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Name: Lisette Marie Deveraux

Age: 17

God Parent: Persephone, Nemesis, Asteria

Personality: Caring, quirky and fun to those she knows, suspicious, formal and slightly cold to strangers

History: Kaleb Deveraux was the owner of a not-so-popular bar in the Quarter of New Orleans. Only a few regulars came by so he was surprised when a beautiful woman came in, nearly crying her heart out, and ordered the strongest liquor he had. He listened as she talked about her cold husband and her overprotective mother but stopped serving when she seemed too drunk. She told him she had nowhere to go, not wanting to go to her husband's home or to her mother's, so he told her she could stay upstairs in his apartment. The night ended in a drunk's mistake and Kaleb woke up to see a single flower, which he later found out to being a hydrangea, and no sign of the gorgeous woman he had shared a bed with.

About one year later a basket full of gardenias and a small baby girl inside. He didn't need a note to know she was the product of that drunk night and took her in. She grew up a restless child, running around town and making trouble whereas she went. Everyone thought she was a strange girl, not talking much despite her troublemaking. Truth is, she didn't need it, her pretty eyes got her out of any trouble she got herself into.

When she turned 13 there was a gift on her desk when she woke up. It was a crown of flowers and she loved it. There was no note but her father smiles wistfully and said it was probably from her mom. She wore it on all special occasions, the flowers never died but changed by themselves every season. Lisette never thought about why, she just thought it was a pretty hefty trick and paid no mind.

She had one great friend, Marvin, who was always by her side. He had a weird way of walking that made most people judge him and tease him but Lisette liked him. On her junior prom in high school, the cutest guy in school asked her to be his date. She bought the prettiest dress and matched it with her always present crown of flowers. The night couldn't have been more perfect but when they were going back to drop her off a weird form appeared in the middle of the road. The car swerved the other way to avoid it and flipped over, nearly knocking her out. Josh, the guy, was bleeding and wasn't moving. She screamed and screamed for help but something big jumped on top of the car and nearly tore off the door. She freed herself of the seatbelt and jumped over Josh, trying to get away through the other door.

She got out and saw what looked like a huge cross between a bear and a hound looking at her with beady hungry eyes. She screamed and ran away, stumbling in her heels and falling. Her crown fell off her head and she struggled to get it back but the thing was coming closer. She closed her eyes, knowing her death was close but something stopped the monster. She opened her eyes to see Marvin hitting the thing over the head with a large stick. She took her crown in her hands and it turned into a round blade, like Xena's.

Marvin was struggling with the black thing so Lisette threw the crown/blade at the dog-bear and it cut it's eye (she had a nice aim from basketball practice). It moaned in pain and started running around, confused by the sudden blindness. Marvin took that moment to take Lisette and her blade and get the hell away from it.

When they got home, Marvin explained it all to Lisette. How she was a demigod and he a satyr Persephone had sent there to take care of her, the crown she wore was a protection against monsters but it couldn't last forever. It expired when she turned 17 so she was now in danger and had to go to Camp Half-Blood. She said good bye to her dad, telling him she'd visit when she could, and left with Marvin to Camp.

Weapon: Crown of flowers that turns into a chakram when near monsters

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