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Name: Marc Lucas

3 God Parent choices: Tyche, Nike or Eris. (Tyche's Cabin DESPERATLY needs campers.)

Species: Demigod

Mortal Parent: Brad Lucas

Age: 15

Appearance: Photo.


If we had to describe Marc in one word, it would be confident. With his luck and fortune, nothing can bring him down. He's always in a good move, unless you get on his bad side. He's pretty much the perfect boy to date. Never has he broken a mirror, or walk under a ladder.


The night of his life, Brad Lucas was at a local Casino. He gambled hard, a little too hard. When he only had a few money left to display, a woman appeared out of nowhere and offered to play with him against a group of men. Instantly, they won the game, as if by luck. Brad earned his money and got drunk, with who turned out to be the one and only Tyche. They spent the night together and... You know what I mean. At the end of the night, she admitted that she was a godesse and that they were going to have a child. He thought it was only the alcohol talk. She left the next morning, and after 9 months, Brad discovered that Tyche wasn't bluffing. Marc was left in a basket, that came with all the information needed and a Celestial Bronze sword to protect him.

Marc had a pretty good life. He was nice, lucky and good looking. He was always The Lucky One. Marc went to a normal high school, with normal friends and normal and a what he thought was a normal girlfriend. Without knowing he was a demigod, Marc lived with his father. At his 14th birthday party, everything changed. The second he was going to cut his birthday cake, his girlfriend turned into a horrible creature, an empousa. The mortals saw an over-drunk teenagers and fled the apartment, afraid of getting hurt. When Marc screamed, his father knew something was wrong. He quickly took the sword Tyche gave to him and stabbed it from the back.

Marc demanded explanations. His father told him everything. From his mother Tyche, to Camp Half-Blood. He was mostly stunned, but took it well. It all explained the source of his luck and fortune. Since he had a very strong relationship with his father, he didin't want to leave him. So hestayed with his father for another year and they made a deal that, when he turned 15, he would be forced to go to Camp HB since it would be too dangerous for him to stay any longer. His father protected him at all causes.

Then came the day when he turned 15. Before leaving, his father gave him the sword Tyche gave him for good luck. He then went to Camp with the ride they sent (The strawberrie truck). They arrived safely to Half Blood Hill. A satyr took him from they're and introduced him to the _____ Cabin.

Weapon: The sword Tyche gave to his father.

I'm Ready! 23:31, July 20, 2013 (UTC)


If his girlfriend was an empousa all this time wouldn't have she tried to attack him before already?

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He just got her a day ago and she wanted to gain his trust.XD

I'm Ready! 01:53, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

Oh my bad >.<

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