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Name: Marina Blake

Gender: Female

God Parent: Nyx

Mortal Parent: George Blake


Personality: Marina seems to be quiet to begin with. However, she is a smart but strong-willed girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind, once people get to know her. She can also be brutally honest, mainly towards those she doesn't like.

History: George Blake lived in London. He was the youngest child of five, as well as the most reckless and ignorant. Whilst his parents, who were strict due to their wealth and power as co-CEOs of a big corporation, wanted George to follow in their footsteps (since his siblings had all followed in their parents footsteps by following the business path), George was a ladies man who boasted about his wealth, in order to attract females to him (much to the dismay of his parents). He found himself unable to commit to long term relationships, having a string of flings with various women instead. He liked to spend a lot of his time in bars and nightclubs. One day, George met and fell in love with a woman named Samantha. Unlike the other relationships he had been in, he felt truly connected to Samantha. Truly being in love caused him to want to change his ways (and he managed to convince his family, who initally refused to believe that George wanted to change, in the end that this was genuine). But Samantha didn't love him. What George didn't know was that Samantha was a sadistic woman who enjoyed manipulating other people's emotions and she did this by pretending to be part of relationships, only so that she could break the hearts of those she "dated". She liked to do this out of pleasure, mainly because of her own past.

He had to discover this for himself, which he did as he caught Samantha "cheating" on him. He then had to learn that this relationship was never a relationship at all, it was an act on Samantha's part so that she could break George's heart. This caused him to leave and return to his old ways, heading to a small bar he liked, which was normally packed during the day, for a nighttime session of drowning his sorrows.

At the bar, George noticed a beautiful woman, sitting by herself at the back. He noticed that she wasn't drinking, she was reading a book. He wanted to talk to this woman, but he later thought that it would be best to not disturb her.

It wouldn't be long before he saw her again though. After an major argument between him and his family, in which only his sister Marina defended him, he cut off all ties with his family (except for Marina) and changed his surname from Miller to Blake, since his father believed that George should no longer have the Miller surname. A couple of nights later, he headed to his favourite bar and saw the beautiful woman again. This time, he decided to talk to her. He was curious as to why she only seemed to appear at night and why she was alone and reading by herself, to which she replied that it was because she was a nocturnal person who looked for peaceful places, so that she could read.

Intrigued by her, George attempted to directly charm her. This didn't work however. If he wanted to charm the woman, he would have to appreciate her wisdom, since he discovered that she was an intelligent woman. Luckily for him, this worked and he managed to lure her into a fling.

A couple of months later, George received an unexpected surprise; a baby girl and a note. It was from the beautiful woman, who he found out was actually the goddess Nyx. She explained that the girl was their daughter and that he had to keep her parentage a secret, as well as raise her until she was old enough to learn about her parentage and how to get to Camp Half Blood. He didn't believe it until he remembered that he had believed in the gods and goddesses when he was younger and extremely naïve. He came to realise that the stories he had been told were true after all.

George had to confide in Marina about this since he believed that he wasn't ready for parenthood. Marina, besides being the only person he had to talk to, was a mother herself. Of course, he didn't tell Marina about the mother of the child, who he had named the baby after. Instead, he told her that he had a one night stand. Marina, although annoyed that he would do such a thing, agreed to advise him and give him regular help.

Twelve years later, Marina Blake was an overachiever, with her own circle of friends and an avid love for archery. When she was not going to archery classes or attending school, she was reading. George didn't forget about the note, which he had kept hidden.

Although he was reluctant, he allowed for Marina to go on a camping trip, during the summer holidays, with her friends from her archery class. Marina liked the trip, at first. She didn't mind camping. It was actually the archery sessions that changed her mind.

She immediately disliked many of those in the classes, who bullied her out of jealousy. No one did anything about this, causing her to get angry and head off into the surrounding forest. This was when she encountered the ugliest looking bird she had ever seen.

She didn't know that it was a Stymphalian bird, but she knew that something was wrong. Because she didn't know that was a Stymphalian bird, she didn't know that she could have just distracted it with noise. Instead, she resorted to doing what she did best; shooting arrows. However, the bow that she used was made out of Celestial bronze. Marina didn't know this though.

It took her a couple of attempts, but she eventually shot it down. As she looked at the bird, she came to realise that there was something that she didn't know about.

She continued to encounter Stymphalian birds, who had managed to pick up her scent. Once again she resorted to using the Celestial bronze bow and arrows (since the archery instructor from her camping trip had allowed to keep them, as the instructor was secretly a satyr who had connections with Nyx. He waited for the right time to approach Marina, as he knew that he had to take her to Camp Half Blood.).

The satyr did approach Marina at one point and tried to explain to her what was really going on. Marina, oblivious and confused, didn't understand and dismissed this. On the final day of Marina's trip, the satyr quit his job and proceeded to trace Marina back to London, whilst trying not to get detected. 

