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Aurora Lyric Grace

Basic Info:

Name: Lyric Aurora Grace


Godly Parent: Asteria, Athena, Persephone 

Mortal Parent: Sebastian Grace

Current Age: 17 technically 18

Personality: Lyric is a very fun and outgoing girl. She can be sweet and caring when you first meet her but if you ever hurt her or anyone she is close to she will make your life a living hell. With Beauty, Style and Class on her side many men have wanted to be with her but she would kindly decline. Lyric being born into a rich family has always been expected of great things so in result of that she is now a perfectionist and always needs stuff in her life to be perfect. If something were to go in a different path she would become very frustrated and not able to focus.

Parents meeting:

Sebastian Grace,the President of Grace Industries, was a very rich Greek man. He believed in all the 12 Olympians and all the other minor gods to but, he never thought he would actually have a child with one of them. Let's start from when the two first met. Sebastian was on his way to work one day when suddenly he felt a small feminine body bump into his. He soon began to apologize but, when he layed eyes on the women she was absolutely stunning. It was as if beauty was radiating of the women. Sebastian, who was sorta a player, Began to flirt with the women and eventually asked her on a date. The women agreed and the 2 parted ways to go on with there day. About 4 hours later Sebastian and Ella (Asteria's fake name) were at a Cafe drinking Coffee and talking. They laugh and talk for hours and when night came Sebastian took Ella home. When at the front door of her house Sebastian and Ella would begin to kiss passionately and end up in one of the rooms doing you know what.

The next day Sebastian woke up in his own bed with confusion. He was sure that he spent the night at Ella's house but, maybe after those drinks they had he was a little buzzed and just didn't remember coming home. After that day he never saw Ella and he wasn't to sad seeing as they only went on one date and that end with them having sex. Sebastian went on with his life living great for about 3 months and then that's when he heard a knock on his door. He went to go open it and found a young baby girl in a basket waiting for him.

Sebastian was a bit confused but, when he read the note that was attached to the basket explaining everything from Ella being Asteria, to the baby being a demi goddess, and to the location of camp his thought where more clear. Sebastian had no trouble believing this since he was a Greek man and had already believed in the gods. After a few minutes of playing with the young child Sebastian looked down and saw a box near the basket. He opened it and inside was a Gold and pink Bow and Arrow. Now since he was also a clear sighted mortal he saw the weapon transform into a necklace.

Early Childhood:

After that day Sebastian found the young girl he took pretty good care of her,..... or i should say the maids did. Lyric wasn't that mad at him for leaving her with them all day because she knew he was part of some huge company and had to work all day. When Lyric was around 5 she started to go to a private school in London since that's where they lived. At her school, Constants saint Jude, Lyric was know as the queen B and everyone fought for her attention. Lyric however didnt like the title and tried to ignore it as best as she could. Lyric did pretty well in school but when her teachers noticed she was having trouble reading and staying still they notified her father, who had his maids take Lyric to go get tested. She found out she had ADHD and Dyslexia but, this didn't stop her from doing good in school.

To help with her Adhd Lyric started to take some bow and arrow class. In those class they also offered knife throwing classes so she also took those up as well. With time Lyric became one of the best in her class.

First Monster Attack:

For a while Lyrics life was pretty good, That is until her first monster attack came and turned her world upside down. It was the day of her 13th birthday and Lyric was at the mall looking for an outfit to wear. she was walking from store to store when suddenly a huge dog smashed through on of the windows. Lyric being a demi-god right away saw the beast and she was terrified. Just as the beast was about to attack her Lyric scream. She was sure the dog would eat her alive but when she uncovered her face's the only thing she saw was what seemed to be a cloud of star dust where the hellhound was. She wasn't to sure what the cloud was but she took the chance and ran away. When she got home she decided not to tell her dad because she didnt want him to think she was crazy.

(If your wondering what happened Lyric unknowingly used this power. ->Children of Asteria have the ability to conjure a dense and hot cloud of stardust, which will suffocate and distract anyone enveloped in it for a short time.)

