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Name:Luthren Marks




God Parent:Thanatos, Hades, Ares

Mortal Parent:Helena Marks (deceased)


Personality: Quite and seemingly deppressed, and tends to only keep a few close friends, if any friends at all. Has strong morals beliefs about defending those who are in the right, and may surprise people by always standing his ground. He won't do anything he deems as wrong. He tends to be fidgety and wanting to be moving around.

History:Before he was born, Helena had a husband named Ryan, eventually Helena became pregnant, and they happily prepared for the child, but one day in a car accident that involved both him and Helena, Ryan had been killed, and causing a miscarriage of their child. She became a graveyard keeper in a nearby small town in Ohio. She was somewhat traumatized by the car accented and at first thought she was seeing things, but she soon realized she was indeed seeing a ghostly figure appearing inside the graveyard. She later confronted this figure finding out that this was Thanatos. Thanatos had felt empathy toward Helena, and granted her wish of bearing a child.

Luthren grew up alone with his mother, and due to their financial situation, Helena was often taking extra shifts patrolling the graveyard. Luthren had learned the basic necessities of housework, to compensate, he went to school, like a normal kid, until he slowly noticed that he saw wisps of "smoke" when he saw anything dying (bugs mostly). He later learned that these were the spirits leaving the body. Thinking he was crazy, he ignored them most of the time.

Randomly one day he woke up to the sound of someone banging loudly on his door, he quickly got up to see his mother running over to the door to shut the intruder up. When the door opened, Luthren recognized the 17 year old boy standing there as one of his neighbors. The boy asked if Luthren was there, and Helena's eyes widened, she looked at me, in the hallway leading to the living room where the boy and Helena were standing. The boy said they had to leave, and to Luthren's surprise, she frantically started to gather things.

Before Luthren could question anything, he heard a screech, followed by glass shattering in his room. He turned around to face his door, and jumped back alarmed at the random figure of a woman looking at him (Later learning that this woman was a Lamai). Something only possibly described as bloodlust was in her eyes, and the woman fell upon Luthren, instinctively he raised his hand in defence, and a Long metal pole grew from his hand. The woman bit down on the suddenly appearing scythe, which then shattered. Luthren suddenly became dizzy, and the boy from earlier grabbed him and led him towards the door. Helena quickly followed behind, but the fearsome woman was already on her feet again after them. Helena quickly turned around and reached for a necklace she always wore. the necklace broke off from her neck, and turned into a black colored sythe. She swung it towards the woman, but the woman had ducked around and bit into Helena's neck. The boy and Luthren stopped as they looked back, watching the scythe drop from Helena's hands, and turn back into the necklace clattering towards Luthren's feet, he quickly grabbed it. Helena saw him pick it up, and yelledθάνατος. The necklace morphed back into a sythe once again. Helena grabbed at the woman, and yelled for Luthren to quickly kill it. The monstrous woman began frantically biting at Helena to escape, but Luthren brought the scythe's blade down into the woman's upper back slicing right through.άοπλος Helena softly said, the scythe shifting back into a necklace in response. Helena fell backwards onto the living room couch, and slowly slide to the floor, dying from her wounds. Luthren stared blankly wide eyed as he watched the soul of his mother lift away and vanish from her body. Quickly they escaped and the boy explained to him, along the way to Camp Halfblood, that he knew his mother, and that he was a satyr, sent to keep an eye out for him.

Weapons:A neckalce that turns into a steel, black colored sythe, with the sharp edge being made of Celestial Bronze. It is turned into the sythe by holding it and saying θάνατος (Death in Greek) and saying άοπλος (Unarmed) to turn it back to a necklace.


HiddenRealm (talk) 22:55, January 24, 2014 (UTC)HiddenRealm


What exactly are those wisps of smoke?Why would a monster feed on a mortal's blood? Can his mom see through the mist? Also, how did they know where camp was? During the time, how was Luthren able to get the necklace turning scythe?Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

His mother cannot see through the mist, but she saw it was attacking Luthren, and since the satyr was there she could figure out it wasn't good. I fixed the rest in the claim.

HiddenRealm (talk) 22:55, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

There is one thing I want to clarify before this is claimed, where did the scythe come from? Was it a gift? The reason why I ask this is because weapons do not just appear from nowhere. Thank you for making this claim and taking the time to edit it as well! I hope to see you roleplaying! Moodle.

Lol I understand your confusion, I was going for a limited knowledge narraration, based on only what Luthren knows/can figure out. So yea it was a gift from Thanatos for protection, and I didn't say this because Luthren wouldn't have known.

HiddenRealm (talk) 16:33, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

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Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

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