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Name: Maristela Moon (originally Mae Seunghee)

Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Mae Myungsoo

God/Titan: Cybele

Appearance (optional): Jung Eunha

Personality (at least a sentence or two):

Maristela is a chill type of person with an impossible amount of patience and the ability to be unfazed by most situations. She adapted quite quickly to the atmosphere of the camp compared to most people, but this is probably due to the years she spent getting thrown around in various foster homes before being adopted by the Moons and her early wandering years with her father.

She has a natural motherly aura and thus, children flock around her, something that Maristela really enjoys. Years of practically raising Tome gave her the ability to endure and even enjoy the hyperactivity of younger children. This also means that she has the protective drive of a mother bear. Seeing younger kiddos hurt triggers her strongly and it will end up with people getting strangled by vines.

While she's all soft and kind, she doesn't take it lightly if her kindness is taken advantage of. An angry Maristela is a savage Maristela. Every drop of her sweetness turns to destructive acid and trust me, it corrodes swiftly. Trying to test her patience is like asking to be dropped from the peak of the Himalayas. In other words, don’t get testy with her.

History (more than a paragraph):

Born of cold winter air and mountain rain combining…

Khione and Cybele had vastly opposing spheres of power, one has the ability to take away life while the other has the ability to give life. So when Cybele fell for a son of Khione, it was one of those romances that Aphrodite would be very proud of. “Opposites attract after all,” She’d say.

Mae Myungsoo was one of those demigods that were both lucky and unlucky enough to be born to one of the minor deities. Lucky in a sense that they were less likely to die at a young age and unlucky in a sense that they’d never be given a chance to enter Camp because it lacked a cabin for them and thus braving the monster-infested world on their own. However, while others like him were more prone to anti-god attitudes, Myungsoo never once thought of the gods in a positive nor negative way. All he cared about was surviving.

So when monsters started attacking him on his twelfth birthday, Myungsoo packed his bags and escaped his neglectful father’s house. While others may interpret it as a wish to keep his father safe, Myungsoo only had his own safety in mind. Having people around would only hinder him.

He had long since known about his parentage after hearing his father’s raving about a Khione and how bitter he was at being left by her and having an unwanted child dumped on him. Now that he was on his own, he took this chance to experiment with his powers. Myungsoo was fascinated and found that he was innately stronger during the winter. Eventually he came to treat his mother as less of a parent and more of his patron.

Despite the threat of monsters and the odd satyr now and then, Myungsoo wasn’t concerned about them. One of the many satyrs who met him down the road supplied him with a celestial bronze sword. “While you may not want to come with me to camp, I can’t let you go alone without a way to effectively defend yourself.” He’d said. Myungsoo became efficient with the sword in no time.

Traveling around brought him to the United States of America, which was where he would eventually meet the mother of his children. Now 21 years old, Myungsoo had several years of experience under him and not to mention puberty has been extra kind to him. His life spent running through various biomes made him develop a soft spot for nature, despite being the child of a deity whose job was to freeze it over.

Fascinated by the cold-hearted demigod’s unexpected love for nature, Cybele decided to give him a visit under the guise of a traveler named Taerin.

At first the two got off a frosty start but they eventually formed a tentative friendship, which turned into a slow-burn romance as they travelled together. Myungsoo figured out Taerin’s true identity a few months in, but he didn’t mind much. After all, he’d heard that Cybele was one of the less asshole-ish deities.

Though their relationship was an on and off thing with Cybele disappearing for weeks or even months at a time because of the rules, they somehow managed to reach a point in their relationship that eventually gave them their first child together, Seungha, followed by Seunghee not a year after. Cybele knew that staying with Myungsoo would end with terrible punishment for their children, she made a decision. Leaving Myungsoo a note, Cybele took her leave, taking Seungha with her.

When he woke to find his eldest daughter and his lover gone, Myungsoo was disappointed and honestly a bit confused. Why did Cybele take away Seungha? One look at his younger daughter Seunghee made him decide to pick himself up and raise Seunghee alone with the knowledge Cybele had left him with. He could deal with this.

And he did. Life certainly did become more difficult with having to defend a small one year old and lonelier with the loss of his lover but Myungsoo pulled through. In the midst of continuous moving around and countless monster attacks, Myungsoo watched his daughter grow with a bittersweet but proud smile. He never got in contact with Cybele again so he never knew what happened to her or Seungha, so Myungsoo did his best to protect the last remnant of his broken family even if it’d cost him his life.

Give it two years and he did. Myungsoo’s last moments with his daughter was spent in a grove filled with hungry hellhounds. Turns out Myungsoo had pissed off a child of Hades long ago and the demigod decided that this was the perfect moment to exact his revenge and left the father and daughter to be hellhound food.

Though he tried his best, it was obvious that he was outnumbered. It didn’t help the fact that Seunghee was crying in despair at seeing her father battered up and bloody. He knew he wasn’t going to last long and he didn’t want to leave Seunghee defenceless. So in his last hours, he prayed. He prayed to both Khione and Cybele. This was the first and only time he called on both his mother and his ex-lover for help, he couldn’t let his daughter die.

