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Name: Madison Chung

Godly Parent: Poseidon

Species: Demigod

Age: 15

Mortal Parent: Amy Chung

Gender: Female

Personality: Madison can be controlling and short-tempered most of the time. She's fairly outgoing, but doesn't forget her manners (unless someone makes her mad), and rarely raises her voice. She's honest and open, but not to the point of annoying. Madison is loyal, but not always kind, because she's sarcastic and doesn't acknowledge other people's feelings. For her, it's very difficult to distinguish her jokes from an actual insult, though most of the time it is the former. She's logical, normally, but sometimes she loses control of herself. She talks casually almost always, except when speaking to a person holding power.



History: Amy Chung had always loved her life by the sea in Busan, South Korea. However, she'd heard of a better lifef in a place called America, and she decided to immigrate there at age twenty-three, after she finished college. She started living in Miami, Florida, which was still close to the sea. Amy loved the sea spray in her face, the tide washing up on her toes, so obviously she would choose Miami.

Zeus saw from Mt. Olympus Amy's "amazing profile," and decided to have an affair - why not? They got drunk and went to the bedroom. After, Zeus left, planning to give Amy a note later when she had the baby. However, Amy took a pregnancy test later on and discovered that she was, in fact, not pregnant. Zeus wasn't paying attention at the time, thank goodness. He didn't introduce himself as Zeus yet, again planning to explain that in his note.

She decided to go to the beach for the hundredth time, a few years after her immigration and only a little while after Zeus' affair with her. While there, a man walked up to her and started flirting. Amy, being single, flirted back. They immediately hit it off, and Amy invited the man to her house. The man introduced himself as Bryan, and Amy and Bryan laughed all the way to Amy's house. There, they did it. Afterward, "Bryan" told Amy about Camp Half-Blood and everything she needed to know to get there. He even introduced himself as Poseidon.

Nine months later, what a pleasant surprise: a baby girl! Amy named the girl Madison (for no particular reason other than Amy liking the name) and went home happily with it. On her doorstep, she found a silver necklace with the words, Tap clasp twice, was inscribed on the dolphin charm. Amy (who was clear-sighted), puzzled, tapped the clasp twice and it grew into a long, bronze sword. Amy tapped the dolphin charm (which was still there, set in the hilt) and it became a necklace again. She knew this was for Madison to fend off the monsters.

Madison grew up very popular among her friends. She had a normal childhood, rarely ever going on airplane flights except once, when lightning struck (Zeus found out that the child was not, in fact, his). She got into trouble many times, but she still had a happy and normal childhood for the most part.

At age eleven, a hellhound attacked. Still, a satyr was sent from camp, living very nearby Madison, so when he heard a shout from Madison's front yard, he knew something had attacked her. The satyr camp running from down the street. He stabbed the "dog's" heart, and it disintegrated into dust. Then he pleaded with Madison to go to camp with him. Madison counter-offered instead, that she would get to stay until age fourteen, with the satyr by her side ALWAYS except when she was sleeping or bathing (but the satyr would stand guard outside). So the satyr fended off a harpy (age twelve), some Stymphalian birds (age thirteen), a raccoon (it was in the dark, and it looked like a monster, okay?), and another hellhound (age fourteen). Madison was still fourteen, but her fifteenth birthday was still nearing.

Their best chance was to take a direct flight to Manhattan and taking a bus to Long Island, but Madison explained that on the only flight she'd ever been on, thunder struck and the flight had to touch down on the nearest airport, delayed. Now the satyr had eliminated one godly parent choice for Madison, AND the possibility of going on an airplane. So they went on a train, which was relatively safer but took much longer. Finally, they reached Camp Half-Blood (while there, Madison turned fifteen).

Weapon(s): A CB sword given to Madison's mother by her father, Poseidon.

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."~Brit


Hello, Kookie here, and I'll be your claim checker today. :D

  1. Please expand on the young childhood, as it looks like you pasted the girls personality, and not the things that shaped her into how she came to be who she is.
  2. The dog wouldn't just disappear, especially if the kid is a child of the big 3. So please change that, and there must be a monster attack before 12, because, like I mentioned she's a big 3 child.
  3. Okay, first off, I highly doubt a Satyr would let her chill out in the world knowing she was a half-blood, as it would attract so many monsters, especially since she's a child of the big 3.
  4. Also, please expand on the other 2? Or 3 monster attacks she had.
  5. Also, what years did the monster attacks happen? Also, what happened to her getting to camp when she was 14?
  6. Zeus had absolutely no reason to cause trouble for Madison, therefore there would be no reason for him to interfere with the plane.


