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Name: Markus Darkwood


Gender: Male





Mortal Parent: Meliah Darkwood

Appearance: Andrew-Cooper-2

Personality: Markus is a very cocky and a very arrogant person, he is known to be very mean and very very evil. He always seems to be the centre of attention, which is unusual for a Thanatos child. It takes a lot of him to be scared as he had seen very gruesome stuff in his childhood. Though, it doesn't look like it, he has a soft and warm heart in his ribcage. He is fiercely loyal to his alliance but tends to sway away sometimes.

History: Meliah Darkwood was a surgeon and a daughter of Athena. She worked in the best hospital in all of New York. Her reputation was that she had never failed a single surgery, many men lusted after her and her money but she was simply not interested, until one night.

On one particular cold night, Meliah was staying back for an extra shift to do some paper work when the doors to the entrance burst opened and a man whom was bleeding heavily from a car crash rushed to the surgery theatre.

She was the leading surgeon but she was tired and had absentmindedly forgotten to drink a cup of coffee before she entered in the theatre. While performing the surgery, she had began to lose focus and, while doing a heart transplant for the man, accidentally cut away an artery.

He began to lose blood very quickly and Meliah tried to stop the blood flow but it was too late, the man died of blood loss. The family of the man was angry at Meliah for supposingly 'murdering' the man.

Her reputation had gone down the toilet and people began to gossip that Meliah would be fired. She was stressed about the gossip and couldn't get it out of her mind. She knew her future was ripped to pieces. With guilt, she had gone to the deceased man's hospital room and was surprised to see a man standing near the bed of the hospital.

He had turned to look at her and Meliah was going to shout for help but stopped short when the man said that he was a friend of the man. Meliah felt guilty again and apologized for screwing up the dead's surgery. The man seemed unfazed by this and he said, "Death was coming for this man anyway, you just quickened the pace a bit."

Meliah was very confused by this comment but felt a little drawn to the mysterious man and the man was drawn to her too. The man introduced himself as 'Tristan'. They began to exchange phone numbers and went on dates several time and finally, one fateful night, they had sex.

The next morning, Meliah woke up to find that Tristan was gone and a letter was on the bedside table along with a pair of glasses. It read.

Dear Meliah,

By the time you have read this letter, I would already have gone to a far away place. Don't feel sad, my whole family has done this. My name is not Tristan but actually Thanatos, I am Hades' lieutenant and am a death god. You may feel angry, shocked or a bit scared but I can assure you that what I'm saying is true. I noticed that we didn't used protection last night so when our child comes out of your womb, make sure to give him these pair of glasses, it will make him safe. I had also made everybody forget what happened with you and the deceased man. I wish you good luck with our child.

From, Thanatos.

When Meliah had read finished the letter, she was gobsmacked. She decided to forget what happened yesterday and go on to work. When she reached the hospital, she was surprised to find that everybody had forgotten what happened yesterday and greeted her with warm smiles.

She had began to believe that Thanatos really was a god. But was disappointed that she couldn't see him again. To forget about this fact, she began to become a workaholic.

2 months later, Meliah was becoming sick. She had thrown up everything that she had eaten in the toilet but she had dismissed this as a flu reaction. But the one thing that had her convinced was that she had missed her period. She had gone to the doctor and the doctor told her that she was pregnant.

Meliah was shell shocked at the statement as she started to walk home, thinking of aborting it. She remembered the ultrasound picture of the little baby and she instantly tossed away the thought of aborting it.

It had became a hard task but Meliah took baby leave from the hospital and had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. The doctor asked her what she wanted to name the baby and she smiled while saying in a tired tone 'Markus......... Markus Darkwood."

When Markus was four, he was this bubbly kid that everybody loved. He rarely asked about his father and always thought that a pelican brought him down from the sky. However, there was one kid whom kept on egging him on that he was a bastard child.

Markus was upset by this news and went to ask his mother, Meliah was stunned by this question and mumbled out with a wistful look on her face. "Your father had died due to a car crash......" And nothing was said anymore.

Markus never asked again as he knew that talking about his father is making his mother sad so he kept his mouth shut. As Markus grew older, he became the popular, sarcastic boy.

Ever since he was eight, Markus loved going to the graveyards, always feeling that there was some connection between the place and he's father. Many people deemed this behavior as creepy but was too afraid of losing their popularity and kept their mouth shut.

