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Name and meaning:

First name - Lorcan (Irish), meaning litlle and fierce,

Middle name - Archie (English), meaning true and bold


Last name - Harding (English), meaning brave and resilliant

Godly parent: Apollo

Parentage (if thats what you call it):

Grandmother: Demigod child of Athena, Irish

Grandfather: Mortal, English

Mother: Mortal (the legacy passed onto Lorcan), Irish  

Father: God

Lorcan: Demigod child of Apollo, 2nd generation legacy of Athena, 1/2 English, 1/2 Irish

(Sorry this is confusing, I just wanted the Irish and English name make sense with his backround, I'll try and explain in the background/history)

Age: 14 yrs and 2 months

Birthday: 21st of December (Winter solstice, ironic seeing's as he is a child of the SUN god)


Build - Short, skinny and not physically dominating but very strong upper arms because of all his archery. Good muscles even though they dont show.

Face - Hazel eyes with specks of yellow (like a pecking sun if we're talking metaphors), crooked but charming smile, a light brown, shaggy messy mop of hair, he is not someone girls would, "WOW!" at but is not ugly and some might find him cute (not based on height because I am short and sometimes cute is not a compliment but here it is!) He is pale, even though his sibling are tanned.

Scars/Marks- A wound along the back of his shoulders from an accident involving a dodgy bow and a drunk 'patient'. A thin scar along his left cheek from a childhood accident. Plus the usual calloused hands, various brusies and scrapes, burns and the inguries you pick up from just generally being a demigod.


His family history - His grandma was a daughter of Athena and was a luckily demigod who survived into adulthood. She moved to England and met a mortal, never revealing her demigod side again. So, she had a child and bladdy bla bla... Everything was good. Her daughter was mostly Mortal, with only demigod blood running through and no powers -  the only thing she inherited from her mother was her wits. So Lorcans mother grows up in Irelan and becomes a Nurse which therefore attracts the attention of the GOD of medicine - Apollo.  Apollo doesn't just fall for every nurse, doctor or paramedic. Lorcan mother was b e u t iful, and single. So one day, when Lorcans mother is out on a job, a particularly stressful situation involving a bus being spun off the road and hanging over a cliff. No one in the hospital that day had volunteered to help the paramedics so Lorcans mother agreed to go. Anyway, she dives into action, stitching up the wounds of passengers and saving being trapped inside. One of the passengers was a disguised Apollo who was in Ireland at the time, checking out some Irish folk music and poetry. He was mesmerized by her bravery and intelligence and naturally like mortals and gods go... Yes, you guessed it they had a child. So, Apollo runs off and all that, and Lorcan is born nine months later. Hmmm... things don't go so smoothly after that. Lorcan grandmother and grandfather die of natural causes and the family move to America for a fresh

start. His Grandmothers demigod legacy is passed down a generation (skipping his mother) making Lorcan a legacy of Athena and a child of Apollo. But he doesn't get any powers from his grandmother.

Childhood - From a young age it was clear wasn't a normal kid, for starters, he had a odd fascination with medicine and would enjoy doctors visits, hospital and any injury he would acquire. He had a natural accuracy for basketball, archery or any sport involving skill. Yet, if he tried to play football or sports like it, he would fail miserably. He considered himself a nerd, he enjoyed comics, and was hated by most at the various schools he went to and got expelled from. Right, that brings us to another problem. Lorcan could not avoid trouble. He didn't make trouble. He didn't cause it either. Trouble seemed to follow him. Weird things happened. Like once he was called a freak by a TEACHER because a boy in his class slipped and Lorcan healed it as if by magic. Yes, weird stuff. Of course, his mother knew what was up but kept it secret and let him off the hook for any understandable trouble because, it really wasn't his fault. Anyway enough about his tragic bullying, trouble following all that I think you get the picture.