Re: Really? In PJO I thought it said that Percy couldn't go on a plane because he was a son of Poseidon. But thanks anyway! And the satyr would stay with her, anyway.... She lived a pretty normal life as a kid, if you can imagine. "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."~Brit

Heyo, Kookie again and I'll be your claim checker once again, sweetie.

  1. Please expand on the girls early childhood, because it sounds like a personality rather then a child hood.
  2. Please expand on all of the monster attacks
  3. Okay, Poseidon is not allowed to send help as that is direct interference. So, please say that he was either sent by someone else, or that he was simply watching over because he knew she was a powerful demigod.
  4. Zeus wouldn't hate the kid because of Poseidon, as he would have to have a legit reason. Maybe he had an affair with the girls mother first, and thought the child was his rather then Poseidons.


Re: Okay! Thanks for the suggestion! I originally meant that camp sent the satyr, not Poseidon, so I just added it in. "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."~Brit

Hello! Kookie again, and I'll be your claim checker again today.

  1. Okay, first off he wouldn't just like her, because she was pretty...Even Zeus isn't that thick headed, so please explain how they met, please.
  2. What I stated was only a suggestion and really doesn't make any sense in this claim, so please refrain from using it, unless you expand on it.
  3. Please expand on her childhood, it should be at least 4-5 sentences long.
  4. Expand on the plane ride, please. Also, how'd she find out about the child not being his?
  5. Poseidon would not promise a satyr would be there for her, as he is not supposed to reveal the future to anyone. Also, that's a form of direct interference, and that is a no no.
  6. Again, I highly doubt the Satyr would sit there and allow her in the world alone, as the Demigod would attract so many monsters since she is a child of the big three.
  7. Please expand on how each monster was destroyed.


As a matter of fact, gods will do whatever they please, so yes, Zeus would possibly sleep with a random woman he found attractive. Also, Zeus can become pettily jealous at times; the fact that Madison was Poseidon's child from a woman he took an interest in could grate on him and be a good enough reason for him to take it out on Madison, since he can't take it on Poseidon.

Hallo, I'm a silly blue sheep and I'll be your nitpicker of the day~ In addition to what Kookie has already mentioned:

  • I find Zeus explaining everything to Amy when she wasn't pregnant an extremely huge oversight on Zeus' part. Normally gods are at least slightly careful with divulging that kind of information aka normally they know better than to spill it immediately to the mortal parent.
  • Poseidon wouldn't know of the future unless he consulted the Fates. When a god does that, it is major major major big time trouble so I strongly suggest you don't put that in. The future is Apollo's territory. But yes, like Kookie said above, the god promising a satyr is bordering on direct interference. Most gods just inform the parent to send their kid to camp and all the other things like monsters and satyrs. No promises, just high chances.
  • Is Amy clear-sighted? Mortals don't generally see through the mistforms of Celestial bronze weapons (i.e. the necklace.)
  • This is a very trivial correction but - it should be struck, not striked.
  • You don't need to expand on how each monster was destroyed. The only attack that DEFINITELY needs to be detailed is the first one, which it already has.
  • If Madison was extremely stubborn about staying, the satyr could not take her to camp against her will. It would be hella dangerous, yes, and Amy probably would object, but it's not highly improbable. There have been claims where this has happened :D

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding 15:38, December 25, 2015 (UTC)

Re: I don't think Zeus has the ability to see if a woman's pregnant immediately or not. Still, I fixed that. Yeah, Amy's clear-sighted, which I made more clear in the claim. I changed the "striked" thing, thanks! I fixed the monsters thing (you probably now know I'm using this as a checklist). Also, I don't get your last request. Could you please make it more clear? And Madison wasn't too stubborn about staying, because she did offer to go to camp, just later.... Thanks! "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."~Brit

It wasn't exactly a request, more of a confirmation/explanation. xD! (Terribly sorry for the delay. Holidays and whatnot and real life in general.) This is almost ready for claiming~ :D

  • If you could expand a teeny tiny more on Madison's first attack and how the satyr came to her rescue, that would be fantastic.
  • Teeny tiny other thing: How long did it roughly take them to get to camp?

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding 18:17, December 31, 2015 (UTC)

Well I searched it up on Google and it said about a day to two days, that's why I changed Madison turning fifteen while at camp (I read the rules, she only stayed for the max period which is two weeks). And yep, the first one I fixed! "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."~Brit

Can't nitpick through anything else so, congratulations!

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