Second Monster Attack:

About a year and a half past since Lyric's encounter with the monster. For Lyrics 14th birthday which was about 6 months ago her father Sebastian gave her the Necklace that transformed into the bow and arrow.

Lyric is now 14 and a half and is at the beach with her friends. She was having fun hanging out with her friend and a couple of other people until something that looked like a dog came out the water and started running towards her. Lyric quickly excused herself from her friends and ran behind a huge pile of rocks. Lyric was scared but, suddenly her feeling of fear turned into pain as she felt her necklace burning her neck. She quickly ripped it off and watched in awe as it turned into a pink and white Bow and Arrow. She also felt a quiver of celestial bronze tip arrows appear on her back. Lyric stared in awe at her weapon but was brought back when she heard a growl behind her. She turn around seeing the monster and began to shoot multiple Arrows. some of her arrows missed but some hit there mark making the monster yelp. She was still terrified but here Adhd started to work it's magic. As the beast was going to pounce on her lyric rolled out of the way and stabbed the beast in the head with her arrow making it dissolve.

Third Monster Attack

After that day at the beach Lyric went on with her life. She trained harder and harder everyday so that if anymore of those beast came to attack her she would be ready. About a year later after the attack when Lyric was 15 and a half she was yet again attack but this time there was someone there to help her. While Lyric was doing her daily run through the park a giant scorpion came out of no where. The monster had not yet seen Lyric so she dove into a bush hoping it would just leave but, since the monster smelled her sent it ran right for the bush but was stopped with a sword right in its back. Lyric heard the shriek of the monster and was a bit confused but when she saw a man through the bush holding a sword she got a little scared he might be another monster.

The man looked around for a few seconds, not being able to see lyric since she was being pretty well hidden by the bush, and left. A couple minutes after he left lyric came out the bushes and let out a sigh of relief.

(He's just a passing by Demigod who didnt notice Lyric because she was hidden.)

Finding out she is a demigod:

Lyric is now 16 almost 17 and still has not told anyone of her attacks afraid that she would be outcast-ed for being crazy. Or that people would make fun of her and call her a freak. However today Lyric felt like she had to tell her father. she was tired of almost being killed by those monsters and she was tired of training all day so after school she began to walk home with her mind set on telling her father everything.

After getting home she told her father everything about what was happening to her. Sebastian looked at his daughter with a sad smile and began to explain everything to Lyric about her heritage. Through all of it Lyric had streams of tears coming down her face. She felt as if her father had betrayed her by lying to her about her mother. Lyric ran out of her house and ran not really knowing where she was going. She was soon in a dark ally way crying when she suddenly heard a loud noise come from deeper inside the ally. Lyric stood up looking into the darkness until she saw a man come out from the shadows. She started to back up and began running but was soon captured by the man, who attempted to have his way with her. She scream while the man started to unbuckle his belt but stopped as she saw the man suddenly fly towards the wall. She looked to the side and saw what seemed to be a horse except it had wings. The Creature was on it's front legs as if it had kicked the man off of her.

Lyric looked at the creature in awe. She stroked it's side and began to thank it for saving her. Then the Pegasus lowered it head like it wanted her to mount it so she did. The horse flew up into the sky and took Lyric home. Lyric unmounted the Beautiful creature and said her goodbye as she walked back into her house to find a worried father. He trapped her in his embrace as he began to apologize for lying to her all those years. They got to talking and later that night Lyric was ready to go to Camp Half-Blood.

On her way to camp but not quite making it:

To get to camp Lyric took a plane that was set to go Vermont since all the flights to new York were full. Once the plane landed Lyric decided she would take a bus but, when getting the bus station a pack of Hell hounds came out of no where. There were about 6 in total so obviously Lyric was outmatched but, suddenly one of the beast fell then another and then one more and then the rest were killed. In there spots were silver arrow which confused Lyric a bit since she hadn't even summoned her bow yet and her arrows weren't silver. when she turned around she saw a group of girls standing behind her with there bows drawn. Lyric wasn't sure who the group of girls were until a young girl that strangely seemed to be the leader walked forward. The young girl introduced herself as Artemis which made Lyric's mouth drop. Artemis explained everything to lyric explaining that they were chase some monster over here and Vermont when they saw Lyric and decided to help. Then suddenly Artemis asked Lyric if she would like to join her Hunters and she kindly accepted taking the Oath every hunter must take.

