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This claim was made by and for |- Legend of Zelda, more like Legend of Link 23:10, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

Name: Mason James

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent: Paul James

God Parent: 1. Nemesiss 2. Tyche 3. Aeolus

Weapon: Axe, Hungting Knife, and Shield (Given at Camp)

Personality: Mason is a very strong, very proud person. He is not stoic, but is quiet. He doesn't talk to people mnuch unless he demms them worthy of his time. Earning Mason's trust can be a daunting task, but when you do he can be one of the most trustworthy friends. He is a good follower and leader and is very good at keeping his cool under pressure and getting revenge.

History: Paul James was a proud, powerful, brave son of Hepheaustus. He was on a solo quest for Hepheasteus when he was distracted by Aphrodite. Aphrodite didn't want him to complete the quest for her husband because he was creating another contraption to catch Aphrodite and Ares. She distracted Paul with her own beauty and lured him away from the quest and into her bed. Hepheasteus was furious at his son not for failing the quest, but because he was tricked by Aphrodite, who Hephasteus had told him to avoid on many occasions. He cursed Paul James by burning his hand, thus enablinghim to never work with metal again. Nemesis felt bad for Paul and tried to make things even by showering Paul with correct loto tickets, and giving him a fine job, but it wasn't what he wanted. After being tricked by Aphrodite Paul now truly wanted something to love, so Nemesiss came down from Olympus and after dating Paul for a while she was impregnated by him. She gave birth to a beautifaul son, Mason, and left. Paul was sad Nemesiss left, but now had something to love, his son.

Paul showered his son with gifts. He gave him a great education, made sure he had good acceptable friends, and allowed him to experience all life whether good or bad. He had a great life, but it was normal nothing supernatural ever happened to him, except his dad insisted he learned sword play and trained him rigorsouly as if he was to become an assassin. He taught him about the cardinal virtues and about humillty, strength, justice, and equality. He constantly taught him about the greeky myyths and the importance of the gods.He never explained why, but Mason respected his dad and listened to whatever he said without conflict.

One day Mason and his friend Randy were returning from a party when an enormous, black dog jumped in their path. Immiadately Paul's traning set in and Mason removed the bronze pocket knife, his dad had specially given him. asRandy fled to the woods and returned with reed pipes, something he recognized from his dad's teaching. Randy frantically began to play the reed pipes and the dog began to tire soon he confusedly was walking in a cirlce and in his confusion, Randy stabbed the dog with his bronze knife turning it to dust. Mason was confused at what had just happened and on the way back to Mason's house, Randy explained that he was a demigod and had just been attacked by a hellhound. He tlold him the he, himself was a satyr and they should immieadately go to cAmp Half-Blood to train. When Mason told his dad this, his dad simply nodded and told him to go. It was a fairly long journey from Denver, Colorado to Long Island South, but after many smelly bus rides, treks through the wilderness, and heavy cab fair they made it.

Seeing as his father was a demigod too, why didn't he tell him about camp and train him earlier on? RubyRose ~"We all share the pain of our histories" 15:20, April 1, 2012 (UTC)

Well he was training him,but he didn't think and he didn't want to tell him, because he knew if he told he would have to let him go, and we wanted to keep him as long as possible.. 16:42, April 1, 2012 (UTC)|- Legend of Zelda, more like Legend of Link

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