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Name: Lizbeth Trinity Green

Gender: Female

Age: 16

God Parent: Nyx, Pandia, Iris

Mortal Parent: Augustus Green


Personality: Lizbeth is first seen as shy and quiet, and she is, unless you get on her bad side, in which she attacks you. She's mysterious and doesn't like asking questions, happy to silently observe and take mental notes. She's quite carefree, and doesn't really think of others, putting her own needs first, unless it is someone she loves very much. She is pretty violent at times, and can use whatever weapon she is given or is at hand, meaning she is quite flexible when it comes to killing stuff. She is tough and likes to show who's boss (her). Lizbeth loves speaking about her British heritage and is very proud of her country.


My father was an astronomer. He was always curious and observed things, a trait I had picked up on. So one day, roughly 17 years ago, he counted up his meager savings and bought a train ticket to Kielder Forest. It was quite certainly the most beautiful place to stargaze in all of Britain (quite possibly all of the world).

So anyways, there he was. Telescope in front of him, blanket cast aside, eye pressed against the cold metal. Basically what he did every single day back before me.

Except the view. Oh, they weren't lying when they said Kielder was beautiful, and it was. More than 200 square miles of woodland beauty and how the land dipped slightly as it brushed Scotland. The scenery wasn't what drew tourists to the place, though.

It was the sky. Officially named as the darkest place in London, Kielder offered something my father had always dreamed of, but never seen. Zw l 136. As crazy as that sounded, it was actually another galaxy. Not the biggest, nor smallest. Not the prettiest, nor ugliest. Clearest, nor blurriest. It was just... a galaxy. But there my father stood, mouth wide open and brain reeling with this new sighting.

You see, my father was an astronomer, but not the type that you heard of on the news. He wasn't the guy who discovered the comet Halley (even though it was first seen in 1705), nor was he the guy who discovered IC 335 (another crazy-beautiful galaxy). He was more of the guy who made Youtube videos of weird sky stuff and spent hours going to far-away places to look at stars. But still, this "new" discovery was something. It wasn't just another Youtube video where 10 losers liked it. No. It was because of this galaxy, this telescope, this forest, this blanket, thisday, this night, that my father met my mum. 

She had been looking at him the whole time. He was so lost in his stars that she basically had her own eye in the telescope when he finally looked up. My father always told me she was beautiful, yet scary. I'm not quite sure what that means, but I can take it.

To say the least, they had sex that night. Under the stars. If my father wasn't my father, I would have called him an idiot. Oh yeah, Dad, just go make sweet love to a random woman in the middle of the night. That's not bloody weird at all. But I can't say that, because he is my father after all and she is my mum. A somewhat immortal mum, but a mum nevertheless.

Anyways, she left. My father got over it all right. All it took was a couple moon cakes (yum) and a swig of beer (nasty habit) to get over her. I'm not really sure mother appreciated that one, but what do you excpect? He's a man.

And then came me. A couple months later, my father had just finished making yet another video, this time about some eight billion year old meteorite landing in Africa or whatever. So my dad heard a knock on the door and he opened it. There I was looking positively adorable (if I do say so myself) in a beautiful dark basket. Shocked, my dad picked it up and saw a little note attached to me. He picked it up and it explained everything.

Tearfully, my father brought me inside and swore to be the best father in the world. Also attached to me was a bracelet with beautiful moon and star charms. Little did we both know that it was actually a lethal bow and arrow if pressed corrrectly. 

So I grew up. I went to school and had dyslexia, which sort of sucked but I lived. I didn't have many friends, mainly because I threatened people if they got too close. Anyways, I preferred solitary over friends. It was easier that way. 

My father continued his astronomy stuff, though he stopped the weird stuff. He found a job at the local Science Center, which was fine by me. The astronomy stuff intrested me so I went to the center almost as often as my dad did. 

