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please note that all things mentioned in this history (excluding her fifth life) doesn't technically exist as Mnemosyne erased all existence of her past lives apart from their memories.

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  • Name: Antonia Cloelia

Antonia Cloelia was born to a wealthy couple in Ancient Rome during the time of Colosseum entertainment. Due to her parents' high ranking in the Emperor's view, the family often went along to watch the shows. Even at a young age Antonia could recall the horrors she had witnessed, the screams she had heard.

Living a life of luxury was easy for Antonia; wake up, do leisurely activities all day and then sleep was all she did. Being the only daughter of her parents, they babied her often and tried to give her the best in life, hoping to have her marry into an equally, if not, wealthier family. When Antonia was 6 her parents attempted to have her marry into the family of the Emperor to secure political power and have an even better reputation within the Empire. When that failed, they searched for even more suitors for their daughter.

At the age of 14 it was announced by Antonia's brother, Achilles that he had found a man in the form of the heir to an Eastern European throne. Her parents, seeing the golden opportunity to gain more influence, instantly set their daughter up to marry the prince and began to train her to become a queen. Although her initial reaction was positive she grew to hate the life that was set out before her. Before long, at the age of 18, she was sent off towards the Kingdom in which she would reside in.

On the journey to her new life Antonia made the rash decision to run when the convey taking her hand stopped for a break. When they had stopped she made sure that she had excused herself from the meal they were eating so that she could make her escape. Eventually she found herself hiding in one of the poorer sections of Rome.

Soon she was found out and was sold into slavery and was bought by one of her parents' affiliates. She quickly learned to be obedient and never defied her master family until the day in which her master's wife was found dead and she was convicted for the murder. Soon, Antonia found herself - along with many other slaves - in the waiting wings of the Colosseum to face a variety of dangerous animals, mainly lions.

The show lasted for roughly an hour, Antonia surviving for exactly 50 minutes. Between the 10 slaves that were entered there was two rusty swords that were given to defend themselves with. Antonia, who was trained in secret by Achilles, knew how to use swords effectively and had managed to defend herself for the majority for the game, earning praise from the audience. There were even shouts that they wished to buy her, however, it was declared she'd fight to the death with the remaining lion. After a few prolonged minutes of circling the lion pounced and Antonia tried to block in vain, her depleted energy now taking it's toll. The lion successfully mauled her. As she died, Mnemosyne happened to be looking over as one of her prized children were in the Colosseum watching. Pitying the girl, she turned her into a memory nymph to preserve her.

In a few hours the Colosseum emptied and Antonia found herself still alive. It was then when Mnemosyne revealed herself and what she did. In addition, Mnemosyne suggested that relocating was an option that she could take. The goddess left shortly when she heard soldiers coming to gather the bodies. From memory, she constructed a fake version of Antonia's body and guided the new nymph away to a group of demigods who volunteered to take her west to France. Seeing no other option, Antonia accepted and was soon travelling to France.

  • Name: Eleanor DeFontaine (styled Eleanor de Fontaine; Eleanor of Upper Lorraine)

After arriving in the East of France in 1410 after living in Eastern European countries for hundreds of years, Antonia adopted the name Eleanor. Having arrived with a small army of followers that she had gained from travelling, Eleanor was quickly sought out to marry into either Duchy of Lorraine. Having a different outlook on life, Eleanor chose to marry into the Duchy of Upper Lorraine and was wife to one of the ruler's many children. Her army was left stationary in a small town built for her just off the edge of Lorraine.

As the Hundred Year War progressed further Eleanor felt the need to go and travel across France to see what was happening. Accompanied by her army she made it to Orleans. On the way it was claimed that her husband's father had died and that he had become the new Grand Duke and it was by his request that she held the title Grand Duchess. With this new information, Eleanor made it to Orleans without too many troubles.

Upon reaching the city, which had now been involved in a Siege for a couple of years, Eleanor was shocked and tried to help the city in anyway she could. She deployed her army so it was under the command of the Dauphin whilst she circled the perimeter to find people to help.

