over night, it would be months, especially if it's enough time for her to get into foster care, know she hates it and to run away. So if that happened around 12 1/2 that she ran away, and is 15 now, that's only 2 1/2 years, not 4 years. And you still don't really explain how she survived the monster attacks if she didn't know she was a demigod and had no training.

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Hai sis, the ending is really confusing. How did she get to camp? How old was she when she got her first attack? Keep in mind that since she's a child of the Big Three it would be around the age 11. You left a huge gap from her first attack to the age 15. Please add more details on what happened to her during the time. "Because your my friend,  Seaweedbrain. Any more stupid questions?"~Annabeth Chase"  

Just a few things, 1. Chiron doesn't be at camp anymore so therefore he wouldn't be at camp, (Maybe say Alexander the Great instead, just a hint) and 2. Wouldn't Poseidon giving her the throwing daggers be direct interference as he did it face-to-face and not via another person like a satyr and how did he give them to her via dream? ~ Light saber-512I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.Light saber-5124- Wonder

Why didn't Steve bring her to camp earlier, if he already knew the location? Did she have any other monster attacks between the age of 11-15. If he had reported the uncle for abuse, she would have been adopted or brought to foster care, so nothing could prevent Steve from reporting him.

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Wooooah, the police not believing a crying little girl being raped by her uncle?? That's not possible sis. "Because your my friend,  Seaweedbrain. Any more stupid questions?"~Annabeth Chase"

What happend between those two years? Since she's a child of the big three its almost impossible for her not to get attacked during that time. "Because your my friend,  Seaweedbrain. Any more stupid questions?"~Annabeth Chase"

Did she get attacked between 13-15? Being a child of the big three may attract many monsters.

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When her mother died, how did she get to her abusive uncle? Did someone take her there like social workers? Also, a demigod wouldn't be affected by the mist so she would see the harpy in it's natural greek monstrous appearance. Also, the backpack wouldn't have crushed the harpy to death as only being slashed, stabbed, punctured or anything that involves celestial bronze cutting through the monster's body could have killed it and disintegrated it. Also, if the backpack was that heavy how come it didn't weigh her down or how was she able to fling it that high in the air at the harpy? I mean it's very heavy that a harpy couldn't take it's weight so how did a teenager like her able to throw it up?

(Got permission from Demi to comment >.<)

  • Like Migs said, why would a backpack kill a harpy o.o
  • I doubt that a social worker would give her off to the uncle, as foster parents are thoroughly interviewed first. Just because he was her relative is not a reason that she would be sent to him.

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