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Lyra Belle

Name: Lyra Belle

Gender: female

Age: 16

God Parent: Nyx, Asteria, Hecate

Mortal Parent: Tristen Belle

Appearance: Lyra has long black hair that falls in waves down her back and wide violet eyes.  Her skin is ivory, almost translucent-looking.  She's small and thin.  She usually wears a black zip-up hoodie with a purple tank top undernieth with grey camo-pattern cargo-pants and brown combat boots.

Personality:  Lyra is mostly a loner, but when around people she knows and trusts, she is quite charming.  Her odd sence of humor often trips people up a bit, but after a while they get used to it.  Although Lyra is almost never a instigator of conflict, she never backs away from a fight, especially when she's defending a friend.  She is extremely loyal to her loved ones, and do anything to keep them safe.

History: Lyra's father, Tristan, was a young singer working a gig at a goth bar in Texas when he first met the mystirious, strangly intoxicating Nyx.  They spent the night together, and for a while he didn't hear from her again.  He had decided he would never see her again and to move on.  One night, a few months later, Tristan heard a knock at his door.  When he opened it, he saw a baby in a basket with an envelope laying on the babies lap.  Inside it was a letter explaning the child was his, and a strange bronze charm bracelet.   Tristan named his daughter Lyra.

Lyra was bright child, though she struggled with both dyslexia ADHD.  She could make friends easily enough if she wanted to, but she never felt much need for lots of friends and stayed mostly to herself at school and other places.  She loved playing music with her father more than anyhting else. 

Lyra's childhood was mostly normal.  At six her father her enrolled in tae kwon do classes, mostly for excersise, but also because sha had been having a problem with a certain bully at school.  Lyra became quite good at tae kwon do, and at nine she entered her first tournament.  Also during that year, her father decided to teach her how to play the guitar.  Lyra became so good with it she would sometimes go with her dad to gigs and play with him.   

At eleven, she she took gold in her first state tournament.  By thirteen, Lyra had a second degree black belt in tae kwon do and a first degree black belt in hap kido and had taken first in a national tae kwon do championship.  On her thirteenth birthday, Tristan told Lyra what he could about her mother and gave her the charm bracelet.

A few months later, she and her father were going to their car after her usual tkd class when she was attacked by a hellhound.  Being mortal, Tristan couldn't see the danger of the monster in front of him and didn't understand why his daughter seemed so terrified of what looked like a normal stray dog.  When the hellhound lunged for Lyra, Tristen bravely lept in front of her, taking severe injuries from the beast's claws.  Lyra, in terror tried to call for help and run away.  As she turned to flee, a charm on her bracelet touched the middle of her palm, and two ornate bronze katanas appeared in her hands.  Before she could wonder how it had happened, the hellhound lunged for her a second time.  Lyra's many years of martial arts had trained her in the use of swords, and she swung the katana in her right hand, slicing a gash in the beasts side while continuing the spin.  Lyra kept spinning until she had moved to the side of the hellhound and plunged the other sword into the monster, reducing it to a pile of dust.  As her swords disappeared, Lyra heard the sound of shouting behind her before passing out.

Lyra awoke in the hospital.  The doctors informed her of her fathers death.  The claws of the "stray dog" had punctured his lungs.  Lyra went into the foster system after that.  She never told anyone what dhe had seen that night, fearing she'd seem crazy, but she always wore the charm bracelet.  Lyra became even for closed off from others, hardly ever speaking to anyone unless spoken to and never forming any real relationships.

At fourteen, while studying at the library, she was attacked by two harpies.  Lyra touched the charm to her palm and prepared to fight.  When the first harpy lunged, Lyra raised her sword to block the attack.  With the other, she swung and slashed the harpy across the stomach.  As it dissolved into dust Lyra attacked the second harpy.  She brought her sword straight down, slicing the monsters wing clean off.  With a screach of agony, the harpy tried to flee.  Lyra dropped one of her katanas and took the other in both hands.  She threw it with all her might, end over end, embedding the sword in the harpy's back.  

Lyra never went home after that.  Instead she fled to Oklahoma, taking two jobs, one at a gas station and the other as a waitress, while paying cash for a room in dingy motel.  She lived that way for about a year, hiding from both the authorities and monsters.

Roughly a year later, at fifteen, Lyra was at a grocery store when she was attacked by a strange woman with snakes tails for feet.  Lyra drew her katanas and the monster drew its own sword. The snake woman attacked first.  Lyra blocked with one sword and swung the other, just missing the monster as jumped back.  Lyra took the offencive and lunged toward the monster, swinging her swords in two wide arcs.  The snake woman blocked both swords, and managed to disarm one of them.  With her remaining sword, Lyra  fended off several attacks from the monster.  Finally she disarmed the creature and swung her sword high, slicing the monsters head clean off. 

Just two weeks after her sixteenth birthday, Lyra was attacked at work, this time by a giant scorpion.  She fought hard, but her swords were knocked from her hands.  Before the monster could finish her, a young man jumped out and began playing the pipes.  Vines began to grow out of the ground, stalling the scorpion long enough for Lyra to retrieve her sword and ststab it in the side.

Lyra and the young man fled the scene.  She took him to the room she was staying at, and there he introduced himself as Micha.  He told her she was a demigod and they needed to flee to a place called camp halfblood.  Lyra didn't believe him until he showed her his feet, or hooves, and proved he was a satyr.  

The two managed to get to camp in about a week without facing any more monsters, and Lyra was claimed a few minutes after she arrived

Weapons: Lyra has a magic bracelet left for her by her mother.  When she presses the charm (two katanas crossed to make an X) to her palm it transforms into two fullsized celestial bronze katanas.  She also has the abilaty to create what ever weapon she needs from shadows.

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Add her age at the top of the claim please? Please elaborate on her early life, add more. Unless Lyra's father is clear sighted, he shouldn't know it's a hellhound. He might think it's a big dog though.  Explain how she attacked the hellhound. She can't accidentally use her invisibility. Either she did or she didn't. Please spell correct this.  She would still be attacked as she was running away, so add monsters please. You can't go several years without monster attack with no reason. How old was she when her first attack happened? Why would Lyra just believe the boy? I mean, explain her feelings please. And her father's knife wouldn't be able to kill monsters because it's not celestrail bronze. Or hurt them bad for that matter.

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Her first monster attack must be from 8-14. Thank you. 14's already pushing it, so 13 would be the limit.Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

Please detail her early childhood more before the age of thirteen. Did she go to school? As TKD is a Korean martial arts system, it's highly unlikely she would have trained with katanas. Also, you've misspelled katanas, typing it as "catanas". Please fix this.

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  • Children of Nyx don't literally have the ability to turn invisible, it's more of bending shadows around them to conceal themselves. It's for a short period of time before she'll no longer be concealed, so it won't be long enough for the teacher to get worried about her disappearance.
    • In the first place a demigod, that was not trained in using her powers, should not be able to utilize them at will.
  • I doubt that the money Lyra earnt from getting a job at a gas station would even be close to enough for a motel room, her necessities, and basic needs.
  • Cyclopes are categorized under medium on our wiki and are generally used for quests. In the case that it does attack a demigod, it would be a child of a big-three god. They require 3 demigods to kill and there's no way Lyra would be able to kill one by herself.
    • Please choose another monster from those categorized under light.
  • Satyrs don't directly engage in battle with monsters, they act as supports and assist a demigod in battle.
    • As demigods are monsters' main priority, the cyclops will not be distracted and turn to engage the satyr, but instead continue to go after Lyra.

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