She soon came across a group of small children who she attempted to save, calling three of her own horseback soldiers to take them back to Lorraine to be safe. As they did, English soldiers captured her and she was soon burnt at the stake under the impression that she had committed treason with claims that she was an English woman who had married into a French duchy in order to wreck havoc on the Kingdom of England.

Instead of saving her for a second time, Mnemosyne watched as Eleanor eventually burned to death and awaited to hear about what she had chosen to do in the underworld. It wasn't long before news reached her that Eleanor had decided to be reborn instead of going into Elysium.

Mnemosyne waited another few years before it was found out that Eleanor had been reincarnated into a Chinese girl who's family worked hard to make sure the peasants around them had good lives before they were killed in a ship accident. She also found out that Eleanor had elected to be reborn a second time.

  • Name: Princess Amalia of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Eleanor chose to be reborn a while later, hoping to see a different world. By the time she was reborn the year was 1846 and she was born into the ruling house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha as a grand-daughter of the ruling Duke named Amalia.

The part of the family she had been born into was one where they would eventually rule a "puppet" version of the normal dukedom, being situated a few miles from the actual duchy. The reason as to why the puppet state had been created was so that if the actual one was attacked there was a place for the rulers to go to and govern the same way, but sadly this was not vice versa.

Although being the youngest child of her parents, Amalia was always favoured by her father. Her mother, however, opted to favour her four older sisters and two older brothers. There would be countless days where her father would take her out hunting with him. This in turn caused her mother to call her too "manish" and that no man would want to marry her.

When Amalia was 4 her family was at their holiday home in Spain when they were attacked by a rogue groups of Spanish mercenaries. In the initial killing, two of her sisters and a brother were killed. As the family escaped to the carriage a further sister was killed and her mother received a fatal wound near her heart. Once they escaped the killers, her mother died. Shortly after they arrived home it was announced that Amalia's grandfather had died and that her father had become the next Grand Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The family made up of the Duke, two daughters and a son prepared to move into the main palace where they would live for many years.

At the age of 10, Amalia was betrothed to a distant relative of the British throne who had a strong claim on it, in hopes that she could spread the influence of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha further. Her engagement was short lived as her betrothed died a year from the announcement at the age of 14. Her father then decided that it would be best if she was raised the same way as her brother, whereas her sister was sent away to Russia where she married into the Tsar's family.

From then on, Amalia's life was trained to perfection to be heiress if her brother should die. Of course, her father still made engagement plans with both the Russian Empire and the British Royal family, however he planned for her to marry into a northern European royal family who's heirs were still unmarried. It was during this time that she and her brother, Wilhelm became close siblings to the point where he promised her the title of Grand Duchess when he died.

In 1865, Amalia and her brother were sent to Brazil on a duty for their father. It was there that they met a prince who was next in line to the Empire's throne after two brothers. Shortly after the arrival back to Germany Amalia was told that she was to be married to the prince they had met. A few days from the engagement, her father was found dead with a note explaining how he didn't want his daughter to be engaged any longer beside his dead body. Her brother was quickly announced the next Duke.

A now 19 Amalia spent her days in her older brother's shadow, the engagement to the Brazilian prince still present, however Wilhelm had expressed an interest of breaking it off in favour of marrying Amalia into the Tsar's family of Russia. Despite the now high chance that Amalia would become married to the next Emperor of Brazil or the next Tsar of Russia, Wilhelm still claimed her to be his heiress, a thing unofficial to those of his dukedom. The official hair was a distant cousin, the same age as Amalia, who was the next claimant after the siblings. Amalia made many trips to Great Britain and had fallen in love with one of the King's grandsons who was smitten back. The pair planned to elope together once Wilhelm died. The couple was short-lived as Wilhelm soon found the prince's letters to his sister and made it clear that Amalia was not to travel to any country other than Russia and Brazil.

When she was 24, Amalia had both of her engagements broken off. The Brazilian prince had married someone else and the Russian royal family member had died and no other member had decided to take up his marriage. In haste, Wilhelm decided to engage her to their cousin and left it at that before his own passing away at 30, childless and heir less. By his will, Amalia was to become the next Duchess but the duchy quickly chose her cousin, Ernest, to be the next duke. Although unofficial, Amalia was named Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha until her marriage to Ernest in 1870.

