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Name: Lucas Compton

Gender: Male


God Parent: Hecate, Melinoe, Eris

Species: Demigod

Age: 16

Mortal Parent: Richard Compton

Appearance: Lucas Compton stands at a height of 5'11 with dark brown hair, light green eyes, and pearly white skin. He , maintains a muscular and fit physique.

Personality: Lucas is considered by most to be a free spirited individual. He is shown to act act without considering others on most occasions. Though he is seen reckless, irresponsible, and selfish, he is always ready to fight for his friends and family. Lucas also has a dark side, showing that he is short tempered, devious, arrogant and sarcastic. When angered, he will stop at nothing to get revenge, showing his determination.

History: Richard Compton, a clear sighted mortal was born into a very rich and esteemed family. He was expected to follow in their footsteps and become a doctor or a lawyer. Though he wanted to take his trust fund and leave to start his own life, Richard became a psychologist. One day a woman with blonde named Heather walked in claiming to have multi personality disorder. Though he examined her, he found nothing wrong and asked her to leave. The next week a similar woman appeared though this time her name was Haley and she had red hair and freckles. She also claimed to have multiple personalities and he again found nothing to be wrong with her. The cycle repeated with a girl names Hope. She looked very similar to the women before albeit with brown hair and also claimed to have multiple personalities. While there was also nothing wrong with her,this woman intrigued him and instead of asking her to leave he asked her to dinner. About three months passed and Hope was pregnant. Richard's family showed dissatisfaction at the fact that he was with Hope, and became infuriated once they found out about the baby. They gave him a choice, abandon Hope and their son, or abandon his family. Richard refused to choose and after telling Hope about it, he decided to leave with her. But at that point, Hope was gone. After a couple of months, Hope reappeared, with a baby in hand. Richard, who had been devastated after she left, had rejoiced at her return.

The next morning however, she had again left, leaving a note, and a chest. She also cast a charm that would make his scent undetectable by monsters. The note revealed that revealed her true identity to be that of Hecate, goddess of magic and told him not to open the chest until Lucas was ready.It also told him that his son was a demigod, and that he would never see her again. As a child, Lucas had been shunned by his family. Though Richard was no longer with "Hope" they still had not approved of having a child out of wedlock. They also noticed that unlike the other children, he never had any problems during the night, yet was always crying during the morning. He found himself spending most of his time reading books about magic and monsters, which was difficult due to his dyslexia. Up until age 9, Richard had Lucas homeschooled in their Manhattan complex to avoid any potential problems. School had really improved Lucas as far as Richard saw, albeit with the development of an attitude, a rebellious nature and his struggle with ADHD. At age 12, Lucas began to claim he could see in all directions at once, which greatly concerned everyone as no one could explain how. When he turned 13, Lucas' grandparents died. His father realized that his powers were beginning to manifest as he claimed to be able to speak to his dead relatives.

When Lucas turned 14, he and his father moved to Long Island. Much to his father's dismay, Lucas left the weird pendant that his father told him to pack. One day when at school Lucas had a substitute teacher for English. The teacher pulled him out of the classroom and preceded to lead him outside. Once they came to a secluded area, the woman began to transform into a grotesque flying creature he recognized as a harpy from one of his books. He began to run towards his home but the harpy cornered him. Just as he thought the harpy was about to end him, a beam of energy shot from his hands, turning the harpy into dust. Lucas fell unconscious and was found by his teachers. When he awoke, his father took him home and Lucas explained what happened. Richard decided it was time to open the chest. Inside was a stygian iron halberd, a map and a letter to Lucas. It told him of his godly heritage and also gave directions to a safe haven called camp half blood. Richard and Lucas followed the map into the woods where they found a threshold that read camp half blood. Lucas entered the camp and was greeted by Alexander the Great.

He spent about one day at the camp before deciding that he couldn't stay there. When he found his father, Lucas decided that staying in the same place for too long a time would be too dangerous. They spent about a year and a half moving all around the world while fighting off monsters such as harpies and hellhounds. Richard and Lucas made various stops around the world, such as France, Brazil, Spain, London, and various places in the U.S. One day whil they decided to stop in New Jersey a Richard and Lucas were attacked by a harpy. It had been Lucas' 16th birthday and they were both off guard. This time it killed Richard, leaving Lucas devastated. Without his father and a place to go, Lucas decided that it was time to go back to Camp Half-Blood.

Weapons: A stygian iron halberd given to him by his mother. Engraved in it are symbols of a polecat, a cat, and a dog as well as the latin phrase "de fumo in flammam" which translates to "out of the smoke into the flame"

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Welcome to CHBRP wiki! Do bear with us. Anyway, really nice claim, and there are just a few more kinks to work out.

  • Why wasn't Lucas attacked any sooner? 14 is a really late age to get attacked, and a plausible reason is needed for such a situation.
  • Normally the first time a demigod uses their powers, they are at least greatly drained.
  • Is Richard clear-sighted?

That's all I can find for now :3

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  • The model, Joseph Morgan may be too famous to be used for your character. I advise that you put him up for a vote before you use him as Lucas' faceclaim. You can put up a vote by clicking the link here. On a personal level, I would say that Joseph Morgan is probably too old to pass for fifteen.
  • Sorry, but I imagine Hecate wouldn't be allowed to leave a talisman which renders a demigod's scent undetectable to monsters, especially as her daughter Lamia is the one who cast an incantation which made monsters able to detect demigods in the first place. It may be possible for Hecate to cast a charm which makes Lucas undetectable to monsters for a few years, probably until he hits puberty but he wouldn't be completely safe from them.

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Colton Haynes is taken as a model by me. As I intend to use him for a character, you'll have to change the model. Sorry :c

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This is almost ready to be claimed! So, does Lucas arrive at CHB at the age of fourteen? On this wiki, characters cannot have been at camp earlier because they haven't been actively roleplayed, for the purposes of wiki canon, this would be considered metagaming. If this is the case, please change his age or detail what he did for the missing two years of the history.

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I see no wrong in this soo

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