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Name: Luke Reagan (full name: Lucian Alexander Reagan)
Michael Strusievici

Gender: Male

God Parent: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades

Mortal Parent: Rebekah "Becka" Huntley

Appearance: Check Photo

Personality: Luke is extremely daring, reckless and thoughtless. He is the kind of guy who acts first and thinks second. He doesn't like being told what to do and is very careless. His opinions about things are set in stone and he is very stubborn. Though that is just the outer layers. On the inside he is a very good and intelligent kid. He was a victim of severe bullying from classmates and abuse from his step-father, leaving him easily frightened and anxious. This has also left him being able to very easily and persuasively fake his emotions.

History: Becka Reagan was a powerful politician who was at a club with some high-school friends, celebrating their friend's Elizabeth's engagement. When her friends had all gone home, Becka met a man called Damon (who was actually a God). The two hit it off and had a one night stand. The next morning she found Damon gone though left behind a note. The note said "Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141, Long Island, New York 11954. Send our children there when they're ready, for their own protection. Damon, though most call me (God's name)". Becka rolled her eyes and thought that he was insane.

A few weeks later, Becka wasn't feeling 100% and went to the doctors to see what was wrong. The doctors told Becka that she was pregnant. Becka asked them if they had made a mistake, which the doctors denied. Becka started to believe (Luke's father) words and started worrying for her child. When Becka was two months, the doctors told her that she would be having twins. When Becka was due, she gave birth to twin boys Lucian and Jason. Jason was significantly weaker than his brother and died in hospital after three hours of birth. Becka returned to her home with her surviving child Lucian.

Becka hired a babysitter for Lucian while she went back to work. Lucian grew up with the babysitter, who was called Sophie, as the parent figure as his mum was hardly ever home. Luke and Sophie grew a close bond though when Luke was five, his mum got married to her co-worker Kayden Huntley. Kayden was abusive to Luke though every time he tried to tell his mum, she'd think he was lying. Kayden eventually fired Sophie on the terms she was turning his step-son against him.

Becka remained oblivious to her husband's abusive nature and always thought her son was lying to her. When Luke started going to school, he was constantly bullied by his classmates, causing him to be very depressed. Eventually, Becka noticed her son's strange behavior and took him to the doctors. They diagnosed him with severe ADHD and dyslexia and Becka, at Kayden's insistence, sent Luke to a boarding school for disadvantaged children when he was six.

At the boarding school he made a friend called Stefan, who was actually a satyr. Stefan realized that Luke was a child of the big three because his scent was stronger then normal and tried to keep Luke safe until he was ready to go to Camp. Stefan and Luke were also roommates and Stefan helped Luke out with his homework because of his dyslexia. Luke had minimal trouble at the school and enjoyed it there. Plus Stefan, Luke made many friends there. Whenever Luke was home, he tried his best to ignore his step-father's abuse and always wondered about his real dad, and why he left Luke and Becka.

When he want home the summer holidays he was 11, his step-father's abuse to him immediately kicked in. After two weeks, Luke had enough of Kayden and packed his stuff and ran away. Stefan had given Luke his address in case anything happened with Luke's step-dad. Luke ran to Stefan's home which was only four blocks away. Stefan answered the door and saw Luke and invited him inside. Stefan packed his stuff and the two went on the run together. Luke asked why they couldn't stay at his place and Stefan answered that he doesn't have one but crashes at abandoned homes.

The two learned to depend on each other and Stefan kept saving Luke's butt from monsters. After the first monster attack, which was from a swarm of (about 20) Stymphalian Birds, Stefan told Luke that he was a demi-god, a child of one of the big three. Luke originally thought his best friend was insane though remembered the pigeon-like birds and how they couldn't be normal, especially with the metal beaks. Luke asked Stefan how he knew the birds were afraid of loud noises, as Stefan banged a shield with a sword causing the birds to fly away, and his best friend said that birds are afraid of loud noises. Stefan taught Luke how to fight and told him they need to be prepared for monster attacks. They moved from city to city, from state to state in order to stay off the radar, though monsters seemed to enjoy attacking them once every three-four months. Most of the time these tended to be either Stymphalian Birds though there has been incedents when he was twelve that they were hellhounds, which Luke killed by decapitating it (which Stefan said was pretty good for his first time)

When Luke was 13, the pair were bunking in New York. Stefan thought that it was time that Luke goes to Camp though Luke was against the idea. Stefan, knowing how stubborn Luke was, didn't bother to argue. Though that would be Stefan and Luke's worst mistake. One night the pair were asleep when they were attacked by a Chimera. Stefan and Luke fought it as best they could though it severely wounded Stefan.

Luke, in rage, cut off the Chimera's heads, killing it. Luke ran to his best friends side and tried to heal him though Stefan said that it was pointless. Stefan, in his dying breath, told Luke the location of Camp. When Stefan passed away, Luke buried his body. He knew Stefan would want him to go to Camp and eventually, after a day's searching, found it. Before he could enter, he was attacked by a Orthrus though he killed the creature by decapitating it. Without looking to see if the monster was dead, Luke entered Camp.

Weapons: A CB sword

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (talk) 09:40, August 5, 2014 (UTC)


Please detail his first monster attack, adding details such as which monster it was that attacked him, how he defeated it etc. This should happen for all monster attacks. Also, after a first monster attack, a demigod should be attacked at least once per year. 

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How did Stefan know Luke was a child of the Big Three? Please provide some details of his life between 6 and 11. Please expand on Luke's monster attacks. What attacked him? How did he fight it? etc. 

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