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Name: Mason Carlier

Gender: Male

God Parent: From greatest want to least: Hades, Ares , Thanatos

Age: 15
Mason carlier

Mortal Parent: Susanne Carlier

Appearance: See picture. Character Model is Manuel Traxler

Personality: Mason is a tragic mixture of receptive and guarded, dependent, and self-reliant. He desperately yearns to make a connection--any connection, with anyone. He wants a family and a place to call his own, a real home that he can come back to, a place he can be loved. But his own life experiences have underlined a simple truth, time and again: the only person he can rely on is himself. He is reluctant to make himself emotionally available and vulnerable, and is cynical to anyone showing him kindness. Unfortunately, the only individual he's ever placed his trust in is his mother, a figure undeserving of his devotion. Despite all the harm that she has caused him and all of her neglect, Mason truly believes that his mother loves him and has his best interests in mind.

History: Mason Carlier is the firstborn child of Susanne Carlier. Susanne was a young 19 year old who loved rock music, the kind that talks about killing and death. She was at a concert that talked about those specific things. She had met a man, one who was beyond gorgeous. That night during a song she knew he had ben right beside her while people around her had been jumping around, someone had bumped her and almost made her fall, the man was their to catch her. He had taken a likening to her because of her ability to see through the mist. After that they talked and hit it off, later on into the night having intercourse. The next morning the man had been gone. Though later in her dreams the man revealed himself as a god and told her everything she needed to know and that he loved her but he couldn't be with her. He had left a Celestial Bronze sword with her .He also left 10 drachma with her and gave her the instructions to do if a special attack was to happen. Months later little Mason came out.

By the time Mason was four, his sister, Kinzie was born, and his stepfather (whom he knew as his real father) took a vested interest in his sister's upbringing. A fiercely staunch man, Mason's father often times acted hard down on his son, and as he grew older and his more rebellious traits began to develop, he became a source of ire for his stepfather, his temper and harsh punishments curbed only by Mason's mother, who saw Mason's wiles and upstart nature as a phase he'd eventually grow out of, and as a precocious period to be cherished.

But, with Kinzie slowly taking the lion's share of the father's spotlight, and his mother a complicit and docile wife, Mason quickly became starved for attention in his youth. An early argument broke out when the boy was only nine, and he cut the sleeves off of his school jacket, which earned him a month in his room with no visit from friends.

First Attack

Later he had his first attack. He was twelve. He had been walking from a friends house and walked through a shortcut. He was almost home and then he saw a big dog. It was a hell hound but yet, he thought it was a dog. He started to run. He jumped a fence and ran through the back door. After he made it in, he told his mother that he was being chased by a big dog, she had heard of them. The hellhounds. She grabbed different tables and things and even the refrigerator. She placed them in front of the door. The hellhound came through the window and landed perfectly. Then suddenly a tune began to play. Wood came up through the floor and captured the hell hound. A boy with hooves walked through he front door, which was unlocked. He talked to mason's mother. "Demigod?" He asked, expecting her to know. She glanced at Mason then at the satyr. "Yes." The satyr looked at Mason then at his mother. "Do you know of the camp?" She told him everything she knew. Mason refused to leave and the satyr didn't argue. Mason's mother promised that he would get to the camp safely though, even though he wouldn't go now.

Life after that

After they moved, time wore on and his stepfather grew no less strict. When Mason turned 13, he started to have strange episodes of hyperactivity and dyslexia. Eventually taken to the doctor, he was prescribed ritalin and sent on his way, and for a while that worked, but as the days wore on they worked less and less and the more extreme moments of frantic, hurried Mason became more and more frequent. When he was getting ready to move on to LSS classes, exposure to new people and newer ideas only further emboldened Mason, and by the time he was fourteen he was developing quickly into an outspoken and boisterous boy, something his father wanted no part of, though his snarky attitude towards his father offered his sister (with whom he was quite close) no end of entertainment.

When he decided that he would eventually want University, and came to his father with the idea, he'd have no part of it. This in turn transformed into a full blown argument, with accusations flinging heated and angry from both sides, and in the end, Mason stormed out. Susanne, his mother, stormed out afterwards, eventually finding the boy at a local music store. The two sat down to talk, mother trying fruitlessly to calm the son, but something further was amiss. The more he tried to focus, the more he Mason couldn't and in a sudden wash of terror the a fissure in the ground opened spitting of fire. It left Mason with a headache and his mother (and several other bystanders) with significant injuries, but Mason was completely unharmed otherwise. He was however very tired. he couldn't walk straight. Rumors began to fly and doctors were met, at first Mason was not attached to the incident, but further 'flareups', both in the Doctor's office and at school, did nothing but point a finger at him.