Un-permitted love:

Lyrics life was great after she joined the hunters. For the year she had been with the hunters Lyric grew stronger, faster, and was getting really good with her Bow. One day while sitting around camp Artemis announced there was a group of empousia attacking a small town near New York and that they were going to go and well kill them so the hunters packed up camp and were soon on there way.

Once getting there and seeing the 3 or 4 monsters the hunter went to battle. Lyric had grown to love her sisters and would slightly laugh when she saw them tearing monster apart with ease. About 20 minutes later the monsters were dead and the hunters were ready to celebrate. with permission from Artemis the girl went into town and went to a club, which some had to use fake id's since they looked pretty young, and celebrated. Of course the hunters only talked to each other and didn't even look at one male do to the oath but, Lyric spotted a man who was looking right at her. Lyric loved the hunter and Artemis for taking her in but she didn't really like the whole oath off men thing. Of course she would never tell any of the Hunters that but she always thought it was kinda a dumb rule. After a couple hours the girl went back to camp and fell asleep however Lyric wasn't tired so she decided to go for a little walk in the forest.

After a while of walking Lyric found herself at a party near a lake. She looked around and decided it wouldn't be bad for her to just go in and check stuff out especially because she hadn't been to a normal party in about a year. So Lyric made her way into the house that the party seem to originate from and a soon as she walked in she ran into someone and spill there drink all over them. Lyric began to apologize and looked up to see a very good looking man standing before her. After helping him clean his shirt lyric and the man soon got to talking and laughing for hours. Lyric then realized how late it was and ran back to camp falling asleep think of the man she thought she'd never see again.

Breaking the Oath

It had been about a week after Lyric's encounter with the man. She had been thinking of him nonstop but knew she would never see him again. Today Lyric decided to walk back to the lake she met the guy. She knew it was a high chance she would never see him again but, when she got to the beach she was very surprised to see the same man standing at the lake. Lyric walked up to him and they again began to talk for hours. Lyric soon found out the Man's name, which was Nate and that he owned the house she met him at. Later Lyric said she had to leave but, that she would be back.

Lyric soon got to the Camp and went to her tent to fall asleep but she really couldn't. she was thinking about how she never got to experience love before she became a hunter so Lyric got up from her bed, got out her tent, and walked to Artemis's tent. Lyric then began to explain every thing to Artemis and soon Artemis kindly let Lyric go and live her own life so that she may experience love. Artemis obviously took away Lyric immortality so now Lyric would age normally. After that night Lyric said her good byes to the hunters and Artemis and went to the mans Cabin. Lyric and Nate soon fell in love and moved in together but, sadly about six months later, when Lyric would be turning 17 but was actually turning 18, Lyric found Nate cheating on her. Lyric left Nate and soon set out to find her way to camp since Artemis and the hunters had left the area on one of there many adventures.

Getting to Camp:

Since Lyric lived near New york it only took her a couple hours to get there with a cab. She exited the cab in the city of New York. It was night time so Lyric began to walk in the direction of camp and soon walked into a forest. She had walked for hours and thought to herself why didnt she just take the cab all the way to camp. Of course it was to late now so she continued to walk until she heard a noise from up above. Lyric summoned her Bow and aimed it up at the trees. Suddenly two harpies flew down and began attack Lyric. Lyric shot multiple arrows and with her training with the hunter most of the arrows hit making one Harpy dissolve. She then began to run and run until she saw a road with a hill of the other side. She then began to run shooting a couple more arrows killing the last monster.

Once she realized she killed the last monster Lyric continued to walk and soon pasted the border to camp without being attack and was claimed as a daughter of Asteria as soon as she entered. She was then greeted by Alexander the Great who showed her around camp and to her cabin where she now lives.

Lyrics life had been a life of adventure and now she was safely at camp ready to live her life even more.

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