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Name: Maeve Fiona Ayers

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Caru Freya Reserved

God Parent: Limos, Lyssa, Pandia

Mortal Parent: Troye Ayers

Appearance: Model - Freya Mavor 

Personality: Maeve's a quite complicated person. She's quite moody and she usually doesn't like to make friends, being pretty dismissive from the start. However, she doesn't mind some company and likes to have a few close friends. She tends to push herself away from most people, not wanting to get hurt. Maeve tends to sometimes act 'fake', but she likes to think it's in everyone's best interest. She's also a self-harmer. Maeve always pushes herself to be the best, and deep-down she really does loathe who she is. She's very self-conscious and sensitive, although sometimes refusing to show it and resorting to her 'I don't care' attitude.

Maeve tends to like very few things, but her favourites include her 3DS, PSVita, her poems, and her fashion. She tends to like pastel, grunge, and hipster things. Maeve isn't fond of judgmental people. When looking for a relationship, she's very hard to come out of her shell. When she does find the one, she needs them to deal with her, as hard as she knows that is. She's going to trust this person with her life, and is actually a very passionate lover. 

History: Troye Ayers was the neighbourhood player and ladies' man of a small suburb outside of Melbourne, Australia. He was a charming young man in his early twenties who owned a condo downtown. One night, in a pub, he caught sight of Limos. Maeve was the spitting image of her mother, under the name of Grace O'Neill. Troye immediately made a move on her, buying her drinks and both adults getting tipsy late into the night. This was Limos' plan, as she had been scouting for new partners. Troye, being as arrogant and the jerk he was, took a very drunk Grace back to his condo. That night, Maeve was conceived. Limos left that morning, leaving no trace that she was actually there. When Troye woke up and found Grace had left already he wasn't surprised. This didn't affect him at all, continuing his life as if nothing happened. He still bedded girls like there was no tomorrow.

Then Maeve came along. Finding a baby on his doorstep one morning was not Troye's idealistic way of getting his paper. He didn't want anything to do with the child, and since he had got together with so many girls, he didn't even know which one she belonged to! However with closer examination Troye saw the fine honey blonde curls and jade eyes that resembled that beautiful, mysterious Grace O'Neill. Despite all the girls he had gone through, Troye never forgot about Grace. Troye brought the baby in and called in his sister. He begged her to take care of the baby, just for a few months. Isabelle hesitantly complied. The baby was named Maeve and was mostly taken care of Isabelle in her toddler years. Months became years and Isabelle, fed up with Troye's neglecting of his own child, dropped five-year-old Maeve at his condo, declaring she was done. As much as Isabelle loved her brother and her niece, she was just too busy to be taking care and spending money on a growing child.

This Maeve believe she was unwanted, which had hurt her so badly that it was permanently etched into her brain that she was always going to be unwanted. When she entered school, she wanted to make her father proud--proud to have her be his daughter and not just ignore her. She always tried to be her best, always pushing herself in her studies. She developed anxiety at the age of six in the struggle of constantly trying to impress her father. Meanwhile, Troye was becoming more and more of a drunk as Maeve grew older. At seven, he started to physically abuse and sexually abuse her. When she was eight, Maeve's teacher had sensed something was happening at home and called Troye to see if everything was okay. When he failed to pick up after several times, he called Isabelle. Isabelle immediately went to Troye's condo and walked in on Troye abusing Maeve. Isabelle immediately pried Troye off Maeve and escaped out of the house. Isabelle took Maeve to her apartment, called authorities, and Troye was thrown in prison. Maeve later picked up all of her belongings. 

Since Isabelle was still unable to take care of her and there were no other relatives of Maeve, Maeve was put up for adoption. Maeve was put into a children's home for two years. Afterwards, she started being taken in by foster homes. Maeve was very closed off because of her father's abuse, her anxiety, and her growing troubles trying to be perfect. Maeve was adopted at age thirteen by a young wealthy Californian couple. The couple had been married for ten years and were in their twenties. The wife, unable to carry children, wanted to adopt. She was also a daughter of Persephone. The couple was very friendly towards Maeve and helped her through her anxiety and her dark past. Maeve was finally healing. Three months into living with them, Maeve experienced her first monster attack. The family had gone to the beach that day, and it was unusually empty. Maeve was swimming in the waters when a Telekhine caught her scent. Katelin, her adopted mother, had seen the Telekhine rise up from the waters. She transformed her gold anklet into her CB spear and killed the Telekhine before it had the chance to attack Maeve.

Maeve's first major monster attack took place just before her fifteenth birthday. The family was tent camping in Big Bear when a hellhound caught Maeve's scent. They had been camping in the middle of a forest and a hellhound had attacked Maeve. Her father tried to protect the two, knowing about his wife and being able to see through the mist. However, they never imagined that Maeve would be a demigod. Maeve and her mother, Katelin, fled to the car and drove away, leaving Marc. His body was found and mortals passed it off as a bear attack. This scarred Maeve and she blamed herself for the entire scene. Katelin tried to convince Maeve it wasn't her fault and she understood, but Maeve wasn't able to accept it. She didn't even believe that Katelin loved her anymore, because she had been the cause of her husband's death. 

A while after Maeve had turned fifteen, she had fallen into depression. She started self-harming and her anxiety became worse. She never told Katelin anything, much to Katelin's dismay. Katelin was aware that Maeve has been more fidgety and closed off. She wasn't aware that she had been cutting. Maeve had attempted suicide after her sixteenth birthday. She was saved by one of her schoolmates, as she had cut her wrists in the school bathroom, sitting on the floor waiting to bleed out. Katelin was devastated and convinced she had failed being a good mother. Katelin shortly committed suicide, leaving Maeve alone. She packed few belongings into a small backpack from her Californian home and ran away. She ran towards the forests, a hellhound picking up her scent and attacking her. She is nearly mauled to death before a fellow demigod rescues her and patches her up. She meets seventeen year old Isaac. 

Isaac and Maeve bonded instantly. Isaac was on his way to Camp after running away from his abusive adopted household. Isaac invited Maeve to accompany him on his journey to Camp, and Maeve agreed. Isaac was a son of Hephaestus who didn't stay at Camp year-round. However, after his household pulled the final straw on him, he decided enough was enough. He gave Maeve a silver bracelet that transformed into a Celestial Bronze bow and arrows set. Maeve was very grateful for this present, as it was possibly the first one she got from a friend. Or possibly her first friend. Maeve fell in love with Isaac and vice versa. Maeve spent her seventeenth birthday with Isaac in Manhattan, planning to go to Camp the next day. The couple had found Camp, but was outnumbered by a flock of Stymphalian birds. Isaac told Maeve to go and leave him behind. Maeve, refusing to leave Isaac's side, had to be persuaded by his death as he was heavily attacked. Maeve's heart broke as she made it into Camp, barely alive. 

Weapons: CB Bow and Arrows

Caru Sig"If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane."~ Caru


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