School was easy, especially science. I did make one or two friends, and got pretty close to them. We were known as the "losers of the school" and bullied often, though not when they were with me. I was known and the girl who punched Tim Bordan's, the best soccer player in the whole grade, nose. I got in trouble, yes, but the horrible guy was making fun of my friend's glasses and shoving his head in a trash can. I figured I had nothing to lose (I did. I got detention after school for a whole month and a one day suspension. And that was just from school. My dad grounded me for two whole months.) 

Life was pretty normal. But sometimes, there'd be some pretty crazy things happening. Like one day, when I was 12, a glass window would just break, but there was nobody near me and I didn't do it. Or like I would often feel like I was being followed. 

I saw a lot of weird things. Walking through the woods one day with my friend and suddenly, I could swear a woman jsut walked out of a tree, even though my friend swore she saw nothing. 

When I turned 14, I got my first monster attack. I as at school at another detention (courtesy of punching another soccer player) when suddenly my teacher turned around a hissed at me. Trust me, it's more scary than funny. 

The next thing I knew, my "teacher" was changing into a leathery bat-like hag. It pulled out a whip and slashed it out at me. Luckily, I had time to dodge it before it almost burned my behind. While scrambling away, my hand went down and accidently hit my bracelet. A weird thing happened (yes, weirder than my history teacher turning into a bird). My bracelet elongated into a beautiful bow. An arrow was already fitted into the string, and a quiver was strapped to my back, and it wasn't there before. Before I had a chance to think, I fired an arrow at the monster. I don;t even know how I did it. I hadn't even touched a boy and arrow before that day. 

Anyhow, she turned to dust. The bow and arrows had turned back to my bracelet. Terrified, I burst outside, only to find a stranger walking back in. "Lizbeth Green! Get back in that detention hall. I go the bathroom for two minutes and you..."

"Who are you?" I stammered, looking at her.

"Why Mrs. Mack, of course! Lizbeth, dear, are you feeling all right? I'm your history teacher.

I could only nod faintly and try not to pass out. Could I really had imagined the whole thing? There was only one way to find out. At home, I touched the bracelet, trying to get it to turn into the weapon. Finally, it happened. I had pressed the moon charm once, then the star one twice. 

Frankly, I was terrified with this knew knowledge and power I posessed. But instead of telling my dad, I decided to keep it to myself. Genius, right?

This of course happened again. I was 16 when I was confronted by a big dark hell-hound. At the time, I thought it was a dog. By then, I had already become pretty good at archery (I had made my dad get me a target and been practicing in the woods behind our flat). I had also developed a new concept with my bracelet and the weapons. I didn't only have to press the charms. All I had to do was wish for it to appear, and there it was.

When it came baring at me, though, I was caught off-gaurd. It's strong body knocked me off my feet and I got a nasty bruise on my leg. It was about to go in for the kill. I quickly summoned an arrow and stabbed it into the beasts' eye. 

I rolled out from under it as it struggled and howled. Using my bow, I shot it two times in it's heart and it exploded into dust. 

I walked home that day, terrified and very, very confused. Finally, I decided to tell my dad. 

He reacted very different than I would have accpected. I guess I thought he'd laugh about it or say it was a supernova violet ray illusion from the stars or something. 

He didn't. Instead, he told me to pack all my things and go with him. We hopped in a cab to the nearest airport and went to New York! I had always wanted to go to New York. The bright lights and musicals and never sleeping nights always excited me. But I had never even traveled farther than Manchester, nevermind across the globe!

A guy was waiting for us at the terminal. My father bent down and told me that this random lad was going to bring me to a special "summer camp". He said I didn't do anything wrong and that I would see him soon. Tearfully, I agreed. I knew that whatever had happened with my teacher and that scary dog was not a trick of the light. I knew that my bracelet was real. 

On the car ride, the mysterious man drove up a hill and said, "Welcome home." I looked out the window, and saw Camp Half-Blood for the very first time.

Weapons: Bracelet that can turn into bow and arrows from Nyx

My therapist says the easiest way to achieve inner peace is to finish what you start. So far, I've finished two packs of M&Ms, and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.


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