Finding his powers/ getting to camp etc - To be honest, all his life Lorcan thought he was a freak, freakishly smart at random things, mythology, ancient Greek, medicine, strategy. Yet it was still a sur

prise when he found a dracanae in the boot of his mother's car. He knew what it was, from his extensive knowledge of mythology but he had no weapon that could do any damage - he didn't know what could kill this thing! So naturally like a sane person would, he panicked. He had absolutely no clue where he could find something to slay a dracanae in New York. Well, he didn't know Olympus was floating above New York at the time. So back to the action. A dracanae was about to kill him, when bam! He finds the old dagger his grandmother had left to him in her will and to think he thought it was worthless before. She must of known all along about his powers. So that worked out well. Unlike however the battle... Lorcan was completely inexperienced in using weaponry especially against mythical monsters that were faster, stronger and more powerful than you. If it wasn't for his quick wit, he would of died for sure. He dodges blow after blow and finally manages to stab the beast in its shoulder only wounding it. It continues to attack him and only then does his mother return from work and find her son fighting a creature shed only ever heard about in school (she had the sight, and Apollo didn't tell her much about the monsters when explaining Greek mythology).  Anyway because his mother was as quick minded as he was they managed to work as a team to trick and eventually kill the monster. But even though the dracanae was dead - so was his mother. When Lorcan had moved in to stab the monster after a quick distraction from his mother it had recoiled and killed her before Lorcan to get to it.  After that, he needed answers and he needed his mother back. Only she knew what he was and she was dead.  He was only 13. So he decides to wander - he had no family and no home. Not even friends that could let him sleep on their couch. He was alone and scared - what if more monsters came for him?

And they did. He wandered the streets alone at night, his problems not just food, water and shelter like any other runaway. No he got the blood thirsty and lethal monsters too. He spent months of hardship lost and petrified alone often on the middle of nowhere just anywhere that would offer him protection or a hiding sp

ot from the monsters. But things aren't that was for ever, he starts creating cover for himself, realizing the monsters are attracted to something about him - his scent? He concentrates, becomes better and batter in battle - not perfect but not the inexperienced, clumsy klutz he used to be. He began disguising himself by hanging around with mortals to disguise his demigod scent. It didn't repel the monsters completely but it came at bay long enough for him to think, to plan and to find something that explained what he was.

He used his age to get pity from people, they gave him food, water and shelter - for  a while but as soon as they started asking questions about him, well... He ran. Before they handed him into the 'the authorites'. He gained a bow from a rogue trader (a demigod child of hermes who'd grown up) that could shoot arrows with c

elestrial bronze - which helped. However, two demigods in a small area quickly attracted many dangerous monsters, and Lorcans aliiance quickly ended with his new friend, the poor son or Hermes died without even telling Lorcan his name or anything about camp.

Over time, he learnt the monsters weaknesses, their strengths and used it in battle. He began improving his cover. And following them. And eventually after nearly six months homeless, he was close to giving up, he didn't want to spend his life being hunted by monsters. He wanted real friends not just the homeless he hundreds around with to hide his scent. Luckily, one god took pity on him, Hestia, goodness of the hearth. He found her by a campfire, bearing the image of a young girl. She was quite vague but told him about Camp but not much else only that Greek mythology was real (which he had already sort of guessed because he recognized the monsters from his mythology books). She have him directions and he eventually made it to camp at age 14.


- Very skilled in archery

- Excellent medic

- Fluent in Greek, Latin and Irish

- Good with a sword

- Brilliant with a dagger

- Pin Point accuracy

- Strategist

- Smart, like Athena smart

- Very good public speaker and leader

- Understanding and kind


He can be very different depending on when you catch him. When he concentrating or planning he can be very serious but sometimes he can be more laid back. He can get annoied when people don't take things seriously and can get quite passionate in argruments. He is very sweet and someone that gets their cheeks pinched by old ladies, on a date he would the gentlemen! In battle in can focus on every shot with his bow and str

ike every enemy. He prefers however to be medic and put his medical knowledege to use. You can ussually find him in the infirmary, the range, his cabin, or the athena and hephaestus cabin where his friends are. He is a talented public speaker and can lead large groups but can also be very shy. He is socially awkward when meeting new people but can stand up to a group of thousands and give a speech - it just depends who he talks to. Some people in camp think he is too serious but some think he is a great medic and leader - depends who you ask. 


Being a child of Apollo, his natural weapon is a bow and arrow, which he is very skilled in. And uses a hand crafted bow and quiver. However he also is very useful with a dagger, the skill being inherited from his grandmother. He can also use a sword too. But he finds a spear too heavy and bulky.