The couple, although both had strong claims to the head, were never actually the official Duke and Duchess - their cousin took sovereignty and the two became the unofficial ones, the legit Duke always consulting them before making any decisions. On her 30th birthday, Amalia and Ernest moved to Somme, France where they lived for the remainder of their lives. This was only the beginning of the end of the puppet duchy, with all documents related to it being destroyed, effectively wiping it from history slowly.

When 1916 rolled around, Amalia had a feeling that living in Somme was a bad idea and urged her husband to move back to Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. In July they began their trek back to Germany where eventually Amalia caught a fatal disease which killed her only ten days later.

Upon reaching the underworld Amalia reached Elysium once more and found out of her other two previous lives, opting then to be reborn a final time to reach the Isle of the Blessed.

  • Name: Henrietta Gordon

Amalia was reborn as Henrietta Gordon, daughter of a wealthy business couple in 1918 in New York City. From the earliest age possible she was sent to private schools in hopes of succeeding in her parents' shoes.

Her life never strayed from staying at the private schools all her life, even during holidays. When she was 23 and dropped out of school to have a career in music, she found a job at Pearl Harbour as an entertainer for the men residing there. There, she met a man called Orlando and the two fell in love, sneaking out at any time possible.

Once the Japanese attacked, Orlando and Henrietta fled and made there way across the country until they reached Savannah, Georgia where they eloped.

The couple spent there honeymoon in Georgia and soon found themselves in a hotel. A week into their honeymoon, Orlando said he had to go back to the Harbour to see the damage which Henrietta found understandable. As he left she waved him goodbye and waited for him to return.

She waited for him to return for 3 months before finding out that he was already married and had a family in New York. Beside herself, Henrietta helped as many unfortunate people as she could before taking her own life by hanging herself at the age of 25.

Making her way down to the Underworld she had the choice to visit the Isle of the Blessed, a place she had aimed to get. As she made the decision to go to the long awaited place, Mnemosyne felt pitied that the memories would go to waste and as such she took Henrietta and mixed her with Antonia, Eleanor and Amalia to create a ball of memories which she turned into a thought and kept inside of her head until she found a use for it.

  • Name: Maya Song

Christopher Song was an esteemed police detective in Chicago Illinois who was found to be rather attractive by many who lived there. Due to the fact that there was essentially four different people within the soul she had created, Mnemosyne knew that the father to the child would have to be supportive and someone the girl could rely on, hence she chose Christopher.

Appearing in the form of a witness for some crime, Mnemosyne made sure the two had chemistry and both soon came to the decision that a one night stand would suit their lives much better. Assuring him that if a baby was conceived that she'd send things his way, Mnemosyne left. As soon as the child was conceived, Mnemosyne placed the combined soul into the child with enough room for a final 'person' to be created.

For nine months, the memory of the fling became less prominent to Christopher until one night (3rd March 1996), Mnemosyne showed up again with a child, handing it to him with a single note, then leaving. Taking the child in, Christopher named the child - which happened to be a baby girl - Maya and read the note which explained the existence of the child and the basics of her previous lives and what her personality (or personalities) would be like. The note also said that random memories from her previous lives may occur, however she'd only remember her names.

For the first few years of Maya's life, Christopher really lived up to his role as her father - providing support to her and helping her through the experiences of her multiple personality disorder (which she was diagnosed with at a fairly young age). However, this 'peace' was short lived as various scandals emerged that Christopher had taken and dealt drugs and before long, social services were knocking at the Song's door ordering Maya. At the age of 5, Maya was taken from her father and was placed with his sister in Los Angeles, Christina.

Mnemosyne was fairly disappointed in Christopher and when Christina became Maya's legal guardian, Mnemosyne sent various letters to the young woman who came from a demigod family. Despite not being a demigod herself, Christina and Christopher's mother and other siblings were demigods, so the two had experience. Christina, being able to see through the mist, realised that Maya would need training and as such she spoke to her brother, Charlie, in hopes of getting training for the young demigod.