At the age of ten, he was in the streets when he had a strong feeling going through his body. He tried to shrug it off but the feeling was even stronger than ever. He followed the feeling and it led him to a murder site. He saw the spirit of the victim and he ran away to his home, quickly dismissing that it was his lack of sleep.

At the age of eleven, he became interested in baseball. He had a knack for it so he managed to get into the school team. However, he thought that his live was normal until when he was twelve. Meliah knew that she has to bring him to camp but she was acting selfish and didn't do it otherwise.

Markus was just having a normal trip to school but when he walked past a dark alley, a huge scorpion came out and attacked Markus. It's big stinger went to Markus's chest but he managed to miraculously dodged it.

The pair of glasses that Markus always wear fell out of his face and he grabbed it but the scorpion's huge stinger went for his face. He closed his eyes, waiting for the searing pain that was coming but he heard a metal clink and he looked up.

The pair of glasses that was in his hands turned into a sword that had deflected the attack from the monster. His eyes had widened but the monster had swung his stinger for another attack. He managed to dodge it and because of pure luck, he managed to run and slide underneath the scorpion's underside and stab it. It exploded into gold dust.

Breathing heavily, he decided to skip school and ran back home. Meliah found out what happened and immediately moved to another town. As Markus got used to the town, he began to mix more intimately with mortals so Markus' scent got mixed with the humans is the monster steered clear of him.

However, at the age of thirteen, a huge pigeon like bird appeared when he was on a date with a girl and he gulped. He had ran from the date and left the girl alone. He started to run away but five birds followed him. He spotted a Chinese restaurant and a gong, he had read about Heracules' myths and hit the gong. The birds were confused by the loud sound and Markus took this chance to kill every single bird using his sword.

At fourteen, while he was at the store to get milk. A snake women appeared and tried to get him with her tails. His eyes widened as he dodged the attacks and mainly avoided her tail. The Dracanae stabbed Markus and unfortunately had a deep graze against Markus's arm. The Dracanae tried to stab Markus again but he managed to disarm her quickly, after that, he had stabbed the Dracanae and she exploded into dust.

At fifteen, he was with another girl when he saw a big monster come out of nowhere. Markus' eyes had widened and he paid for the food and started to run again. He had ran to a big wide area, when the Hellhound tried to bite Markus' head off, he blocked it and cut off one its head. The hellhound exploded into dust.

At sixteen, he was eating lunch by himself in a park when a giant scorpion came out. His eyes widened as his fiddled with his glasses and they became a celestial bronze sword. He deflected the scorpion's stinger, he threw a rock at the scorpion to distract it and he slid under the scorpion and stabbed the soft underside.

At seventeen, he was going home from school when he walked past a dark alley. He started to sense a very powerful prescence. He turned to see a Chimera again. In a blink of an eye, the black object became a sword. He remembered the last time he fought with the monster and he repeats the steps. He cut off a lion's head and when it was distracted, stabbed it's heart.

When he was eighteen, he was more trained from his years fighting monsters. So, when Markus was having a walk beside a beach, a Telkhine jumped out from the water. Markus gotten his sword ready, the Telkhine tried to lure him inside the water but Markus wasn't dumb. He blocked the Telkhine's attack and killed it by cutting off its head.

At nineteen, the beginning of the year, he was outside, considering whether to go to college or to work when a huge harpy flew on him as she cackled in the air, "Ohhh!!!!! A demigod! Not a child of the big three that's or sure, but a powerful one."

Markus was surprised by the monster as he fiddled with his glasses which is what he does when he's nervous as it makes him feel calm. The glasses suddenly fall and became a long sword.

Markus was even more surprised at this fact but he didn't have time to ask himself because the harpy flew in to scratch him. Markus managed to dodge the scratch and tried to swing the sword but the harpy dodged it.

The harpy flew in but this time, Markus couldn't dodged the scratches in time and it scratched him on the face. The harpy then scratch him again and he fell to the floor, his right cheek oozing with blood.

The harpy squawked happily and was about to scratch him another time until an arrow pierced the Harpy's head. The harpy was not quick enough to know who it was and another arrow landed on the Harpy's head. The monster exploded to dust and a satyr ran to Markus.