His personal weapons are:

- His handcrafted bow with some Sun's and Greek transcript carved into it. He made it him

self at camp.

- A dagger given to him from his grandma (celestial bronze)

- A celestial bronze sword he occasionally borrows from the weapons store at CHB. 

I think I've made all the corrections now. Is this okay? I'm willing to change it again.

Thanks you so much for the comments they were really helpful.

I've put how he got his weapons in the weapons paragraph. And how he survived on the streets, located camp and learnt about Greek mythology. His 'cover' his hanging around with homeless mortals to disguise his scent.

Thanks for the comments!!


Hey there, Avenger, welcome to CBHRP! I'll be your claimer for da day!

Okay, so the claim is pretty good and very specific, though there are some points I'd lik

e you to fix:

  • About his parent's history, can you maybe shorten it, since we only need the part where and when his parents met? Please put how they met, too and his mom's name.
    • Well, I'm nitpicky, about his mom, she can't be as in 100% mortal, she'd have the blood of a demigod running through her. The power legacy can be skipped by generation, but not her blood. (That's just that :))
  • How come the quiver gets endless arrows? When did the mom got the weapon?
  • Please state all Lorcan's weapons in a paragraph.
  • Knowing Greek stuff is good, but I'm not sure if there were Celestial bronze kind of weapons stated in references around—meaning, how come did Lorcan know about the CB kind of metal? (nitpicky)
  • How did he kill the dracanae? Dracanaes are fast, and it is hard to kill them with just arrows since it takes long to reload it..etc.
  • So, he went alone to camp? According to his mom's personality, it's not likely that she would leave her son alone and just instead drive him there. (You can explain it and prove me wrong.)
  • Also, you said that he went finding for the camp for weeks. So, where did he stay? Aren't there any monsters who tried to attack him? And hwat do you mean about wandering around the 'country'? New York's too big for a kid to wander it, what more of America. (Tryin to say that you please write clearly, we're nitpicky c:)
  • How old was he when he was attacked? When he arrived in camp?

That's all for now. Hope to see you again, Avenger! xD

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo  *Although legacies are accepted on this wiki, they don't inherit any powers from their ancestors. They only have the powers from their current god-parent. This is used to ensure parity among all the characters on the wiki.

  • How did Lorcan find out about greek mythology? He was interested in it. So from the internet and books really.
  • How does he know of Camp Half-Blood's existence? The camp is located on Long Island, in a remote location. It is unlikely that a demigod child would jusr stumble upon it one day.
  • Where does Lorcan get his weapons? 
  • How does he survive on the streets? Does he learn how to use his weapons?
  • A disguise wouldn't help him evade monsters. For all intents and purposes, most demi-gods dress exactly the same as mortals unless they're fully dressed for battle. Additionally monsters would just track down his scent. However, spending time with the homeless would probably help cover his scent.

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Hey ill be your claim checker for today and ide like to apologize for the long wait for someone to check your claim. Anyways there are a few things   #What do you mean by the powers skip a generation and go to lorcan?? Because its completely fine for his grandmother to be athena or a child of athena but he wouldnt obtain any special powers from them. Since he is a son of apollo he can only have powers of Apollo

  1. Please explain in more detail how he survived all by himself for a year. Like how he obtained his food, water, and all the other things he would need.
  2. while he is all alone for that one year is the dagger the only weapon he has? If so Daggers are good secondary weapons but, he would need a primary weapon such as a bow or a sword. If there
  3.  was another weapon then i apologize in advance.

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Hey ill be your claim checker once again and there is only one thing that i feel should be fix/clarified

  1. When Lorcan got the bow and arrow from the child of hermes how come the hermes kid didnt tell Lorcan about camp? Did he not realize he was a demigod. I would think he would since he's selling CB arrows and bow & arrows

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have to say nice claim and its almost ready to be claimed too but I have one concern.. The homeless part... thats a straight out no cause a year on the streets would cause a lot of monster to catch his scent. I know you made it possible that he learn a few from these monster attacks but some monster aint weak and being on the streets make him free target for hard monster like the minatour or worse the kraken (Just saying >.<) soo I ho

pe you can change it

- How about six months homeless - instead of a year? But I can change it fully if you want. (I also fet like changing his apearance a bit :/ )

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