The satyr ended up meeting George, who didn't want Marina to go to Camp Half Blood until she was old enough.

When she turned 16, once the encounters had temporarily stopped, George sat Marina down and told her the truth about her parentage. This caused Marina to be disgusted. George then told Marina all about Camp Half Blood and gave her the instructions as to how to get there. Marina didn't want to leave her father and it took a lot of persuasion to convince her to go.

When she was finally persuaded, she packed her things and left, eventually using the instructions she was given to get there (taking a plane to the US and then a bus to the camp's surroundings, before making the rest of the journey on foot). She didn't travel alone, however. The satyr appeared once more, having finally found the right time to approach her. He revealed his identity and promised to help Marina get to Camp Half Blood, whilst he understood that Marina was no longer oblivious. She knew everything.

Marina did have one last monster encounter, and this was on her journey. She encountered a fire-breathing horse. However, now knowing the truth about who she really was and why she was being attacked, as well as what to expect from that point forward, Marina was not as startled anymore. She managed to defeat the horse, with the satyr's help.

She has currently stayed at camp for four days so far.

Weapons: Celestial bronze bow and arrows

House Targaryen | Fire and Blood 18:16, May 26, 2016 (UTC)


Hey there. Nice and simple claim, I see. Though there's only a few things to fix :)

  • Her weapons must be Celestial bronze in order to defeat the monsters, since it's the only material that could kill them.
  • Starting her first monster attack, more monster would come in and attack her because of her growing scent. Usually, they'd come in maybe once or more a year after the first one.
  • For a god or goddess to visit their child is a direct interference, which isn't allowed here in this wiki. Maybe the father could just tell his daughter, or someone else, but not the god parent herself.

Well, that's all I saw. Good job!

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

Thank you :) Having her father tell her about her mother was my first idea, but then I changed it.

House Targaryen | Fire and Blood 12:20, May 27, 2016 (UTC)

Hi again! 

  • So, I just noticed, how long was she in archery sessions? Trying to shoot arrows at a Stymphalian bird would be pretty hard, especially for an amateur, since they're fast and all.
  • Where did she get her CB bow and arrows?
  • When she was attacked, she was 12, right? The next year, 13, a rogue Stymphalian bird attacked her again. The next paragraph then says three years later, which means she's 16 or was that just a typo? Also please state before or after the claim what her current age is.
  • As I stated on my previous comments, monster usually attack once per year after the first? Was she attacked after the second Stymphalian bird attack?

Sorry for these, but it's for the good c:

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

It's okay. I understand. She had been practicing archery for a while. Also, that was indeed a typo. Marina is 16. House Targaryen | Fire and Blood 15:02, May 27, 2016 (UTC) 

  • What exactly do you mean when you said the nymph took Marina scent? It's slightly confusing since if interpreted literally, it seems like the nymph "took" Marina's scent away. If you meant that the nymph detected Marina's scent, unlike satyrs, nymphs are unable to detect a demigod's scent. Thus how was the nymph able to determine whether Marina is a demigod or is simply a clear-sighted mortal?
  • How long has Marina already been at camp (kindly specify that in the history, and note that to avoid any metagaming, the length of time should be no more than two weeks)?

|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|---~Kevin---GrieverEven if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll be your knight.Griever

I thought it would be easier to change the nymph to a satyr and she's stayed at camp for four days. House Targaryen | Fire and Blood 18:15, June 5, 2016 (UTC)

I have one question why didnt the satyr take her to camp? cause satyr main job is to bring demigods to camp.. so why didnt the satyr take her there? also on another note Marina traveling from her country of origin to the states alone... In my opinion (of course this is my own thus you are more than welcome to argue otherwise) is sorta impossible without some sort of monster attack (and here's a gift Forum:The Monster Encyclopedia/Light Monsters try and pick one monster here :) )

hope to see you again and sorry for the plethora of rules.. >.< but your claim is almost good to go promise :)

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It's okay. Like I said, I understand. I do tend to create a lot of plotholes without realising. House Targaryen | Fire and Blood 14:21, June 6, 2016 (UTC)

heyoooooooo we meet again :) and I apologize its under these circumstances.. which is late and yet another comment >.< (like seriously I'm sorry) but still you didnt exactly answered my question to why the satyr didnt take her to camp when he found her? even if he have connections to nyx he have to bring her to camp its like his duty >.< so yeah thats my one and final question before I claim this

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…

Oh I didn't see that. I'm really sorry. And as of the circumstances, it's okay. Maybe the satyr could have struggled to find the right time to tell her as she was too oblivious to understand? Like I said before, I'm really awkward when it comes to fixing plotholes so I apologise. House Targaryen | Fire and Blood 16:37, June 13, 2016 (UTC)  

Heyoooooooooo I'm not late.... that much

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