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Name: Luna Lucerna

God Parent: Elpis

Born: 17 April 1999

Current age: 19

Status: alive

Gender: female

Mortal parent name: Roberto Lucerna

Nationality: Italian

Personality: Luna is very shy, but as you get to know her she’ll open up to you and become very outgoing.

She loves animals and art. She can spend hours speaking of the things she likes.

Even tho she’s been made fun of because of her being “Italian” and her accent, she’s very proud of it.

She loves to daydream and she always find herself lost in thoughts. Her few friends describe her as a funny, sometimes awkward person.


⁃eyes: light blue
⁃hair: caramel, straight, very long
⁃height: 1.65m (she uses meters etc since she’s Italian)
⁃weight: 56kg

Weapon: /


Roberto and Elpis met on a beautiful sunny day, the first after a natural disaster that occurred in Luna’s homeland, a small town in the very north of Italy. As Roberto was helping the victims and the wounded (he’s part of the Red Cross), his eyes made contact with hers and it was instant love. They dated for a while, then Luna was born and her mother left.

Her first years were full of love and care, her father met a woman, Valeria, they fell in love and in the year 2003 they had another child, since Luna wished for a sister, they called her Marta.

She found out she was ADHD and dyslexic at 6, the year she started school.

Her first monster attack occurred when she was 10, despite her living in Italy (which is filled by monsters), she lived in a small region, protected by mountains, so monsters didn’t show up so much. As the family was away from home in a nearby region, she was attacked by what she early described as their neighbor, lately discovering the giant man was in fact a cyclop who lured her in their house asking her to help him. She was saved by a satyr, which was another one of her best friends, watching over her. They spent 8 years in Italy because of her parents will, and as soon as she turned 19 they moved to America to join CHB. In those 8 years she’s been attacked twice a year but with the help of Carter (the satyr) she was able to get by.

Carter first talked her about camp one day, as they were laying on the grass of her family’s garden, and they immediately decided to go there, taking a plane to America and a cab to the Camp, just the two of them, such romantic. Luna’s been staying at the camp for 1 week now, she’s been claimed on the evening of the first day. She’s in a relationship with Carter, even tho they’re different “species”.

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While i have a comment or two about the claim, they're only nitpicking comments there for i won't stop them from me accepting the claim. I will however note my comments for the user to refer to and be aware of

  • I noticed you mentioned Luna's younger sister helping with monster attacks but, unless she was either clear sighted or connected to the Greek word herself, she wouldn't be able to see the monsters in their true form. Much less help them fight them off.

  • Per the wishes of Percy in the last book of the first series, Godly parent now claim there children almost right when getting to camp so, they no longer stay in the Hermes cabin waiting to be claimed.

Thank you!

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