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Name: Mason Masters

Gender: Male

God Parent: Boreas, Eros, Hermes

Mortal Parent: Christian Masters

Current Age: 17 and a half


Personality: Mason is a kind hearted guy. He is very proper do to being born and raised in London. He is kind to everyone he meets and loves to help people out when they need it. His good looks and British accent makes girls always want to date him but he isn't really into the relatipnship thing unless he finds a girl that he really like. Mason will fight to protect those close to him and will do anything for the people he loves. As a result of his personality he is very likable and has many friends.


Parents Meeting:

It was a cold snowy day in London. A lot of people were inside there houses trying to keep warm except for a few people who roamed the streets. One of those few people roaming the streets was a young 22 year old girl named Christina Masters. She was beautiful, With Black long hair, Pail white skin, Kinda like a British Snow white. (XD) As she walked she bumped into some one and spilled the guys coffee all over him. She immediately started to apologize and tried whiping the coffee off. The man chuckled and stopped her from doing so, He introduced himself as Xavier. Christina smiled and introduced herself she then asked him to come home with her so she could at least clean his shirt for him.

The man agreed and so they went Christina's house which was only like 5 minutes away. When they got there the man took his shirt off, Christina stared at the mans amazing body but was snapped out of her thought when he handed her the shirt. she realized she told him she would clean it so she went to her laundry room and threw it in the washer. She came back to find Xavier's (Boreas) pants on the ground. she was a little confused so she walked to her hall way only to find his socks. she continued into the hall way to her room to find his underwear on the floor. She then looked up to find a naked man on her bed. At first sight Christina wanted to have Xavier in her bed so when she saw him she easily jumped in it with him. The started to have you know what and hours later when Christina woke up she found the Xavier (Boreas) Was gone.

Christian wasn't really worried that he had left since she was only having fun so she soon moved on with her life. That is until the day came when she found out she was pregnant. she had went to the doctors for her annual check up and thats when they told her. Christina instantly knew who the father was since Xavier was the only man she had slept with in a long time. She then went home and decided to keep the baby not wanting to kill it.

Christina then went through the 9 months of pregnancy and had Mason. About a month after Christina had him she was home taking care of him. she then heard a thump on the door and opened it to be faced with a box. She brought the box inside and set it on the table. She then grabbed the note which was on top of the box and read it. It was from Boreas and it was telling her everything from his identity to what her son mason was. The Greek religion was Christina's religion since her mother was Greek so she kinda believed it at first but was still unsure. She then looked into the box to find a Cross Bow and a quiver full of arrows inside. Suddenly it transformed into a necklace with two things on it a bow and arrow and an arrow. (she is a clear sighted mortal.) Christina figured the weapon was for her son so she decided to keep it until he was older.later that night Christina became 100% sure the note was real because she was visited by Boreas. He told her more about what her son's life would be like and that he would need training to defend against monsters.

Early Childhood

Mason grew up with a wealthy life style. When Mason was around 5 his mother married a rich man named Kyle. Kyle loved Mason so he always spoiled him with many things. However being spoiled didn't stop Mason from being nice to everyone. When he started School he went to a private school in London. he was very popular and but was having a little trouble with reading and staying still. When he was around 8 his mother tested him and they found out Mason had ADHD and Dyslexia. That still didn't stop Mason from getting good grades. Around the time Mason was 9 he was put into martial arts class and a cross bow class which he thought was weird but after the first lesson he fell in love with it. mason soon rose to the top of his 2 classes. He lived a great life but it all started to unravel when Mason was around the age of 13 and a half.

1st Monster Attack:

One day while walking home from school Mason could feel some one following him. Kyle who was still young was scared and instead of staying calm he panicked and ran. He was a little to scared to realize were he was going and soon ended up in a dead end. Soon after a small but terrifying hell hound jumped out of the shadows. The hell hound growled and just as it was about to pounce Mason's wrist Neck started to burn. He ripped off the necklace his mother gave him for his 13 birthday and watch as it transformed into a White and blue Cross Bow. Mason didn't have time to awe at the weapon because he soon felt a body slam into his making him go flying into a pile of boxes. the boxes gave Mason some bruises on his body but, since he was wearing a jacket they couldn't be seen. Kyle then began shooting some celestial bronze tip arrows at the beast. A quiver appeared on his back when he ripped the necklace off but again Mason didn't have time to awe as he was shooting arrows at the Hell hound.

A lot of the Arrows missed the Monster as it kept dodging them but, A few had landed or hit the hell hound. Mason then shot one last arrow and it landed in the Beasts head. It soon crumbled to dust and Mason limped home. When he got there he din't tell his mother about anything because he was to afraid to. He thought he might be going crazy so he just lied to his mother saying he tripped and her his foot while walking home.

2nd Monster Attack

Mason soon forgot about the attack going on with his life, that is until he was 14 and a half. He was studying for a test and heard a strange squawk come from out side. Mason's parent's weren't home and his Grandmother was asleep so he went outside to see what it was. He looked around for a couple minutes. he then heard a loud shriek he looked up to see a harpy coming down at him. he had enough time to duck and summon his Cross bow. However as the harpy came down it was able to scratch Mason's arm leaving a thin but long cut that went from his wrist to almost his elbow. Mason winced as he felt the pain but soon began shooting arrows. All of them missed but then suddenly a person popped out the shadows and killed the beast. the monster crumbled to dust and before Mason could ask questions the man was gone. he went inside and upstairs to clean up his cut and cover it up with a long sleeve. Since it was winter Mason was always wearing a long sleeve or a jacket so his mother wasn't able to see the cut.