His relationship with his father quickly began to strain further than ever, placing the two at heavy odds over both his status as a freak and his mothers' injuries. At one point, his father flat-out called her a disgrace and in the subsequent days refused to even speak to him. The children at school also stopped speaking to him, and for a time, the fourteen year old boy's only friend was his sister. When the medication he was prescribed failed to do any good, he started looking for further supplement, going through older kids at school, and it was when he was caught with prescription meds that he had no prescription for that his father blew his top, stalking into his room one night and unleashing a torrential rant about everything he found as a disappointment in him.

The argument was heated and angry, and when his father went to slap him across the face, his mother, still recovering from injury, tried to stop him, and he smacked her instead. Mason himself saw this and blacked out, and the next thing he knew him father was unconscious on the floor across the hall, a diamond dagger in his chest, he began to pack clothes. The entirety of that night is a blur. His mother tried to stop his leaving, but failed. Kinzie tried to stop him as well, but he failed. His father didn't like him, his school didn't like him, and as long as he was around their whole household would be a mockery, and so he left, fourteen years old and alone in the world.


Days later, his mother found him and they talked and sat on a bench at an park. His mother explained the life being a demigod. She said she wouldn't force him to go home, but she told him the location of the camp. She also told him that know that he knows about his godparent and being a demigod, it will be easier for monsters to sense him. Before he departed from her, she gave him a ring that transformed into a katana, his mist cologne, the one he used everyday, and 10 golden coins called drachma. She said his coclogne would never run out and said if he needed a ride to the camp, just throw a coin onto the road and say this:"Stêthi 'Ô hárma diabolês". They went over it a few more times, just to make sure he knew it.

More Attacks

Days later is when the attacks started.

He had been walking to the store one evening when one of his friends were attacked. He had went into the store and his friend waited outside. He told Mason he'd be around back waiting. The friend had walked around store to the back to use the bathroom. When he was alone, a Scythian Dracanae has approached first taking an appearance as a beautiful woman to the friend. Mason walked around back. To him, he saw the Dracanae' real form. He automatically saw what to do. He bagn to sprint to the unaware monster, he rubbed his finger across the bottom of his ring, a bronze bright katana sprung into form, and he sliced across the monster's body turning it into dust. The friend asked questions, but Mason's phone battery had just hit the red level which made a musical tune. He acted as if it was a text message. He cut him off duringnwhatever question he had asked and said. " Sorry, my mom texted. It's an emergency."

He had began to walk backwards, still looking at the phone, acting as if it was a real text. After walking backwards for a few seconds, he turn and broke out into a full sprint.

Later that night, Mason had just came from the arcade. He was walking through a long narrow alley. Then he heard hooves beating against the pavement. Mason turned and saw a horse behind him, an aura of flames on it. The horse wasted no time to attack. Fire erupted from it's nostrils, and that's when Mason's powers awakened. He put his hands up to flinch from the flames, wincing, but instead of just wincing a dome made of diamonds formed around his body blocking the flames, the same time the flames stopped the protective dome disappeared. Then he rubbed the ring on his middle finger with his thumb and the celestial bronze sword formed. He stood and waited. The horse ran forward to trample him and at the last second he jumped to the side and put forth a large amount of concentration into his sword attack. He hit the spot right in the he middle of the horses back. It disintegrated right away in a puff of golden dust. Mason fell in exhaustion. He was at the edge of the street, he threw one of the golden coin onto the street and spoke quietly, out of breath. "Stêthi 'Ô hárma diabolês." He said. After a few minutes he thought they wouldn't come.He'd thought he'd broken his promise. But then they came and he gave them all of the drachma he had and they took him to the camp.

Possessions: Celestial Bronze katana that transforms from a golden ring. (Primary) Bow and Arrows. (Secondary) Mist Cologne (when needed)

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  • It would be helpful if you signed your claim with 4 ~s.
  • How was Mason powerful enough to cause the ground to split open? That takes a lot of energy to do.
  • How did he lose his old weapon?
  • How did he get his current weapons?
  • How old was he when he arrived at camp?

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  • Encountering monsters for the first time at the age of fourteen is considered late but still acceptable however, you must supply a good reason why monsters came that late.
  • So given the info that he arrived to camp when he was fourteen but is currently 15, what happened during the one year gap?