In the new environment, Maya excelled in becoming social and once Charlie had moved in with them to forever protect her, there were no apparent worries. However, when she reached the age of 13, her first monster attack occurred which sparked many things. At the time of her attack, Maya was at school with a teacher and a group of students. The group of students had been created by the teacher as they were all demigods and by doing such thing, he was able to protect them when their protectors couldn't. The group was only fairly new and many of those within it had had their first attack, so when Maya's came along, it only hindered them essentially. The monster itself was a single harpy (which the teacher killed with ease) and some in the group told her various things, from "you're too young" to "you're not good enough." This then sparked past life memories from Amalia's life and Maya began to go down the anorexic route.

Only months after her first attack, Maya was kept behind after school and was told that her aunt and uncle had been involved in a mass murder and that she'd be living with the group. Coincidently, everyone else in the group had lost all legal guardians and the teacher came to the conclusion that the group would live on the road.

For the next four years Maya travelled with the group, her monster attacks always being supported and being degraded was common. It wasn't until a certain heartbreak with a boy did Maya get a different treatment. After running from her group she was found by Artemis who offered the girl a place on the Hunt. Without thinking, Maya took it. For the half a year, Maya joined the huntresses and visited Camp a total of once, being claimed and resuming her duties.

Half a year before her 18th birthday, Maya was seduced by Apollo and subsequently, when Artemis found out, was taken off the Hunt. If that wasn't enough, Artemis cursed Maya to have the ugliest face she could imagine, forcing the girl to never find love. Despite the curse, Apollo remained in love with her and provided her with a home along with some of his sons who vowed to make her beautiful again.

Sometime in between her 18th birthday and coming to Camp, Maya was given a new face by the sons of Apollo, one said to be even more beautiful than her former Korean one. The sons, whilst visiting Camp, had seen a girl and found her beauty to be enticing, and as such, they gave Maya the same face. Due to the remnants of anorexia, Maya was thought by the boys to look exactly like the other girl.

On the way to Camp, the boys gave Maya a hand crafted bow. One of the boys, ________________ (might get someone to make him >.<) felt a certain attraction to Maya and promised her that he'd see her once again.

Antonia is self-conscious and hates to reveal what she can do. Due to what had happened to her during her life, she tends to hate taking orders from anyone and prefers if she could have her own life in her own hands, making her own decisions. She rarely tends to show happiness and likes to bottle it up instead of actually showing it. Distress and anger on the other hand, she likes to make prominent and would rather get the help of someone close rather than not at all.

Eleanor has some remainders of being proud and noble, occasionally viewing herself as better than others. Despite saying this, and this contradicts with it, she loves to help people and always tends to put others before herself. She tends to be rather humble with her achievements and prefers not to make a big spectacle out of the things she does. When she's angry or tired, she'll try and ignore it until it becomes to large to ignore. To vent, she writes about her various feelings.

Amalia tends to be the kindest of the lives. She's also said to be the most romantic of the five. Alongside being the most romantic, she knows how to handle the heartbreak and has an iron will. She's determined to make her feelings and opinions known and uses the feelings of anger and sadness to fuel her other emotions or her goals. If the sadness does become too big to be fuelled, she tends to glare at everyone.

Henriette tends to be very sad all the time, or at least cautious. She is the most open about her feelings, not forcing them down anybody's throat and tends to be very genuine. She holds people near and dear to her heart, possibly trusting them a bit too much that she should. When she's betrayed she tends not to hold grudges, and only gets sadder in general.

Maya is the quirkiest of the five and is the one who can have the most fun. She tends to be quite cheeky and loves to test the boundaries. She is also fairly confident in who she is and what she does (despite things that happened in her history). She tends to be very defensive about what has happened to her, and as such, she tends to get distant to people and sometimes has trouble with holding friendships and relationships.

Weapon: Maya, through her past life memories, is adept with a few weapons, however she herself favours a celestial bronze sword.

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