"Are you okay?" He asked Markus and he replied with a shaky nod. "Oh shoot, you have a cut on your cheek. It doesn't look well....... Concerning that you managed to get scratched by the Harpy, I'll wing it and say that you are a demigod."

Markus blinked heavily as he shakily stood up and pointed to the half Goat man and asked, "W-Who are you? W-What's a demigod?" The satyr blinked as he replied with a curious tone, "My name is John. And a demigod is a half human and half god species. We better go to your guardian and explain everything."

While Markus was leading John to his home, John explained all about how gods are real and that there is a camp and how he was just patrolling the areas near camp. They reached the house and Meliah was surprised but expected this, she brought the both of them outside.

Meliah wished Markus good luck and to say that he is going to a special camp for people like Markus. However, just when they were about to go off, A Keres jumped in front of them, sensing the now strong scent of Markus. It was surprised but was happy with the situation.

"I want a yummy demigod." After a millisecond of what she said, she then attacked Markus with her claws. However, Markus managed to block it.

The claws next went for John but he managed to dodged it perfectly and he used his bow and arrow. He shot a total of five arrows but only one managed to pierce the monster's skin.

The monster howled in pain and saw Meliah shivering in one corner, the Keres spotted Meliah and it quickly ran to Meliah, knowing that Meliah is someone special to Markus and could lure him into a trap. Markus eyes bulged out as he shouted out, "WAIT! Y-YOU NEED DEMIGOD BLOOD RIGHT? I'M A DEMIGOD! LET HER GO!" He walked closer to the monster despite John's protests. Even though Meliah was a demigod, due to her not being in camp for several years made her lost her fighting experience.

The Keres had a hard grip on Markus' arms but just when it looks like it was going to let Merliah go, it sank her claws into Meliah's neck and poison was coursing through Meliah's veins. Markus eyes widened again as they teared up, John was shell shocked before his bow was up again but he didn't need to shoot because Markus' fists was clenching.

The Keres didn't noticed and started taunting the both of them before throwing the ragged body away. It was about to stab Markus but a big scythe stopped him. The scythe was made up of Astral energy and it blocked the Keres' attack. In one swift movement, it killed the monster and explode into a million pieces of gold dust.

John walked to Markus and had apologized that it was his fault for not killing the monster sooner. but Markus had curtly nodded as a sign that he accepted her apology.

Markus could feel his mother's soul entering the underworld and then the fields of Asphodel. John looked down before pushing Meliah's dead corpse to the ocean. He had placed Meliah onto a makeshift boat to make Meliah stay afloat and sent her off on the water.

Markus was wearing a hard face but his eyes were clearly broken. "Thanks for...... Sending my mum away........ I want to go to the camp that you and mum we're talking about." He said with a voice full of tears.

John nodded as hr brought him back to camp. They reached safely, thanks to the fact that the Taxi was nearby, and when Markus had reached camp, he was claimed as a son of Thanatos.

He still had no emotion as he had accepted this fact. A dainty hand was on his shoulder as he turned around to see a girl with brown wavy hair and unusual green eyes. "John told me everything, I'm Asyline Hayes. Don't worry, it'll get better."

For the first time in three days, he had smiled and went to the Thanatos cabin.

Weapon: A CB sword. It's disguise is a pair of thick black glasses.

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Yeah but I wanted to sign the claim when it's finished.

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1. Well, first off, Thanatos can't directly interact with the demi-god, that would be interfering with the life.

2. Lamia's are medium monsters, which would take about 3-4 demi-gods to kill.

3. If Asyline is a Demi-god then you wont mind making a claim for her, will you?

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I won't mine because I already made her claim :/ And gotten accepted. I'll edit the other parts :3

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Edit and bump........