Kindly correct me if I got the details wrong :)

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Response Comments

  • I did now. Sorry.
  • As I edited, he became very tired, Not even able to walk straight.
  • He didn't lose it, he simply wanted another weapon to suit him.
  • His mother gave it to him (as stated in the story.)
  • He was 14 years old. (As stated in story.)
  • @AliasKit, I added in that his father, whoever you choose, gave his mother a special cologne which was called mist. The note the godly parent left her with, gave her instructions for it. He used it everyday, he thought it was just normal cologne but his mother always bought him that kind. It was a magical bottle that never ran out. It masked his scent. i also added that it was one of the tolls his mother gave him when they sperated, so he can also use that on quests.
  • Also @Aliaskit, He arrived at camp when he was 14 but his birthday rolled around and he is now 15.

Just one thing, 15 years old is pretty late to have their first monster attack, could you maybe make it slightly earlier, maybe a year or so? Light saber-512I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.Light saber-5124- Wonder

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before I claim this please tell me what kind of powers he used?? as I dont think thanatos kids can do what he did (but please correct me if I'm wrong) Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 15:59, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

I corrected it. My order was supposed to be Hades, Ares, Thanatos. I had it as Thanatos, Ares, Hades. Bow Down To The Assassin Of Prophecy. [[File:Sharingan_Triple.svg|15px]] (talk) 17:32, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

ok then that works but reading the power sets it mentions that mason will be injured as well soo add how he is able to avoid getting hurt please. On that note I had a chat with wonder she says the cologne is plausible but some monsters are still able to sniff him out soo please change that (here's a suggestion a demiogd living nearby could help maybe?) Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 16:35, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

The powers says that it's likely. But There is a small chance. He would be lucky and not be injured because he would create it and it would be out of range to touch him. I am going with your idea, but idk where to add it in my background. I am going to say that there was another demigod that lived nearby, a monster wanted to ambush the other child but at the last moment found my character and the other. We were successful in killing the monster and then we made it to camp. You can re re-read if you want.Bow Down To The Assassin Of Prophecy. [[File:Sharingan_Triple.svg|15px]] (talk) 17:11, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

do me a favor and split this into section cause I'm searching for the first monster attack which needs to occur at least at the age of 14 even with the colonge he will have to be attack on that note hades is part of the big three soo the attack would be sooner maybe 12 or 11? add that and maybe give him a protector? if your insisted on him being safe from harm (a bonus point for a protector is that he can teach the demiogd stuff )

sorry for asking soo many things its just I'm checking a lot of claims right now soo yeah change this and I'll claim it

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Fixed it Bow Down To The Assassin Of Prophecy. [[File:Sharingan_Triple.svg|15px]] (talk) 17:50, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

ok thanks for making this into section much easier for me but now I have a question... is the mom a demigod? cause then how could she see the hellhound as remember the mist thing?? add that and I think its good

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She can see through the mist. Bow Down To The Assassin Of Prophecy. [[File:Sharingan_Triple.svg|15px]] (talk) 18:13, November 23, 2014 (UTC) actually made me ask someone about this >,< anyhow ....the mom may be able to see the monster but that doesnt mean she can fight it (and no the explanation given by hades a few years ago is not suffient amount of practice to kill a monster) sorry >,<

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I can say that they ran. They burned down their house and moved so they could get away. Bow Down To The Assassin Of Prophecy. [[File:Sharingan_Triple.svg|15px]] (talk) 18:40, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

sorry for the long wait I had to check a few other claims >,< anyhow no...that is not possible as a monster main focus is to get the demigod soo you can do anything and it will still attack him soo let me give you an idea...a demigod came and killed the monster or a satyr?

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  • Considering the fact that his monster attack started at the age of twelve, it should continue and not skip a year or more especially that he's a son of one of the Big Three.
  • How come his friend was attacked by a monster?
  • What is this ride you are saying?
  • And at what age did he exactly arrive to camp?

Almost there :)

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1. Ok, I can say his birthday rolled around right after the attack. 2. The monster wanted to break Mason's will. 3. [[1]] 4. 13 Bow Down To The Assassin Of Prophecy. [[File:Sharingan_Triple.svg|15px]] (talk) 15:52, November 24, 2014 (UTC)

the only thing that bother is me is the fact that monsters dont attack human (attack take them hostage you name it) they just want to kill demigod thats all soo change the reason why his friend is attack (and I doubt the friend can see if he is a mortal considering the mist thing) as for the ride I can buy it as I remember there is this taxi that could help...

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I fixed it Meloney.Bow Down To The Assassin Of Prophecy. [[File:Sharingan_Triple.svg|15px]] (talk) 16:23, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

....I really hate to be this person but please finish the sentence (the one "his friend asked question but....") thats all I want to know and hopefully I can claim this...hopefully

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