3rd Monster Attack

Again mason was able to forget about the attack until he was 15 and a half. One day when he went to school a new kid was there. he quickly Befriend the new kid who's name was Max. Max was kinda weird because he walked funny and ate a lot though he wasn't fat. mason and him were best friends and when walking home with max some weird birds started circling them. Max, Who was a satyr quickly realized what they were and dragged Mason away running. As they ran the bird pecked the leaving small cut and bruises. soon max found a sub way and dragged Mason into it. The noise of the sub way was very loud which gave mason enough time to shoot the 10 or so bird down. Strangely there was no one in the sub way so there was no one around to panic or scream.

Max knowing mason was a demigod already from the monster and the weapon Mason had told mason they had to go somewhere. Mason denied and soon started to cry because he though he was going crazy. max comforted him and took pity on him. Max decided he wouldn't take mason to camp just yet. Max felt bad and didn't want Mason to have to deal with the hard times of being a Demigod at a young age so, he decided to take Mason to camp when he really needed to and that he would always be with max to help him if any more monsters came. Max then took Mason home and helped him clean up before his mother came. When his mother saw the small scratches on Mason face mason lied saying he had fallen into a rose bush but the he was ok. Him mother was a little worried but just told him to be more careful. Mason was always suspicious about the monster attack but when he would ask max, Max would just say it was for his own safty he didn't know and Mason believed because he didn't wan everything to change if he found out.

4th Monster Attack

since the day when the birds attacked Mason, Mason trained harder every day with max. They were both inseparable until max had to leave at night. Now Mason is 16 and a half and is at school with max. Their day was going by normally and when it ended they started to walk home. suddenly a hell hound jumped out the shadows. This one was a little bigger than the first one Mason encountered but mason wasn't afraid. he summoned his cross bow and was ready for a battle. The Hell hound soon pounced and Mason rolled out the way. He then got up shooting 2 arrows, One of they missed almost hitting max which would be funny if the events were different, and the other one hit the monsters back leg. The Hell hound howled in pain and swiped at mason leaving him a gash on his side. mason soon fell to the ground and then Max jumped in. well he actually jump on the hell hound. Sadly they hell hound was able to shake the max off and pounce on his killing Max. With the little strength mason had left he screamed then shot 2 arrows. Both landing in the Monsters head. Mason then fainted.

Hours later Mason woke up in a hospital bed. His eye sight was a little blurry but he could make out his mother by his side. mason then heard his mother speak. Mason then asked what happened. His mother said that mason was attacked by a guy with a knife and if it weren't for max he wouldn't be alive. Christina left out the part about Max being dead but Mason already knew. He still didn't know what the thing attacking him were he still didn't even know max was a satyr. Mason decided not to tell his mom because he still thought he was going crazy and he knew if he told the cops the real story then he would surly be sent away to a mental hospital so he kept everything to himself.

Finding out he is a Demi-God

about a year has past now since max died. Mason doesn't like to think about it much so he throws himself into school work. Mason is now 17 and a half and it's the day that Max died that day when the hell hound attacked them. The cops claimed they never found the killer and that was because Mason had kill it himself. Today Mason was very emotional. He went to school and ignored all his friends and didn't do any work in his class. When he went home all his anger and sadness built up inside and he told his mother everything. he didn't care if she thought he was crazy he just wanted to tell some one the real reason Max was dead and since Mason didn't know who Max's parents were his mother was the only one to tell. Christina was shocked not because of what her son told her but because she didn't notice it before. she was furious with her self but told mason everything. Mason was shocked also but excepted it, I mean it was better then him thinking he was crazy. mason was then boarded on a plane to New York. When getting there Mason to a cab to the location to camp. As he walked up the hill he heard big thump like foot steps. he turned round to see a gaint cyclops running towards him. Mason then began to run, He then turned around and shot multiple arrows. A few mist but a few landed. some on the monster chest and foot, Then mason shot one more Arrow hitting the cyclopes in the face. The cyclopes stopped running and screamed in pain. this gave Mason just enough time to run across the border and make it safely into camp. Almost just as he entered he was claimed as a son of Boreas.

Weapons: A white Cross bow with Blue trim. When the cross bow isn't being used by Mason it is in a necklace form around his neck. When torn off it appears along with a quiver full of arrows.

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I don't understand, if he has a crossbow where'd he get the Celestial Bronze arrows from?

  Spiderman-Hydro-SigHydro   " We all have secrets. The ones we keep... and the ones that are kept from us."   15:50, September 26, 2014 (UTC)    20,620

sorry guess i should have out when he pulls his necklace his cross nbow and a quiver of arrows appear. And arrows are the ammunition for a cross bow right?

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Why would Mason's mother feel the need to have him tested for ADHD and Dyslexia at age 8 if he was apparently getting good grades and not struggling in school? Skullwindleft "No wind is of service to him that is bound for nowhere."  -WindSkullwindright   

Ok i made it to were he was having trouble reading and staying still so she had him tested Royalty-free-music-note-clipart-illustration-1103023"Music isn't just a hobby, It's a Passion."- MusicianRoyalty-free-music-note-clipart-illustration-1103023 18:54, September 26, 2014 (UTC)

wouldn't he get a bit suspicious or something by the 3rd monster attack? A sword swallower through and through. ~ Gruff Tyrell Rose 10:12, September 28, 2014 (UTC)

Ok i added Mason was curios but max would always tell him it was better not to know so Mason believed.

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