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  • Please fix some grammar mistakes, since in some paragraphs, they are not fully understandable.
  • Expand in his early childhood, did he play sports? Did he read? What did he do in those first 12 years? Please be specific on ages
  • Although Orthrus is an easy monster, he wouldn't go to kill a demigod as a first monster attack, probably a third attack, or something like that.
    • Stygian Iron isn't permitted in this wiki.
    • What happens in the age gap from 12-19 years? Although you say that he mixed with humans etc. Monsters wouldn't notice him at most 1 year after the previous attack. Which means, please add at least a monster attack per year since the first one.
  • How would the harpy know he was a son of Thanatos? Although they do notice if a demigod is a child of the big three, I don't think monsters could know any specific godly parents... 
  • The telkhine wouldn't hurt his mother, monsters just kill demigods, not humans.
    • Why would Meliah go to Tartarus? Was she that bad? Wouldn't she go to like The Fields of Ashphodel or something? I mean, you still need to take out the "telkhine killing mother" part, but if she still dies any other "humanly possible" way, please take this into consideration.
  • What happened to the telkhine? I mean, I know it died, but how did it fall to the ground and curl into a ball? By Marcus' powers? Marcus wasn't trained at all, I think he wouldn't be able to control monsters...
  • Wait, at first you say that he is a son of Thanatos, actually, almost all throught the claim you state that he is a son of Thanatos, and then in the last, three paragraphs or so, you say that he is a son of Tartarus? I infer that it probably was a mistake, but if it wasn't, please be noted that there is not a Tartarus cabin at camp.

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  • In the monster attacks you make him like if he was a god. He at least needs to hurt a bit by each attack.
  • How many stymphalian birds were there? I mean, he would only be able to kill one or two, but not a complete flock.
  • Chimeras are again, medium monsters, which means, 3-5 trained demigods.
  • In the empousa attack, although he was now trained, it would still need to be 3-5 monsters. However, if I were you, I would change the attack with Asyline to fight the empousa, then that, would be acceptable, and fight alone with a harpy. Hope I explain myself.
  • Again, stygian iron isn't permitted on this wiki, sorry.
  • Again, telkhines don't hurt huans, just demigods... unless Meliah was also a demigod... (Hope the idea helps)
  • How did the telkhine fall to the ground and curl into a ball? By Marcus' powers? Marcus wasn't trained at all, I think he wouldn't be able to control monsters...

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  • "It's big stinger went to Markus's chest but with strength he never had before, he pushed the scorpion away while panicking." - So did he get stung? Also, the movements of giant scorpions are fast and generally precise, so he wouldn't simply be able to push away the monster.
  • " unfortunately had a deep graze against Markis'" - against his what? >.<
  • During the monster attack when he's fifteen, is it a hellhound or the chimera that attacks him?
  • Telekhines strength is reduced by half when they are out of water, so it is highly unlikely they would attack a demigod without a water source in close proximity.
  • Seeing as Markus doesn't go to camp for a very long time, he would likely attract multiple monsters in his later years as his scent had increased.
  • Okay, pet peeve, no where in Asyline's history does it mention that she left camp to visit a relative, or that she found and brought another demigod to camp. She also has not been marked as away in-character, so there is really nothing that would make it likely for her to find Markus. Also, it is not the role of demigods to protect other demigods and if Markus was outside of camp and attracting monsters for so long, he probably would have attracted a satyr too. 
  • If his mother was a demigod daughter of Athena, she should have been able to fight and would have had a pretty clear idea of the demigod world, so she would not have been able to be killed so easily by a telekhine out of water. Also, if she's a demigod, why didn't she send Markus to camp?
  • Just to be clear, does the sword change into a long sword at some point in the history? Because there's a difference between the two. 
  • Having a telekhine as the monster for the last attack is unrealistic, please pick a more suitable monster.
  • Stygian Iron was voted as being too powerful for use as a weapon on the wiki, sorry >.< You'll have to change the sword to Celestial Bronze.

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Edited and due to my poor eyesight, I can't find the part with the Stygian Iron sword T.T

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  • Symphalian Birds attacks in flocks of 5-12, two alone does not constitute a realistic monster attack.
  • when the Hellhound tried to bite Markus' head off, he blocked it and cut off one of its head. - One of it's heads? Hellhounds only have one head. Orthrus, on the other hand, has two heads.
  • Cyclopses are pretty stupid, so I doubt it would be able to concoct a plan to lure Markus on the spot, as they are not known for their intellect. Also, cyclops prefer brute strength over weaponry, so it's unlikely the monster would carry a sword.
  • Remeber to change telekhine to cyclops in the final attack, you've left telekhine in there a few times.

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This claim has not been edited for 9 days. If it reached 8/26 it will be deleted for inactivity.

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There are still some areas you did not fix, please look at my bolded comments for reference. Also, Sytgian Iron was voted away with on the wiki, as we view it as too powerful (sorry). The only accepted metals are Celestial Bronze for demigods and Silver for Hunters.

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