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  • Character Name
Lolli Rom
  • Godly parent
  • Sex / Gender
Female / Female
  • Appearance
About 5'3. 115lbs
  • Species
  • Current Age
She's currently 18 years old.
  • Mortal parent name
Harrison Rom
  • Personality
Gorgeous she may be, but shy is what she truly is. Having a tough loving father, did not give her much time to develop confidence in that department. She likes to keep to herself and stick to the books. Although, she is surprisingly both witty and funny. Also, don't let her size fool you; she's incredibly strong and she knows it.
  • History
Harrison was a traveling artist; a singer and musician to be exact. This was typical for a son of Apollo, as were his looks. What was unlike the bright spirited children of Apollo, was his "distressed artist" aura, and this could have been what attracted Algaea to him. He was in need of a muse and she was willing to be that for him, despite not being a nymph. That time of inspiration quickly became a time of incubation and Harrison's was heart broken when his lover had to go. While he understood, within their three days together, she had whisked his heart away.
Despite knowing how the whole process worked, Harrison was shocked to find a baby outside of his tradition Romani mobile cabin. She was wrapped in red, hence how he got the name Lolli, for her. He promised that she wouldn't have the experience he had of having to wade through monsters just to find safety, and decided she would be practiced in defending herself.
Lolli grew up as a Romani, constantly on the go, and never receiving a formal education. She learned what was "necessary" as her father would say. Monsters, Gods, Nymphs, Satyrs; Greek Mythology... sorry, History, 101. For her 11th birthday she received an anonymous gift, that seemed more like an inconvenience than anything: a Coach purse. It only took her dad a handful of seconds to figure out it was a glamoured item and in it was a bronze sword. The sword was perfect for her build, thin and nimble. If she needed to, she could easily throw it, but it was strong and reliable.
Being two demigods traveling together, they of course attracted a lot of negative attention. She got a lot of hands on training with monsters, especially once she hit fifteen. Her first attack was in North Dakota. What she thought was a gorgeous stallion turned out to be a hot breathed horse, hot breath being an understatement. With a mane made of fire, it also spewed it. Maybe it was because that was her first monster, but it was the hardest beast to defeat for her. Well, she didn't really defeat it, she simply out ran it into a freezing lake, and her dad killed it. Still, she really tested her cardio that day.

Things began to get out of hand as she got older and it was a little after she turned 18 that her father thought maybe it'd be best to give her a rest, and let her live a "normal" teenage life. She'd gotten injured by a hellhound while in a fight. In the midst of thrusting her sword into the beast's chest, she was bitten, and the injury wasn't pretty. Harrison was filled with guilt over this, especially when his daughter refused to cry. He felt as though he'd ripped an innocence away from her and a joy she never got to experience. So now, she stands before the gates of Camp Half Blood, with a bandaged arm and purse carrying a sword.

  • Weapons
Bronze Sword (hidden within a purse)


Hallo! :)

  • Eighteen is too old for a monster attack, minor goddess her mom may be. In this case of hers, fifteen may be the latest.
  • Having the goddess herself give the purse is considered a god's direct interference with their kids' lives. I suggest another deity or god Aglaea trusts?

That's all and hi again :)

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Fixed! --JamilaMyx (talk) 09:06, January 21, 2018 (UTC)

I'm so sorry that caused your history to be shorter ;-; But I have only one last thing. Mind if you expand more on her first attack? Just a few sentences would be good enough. Thank you!

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Okay I added it, switched it up a little bit, lol. Love you signature btw.  --JamilaMyx (talk) 09:38, January 21, 2018 (UTC)

Thank you c: question: do you watch anime?

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