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Name: Lindsey Rose

Gender: Female

God Parent: Iris, Aphrodite, Harmonia, or Hebe.

Mortal Parent: John Rose

Appearance: Lindsey is very pale and has light green eyes. She has dark black hair.

Personality: Lindsey has a very shy and humble personality. She doesn't like to respond mostly to people unless she really knows them. She's often misunderstood by other's for being so quiet.

History: Lindsey was born to John Rose and her mother in Paris, France. The two met when her father's car had stopped in Paris while on vacation. Noticing and being attracted to Lindsey's soon to be father, her mother disguised herself as a caucasian woman and helped John fix his car. After they had got the car fixed, her mother had charmed Joe into asking her to dinner. After dinner, the two went on dating, until eventually Lindsey was born, and her mother's visits were shortened from daily to occasional visits.

Lindsey's life at school was mostly quiet. Almost perfectly blending in to the background. Her shyness mostly intimidated other students. Sometimes, she was teased by other for being quiet, often calling her a freak. Lindsey's shyness was caused by the absence of her mother throughout her adolescent years.

As Lindsey grew older, she began to become a subject of humiliation to three girls. Often finding ways to get her unfocused and off track. One of the pranks the girls pulled was putting raw meat in the toes of her gym shoes, so that her feet would be covered when she changed shoes to exercise. After she finished dressing herself, she reached for her shoes, but was stopped an odd looking girl. The girl picked up the shoe, sniffed it, then hung it upside down to reveal the trick. Unamused by the nasty plot, she went back into her locker to look for another pair of shoes, but found nothing. Luckily, she was offered a pair of shoes by the girl who had saved her from the prank. Before the class started, the girl had asked if she would like to skip the class and take a trip to the woods to take a walk. To afraid to say no, Lindsey accepted the offer.While the class was walking outside to go play soccer, Lindsey and her new friends changed their path and exited school grounds, following the path to the forest.

As Lindsey's new friend clumsily walked through the forest, Lindsey was trying to find out what was making odd squawking noises above them. As they got deeper into the forest, the feeling of being hovered over filled the duo. "When they swoop down, don't be afraid," the girl said, not turning around. Lindsey looked up and shivered, then three harpies who had a sharp resemblance to the three girls at school, swooped down and pursued Lindsey and her friend. Squawks filled the air and echoed in the ears of the two as they ran away from the trio of killer birds. As they were running, Lindsey took notice that one of the harpies was flying at the height of a branch from a nearby tree. Just after they passed the tree, Lindsey went around it, pulled back the branch and waited for the Harpy to pass. As soon as it did, she released the branch and it knocked the Harpy to the ground, hitting it's jaw in the impact. After the Harpy had fell, Lindsey sprinted to see what was going on with her friend and the other harpies. As soon as she caught sight of her friend, she was baffled by her absence of pants and goat like legs. Trying to ignore the obvious, Lindsey tried to distract the two harpies who were flying besides her friend. Giving the idea up, Lindsey picked up a medium sized rock and chucked it at one of the harpie's wing. The beast screeched in pain as the one wing hit the floor, followed by the rest of her body. Taking notice of her friends fall, the othee harpy roared in rage. It swerved to the side, knocking her friend down wiith her wing. As the two rolled to the floor, her goat-girl friend was pinned down by the harpy. A sign for a camp called: Camp Halfblood already in sight, her friend urger her to move on as she tried to push the harpy away. Shocked by what cam out of the satyress' mouth, she ahd a change of attitude and tackled the harpys side. The two landed with a thump and crack. Luckily, Lindsey was on top of the harpy. The harpy who had injured her spine, roared in agony. Taking their chance at escape, the duo ran to camp, where Lindsey was later claimed by her mother.

Weapons: Throwing knives.

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