Surprisingly, Khione answered his prayers first, arriving mere seconds after her son had succumbed to his wounds. Taking one look at her granddaughter, Khione let out an exasperated sigh and spirited her away to the nearest orphanage she could find. She also gave Seunghee a ring on a chain, saying that it could save her hide one day and not to bother her again before leaving in a flurry of snow.

Thus ends the story of Myungsoo and Cybele, and the start of Seunghee's story.

For Seunghee, two memories remained ingrained in her mind for as long as she lived; her father's death and the day the mysterious lady dropped her on the orphanage with a ring on a chain. The lady wasn't human, she knew. She saw her disappear in a flurry of snow with her own two eyes, but no one believed her as she was only three years old when it happened.

Seunghee surprisingly got along really well with the orphanage kids, especially with the younger ones. Pretty soon, she became the orphanage owners' defacto helper, breaking up fights, soothing kids, and welcoming new kids regularly. She liked the orphanage owners too, they were nice and there wasn't an ounce of maliciousness in them. The orphanage became her new home in a span of just 2 years with her evading adoption a lot because she liked the orphanage more.

But things weren't made to last; Seunghee was eventually put in the foster system and was being carted around from foster home to foster home, never staying in one for too long. One foster home stuck though, and it was all the way in Portugal.

There was something about the Moons that just made her feel at home with them, especially their little son Tomé. Seven year old Seunghee fell in love with the Moons and decided that yes, this'll be the last foster home she'll ever have, and it was. At age 7, Mae Seunghee became Maristela Moon, the eldest child of the Moons.

Maristela, christened Rella by her new baby brother, spent all her time around little Tomé. She took care of him very well that her new mother, Nádia, joked about how maybe she adopted a new mother instead of an older sister for Tomé, but Maristela really didn't mind. It was fun looking after Tomé and he was a very good little boy. She would spend entire days playing with him or teaching him the stuff she already knew.

The Fates had decided that Maristela isn't going to be the last addition to the Moon family when she was aged 11 and Tomé was aged 6 and it came in the form of a ghost named Casper. She's not going to lie, it amused her that the ghost had the same name as the ghost from the show Casper the Friendly Ghost. Her parents seem to think that Casper is just Tomé's 'imaginary friend' while Tomé seems to think that the ghost was a real human, but Maristela knew better. Though seeing how happy Tomé was in his own little world with Casper, she decides to let it slide. She does keep a really close eye on the two whenever Casper's around, though.

A few years passed, with Tomé aged 9 and her aged 14, and Casper was still causing trouble for Tomé, which irritated Maristela greatly. She was letting Casper stay with Tomé because she knew how Tomé liked playing with Casper and her little brother's happiness was a national treasure that needs to be protected. So when Casper got Tomé into deep trouble and caused the younger to land into a punishment, Maristela stayed with them in the duration of it, somehow managing to convince the teacher to let her stay.

A dog was in the room with them, and it was staring intently at the siblings. Maristela has a very bad history with dogs and this particular one's stare was unnerving her, a feeling she hasn't gotten since her biological father's death. Taking initiative, Maristela started to walk Tomé out of the room, only to freeze in fear as a sound she's been praying not to hear again resounded in the room. The bark of a hellhound.

That’s when Casper took the time to look real quick and identified it as a hellhound and pretty much walked off muttering something about finding them in the afterlife. That’s when someone else entered the picture or well, after they had gotten a little ways away from the hellhound. As the growling grew louder, the sound of metal against flesh and whimpering replaced it until there was only footsteps. The footsteps belonged to that of someone they didn’t recognize, but considering both of them were approached by this man and he asked to speak to them neither of them ran off. That’s also the time Casper decided show backup and ask how the fight went and boy was Tomé pissed off or as pissed as a 9 y/o could get.

Maristela was even more pissed with Casper, refusing him any contact with Tomé for the next few weeks. "That's what you get for almost getting us, especially Tomé, killed." She'd said.

The stranger explained that they were both demigods, though both were hesitant to listen considering they both needed to be home for dinner. As they listened, they realized they wouldn't be going home for dinner. When the man, a demigod he'd said, explained to them about Greek mythology and the truth that he had been protecting them from previous near-encounters of monsters (which was the reason why Maristela wasn't attacked until now), something in Maristela's mind clicked; the woman that dropped her off the orphanage years ago was a deity. Though she didn't want to leave Portugal, Tomé somehow convinced her to let them go to America.

When they were separated by cabins, Tomé to Zeus' cabin and Maristela to Cybele's cabin, Maristela decided that coming to camp was a very bad idea. She'd rather share a cabin with Tomé, thank you very much.

Weapon(s) (optional):

The ring Khione gave her turns into a weapon, a sword eerily similar to the one Myungsoo used to wield, but she doesn't know it yet.

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So i have a few things to comment on here.

  • Considering there was two demigods, 14 would be to late for a first monster attack. Especially if one demigod was a child of zeus
  • Also, who was the man that told them they were demigods? 

Thats about it xD

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hai music this is catty btw lel

  • the man was a demigod who was doing some business in the area when Maristela's first monster (besides the hellhounds from her childhood) appeared so he was able to eliminate it before it revealed itself to her. he them took it upon himself to scout the area for the next few years until she's old enough to be taken to camp

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