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Name: Megan Anderson

Age: 14

Gender: Female

God Parent: Iris

Mortal parent: Matthew Anderson

Appearance: *pictured*

Personality: Is really nice but really unforgiving and doesn't like it when people try to take advantage of her. She also really enjoys drawing and painting etc.

HIstory: Megan's dad is a very talented artist and spends most of his time at art galleries. One day he met someone particullary interested in his piece and he decided to talk to her. He loved her opinions on art and soon got into a relationship. He was even more surprised when he found out not only had he fell in love with a woman but also that that woman just happened to be a goddess. Realizing this he started to study Greek mythology and realized how dangerous it also was. He asked Iris and she said that there were many monsters and that mortals would not see them as demigods and gods would. He was soon given the knife when Iris found out she was pregnant. That is also when she left him because the rules of Olympus say so. As soon as Matthew (Megan's dad) found out that he was going to be a father he grew wary and knew that he wanted the child not to find out about the whole mythology aspect of her life. As soon as Megan was born he started spending more time at home instead of the studio. Megan was always intrested in what he did and started to copy him. When Megan would ask about her mom her dad would tend to say the same story. "She's busy spreading color to the world". Before starting school Iris Iris messaged him and told him everything that he need to know to keep Morgan as safe as possible. This included things like where camp was and that the longer they waited the more dangerous it would be.

Megan soon went to school at the age of 5. She tended to get in trouble for coloring on herself, others, or on the walls. She had two best friends throughout her elementary years Cameron (m) and Max (f) who she would always play pretend with. When she was in fifth grade her dad informed her that they would be moving because he got a new job. (which in reality is because he knows that it would be safer and he shouldn't hold it off any longer) Devastated she told her friends and finished her elementary years in Texas.

When she moved to New York over the summer she loved it ... until school started. School was a lot different. People weren't as friendly and there was a lot more people there. She tried her best to make friends but it just didn't work out. She new that she was going to hate school. She still aced all her subjects but still never had any fun. When she was in seventh grade she got a detention for something she didn't do and of course had to stay after school with the substitute. Her hour was almost up and that's when things got weird ... the teacher had disappeared and a Stymphalian bird (not known at the time) flew in through the window and she just so happened to be in the band room. She was walking backwards and tripped over the windchimes which made the monster go crazy. She had time then to run away. On the way she told her father what happened her father tried his best to explain everything and still Megan couldn't comprehend it. After she packed and got everything her father took her as far as he could to camp. He wished her luck and drove off. Megan found camp a lot more fun than school mostly because people accepted her ... after they asked her a million questions she didn't understand. Still she felt at home. 

Megan had been at camp for just a four days when she was painting one day set up by the docks when she was claimed. Some people were surprised others knew it all along. After that she was moved into her cabin where she was told where her bunk was and found her sibling to be the closest she has ever been to someone (besides her father). 

Weapons: She has a pocket knife that can extend to a long sword or anything in between


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So this is my first time doing this so please don't hate on me and if I get anything wrong blame me

  • first off you don't have to have three cabin choices
  • how did her father know that he met a goddess and how did he know about camp
  • Please explain on how Matthew got the knife and if it is made out of Celestial bronze
  • and how long was she at camp for before she got claimed because we have this rule that says your character can't be at camp more than 2 weeks in a claim

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Hello there! I'll be your claim checker for today! :)

  • Please state how old Megan is now
  • How does Megan's father know all about Greek Mythology and where camp is?
  • Was Megan's father just watching Megan being attacked? He comes in randomly and throws a knife at a monster. This raises a lot of confusion.
    • Speaking of which, how does Megan's father see these monsters? Typically, mortals cannot see monsters. So, how can he see the keres?
      • I should also point out that a Keres is a medium sized monster and typically will not attack a demigod that hasn't reached camp yet. Not to mention, it takes 3-4 trained demigods just to kill one. If you need an easier monster, look here.
  • I'm a bit confused how long Megan's been at camp for. We have a two week rule to avoid metagamming (i.e.: say that my character arrived at camp and has already been there for two week. This is okay. If you go farther than that, that's metagamming).
    • And Children of Iris aren't the same. So, you can't really say they've all done art projects considering they're all different (sorry, I just find this over powering. >.<).
  • Please sign your claim with the 4 tidles (~) so we know who's claim this is.

That's all I can see for now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a message on my talk page. :)

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Hi there! Thanks for adding up on Daichi's comments ^^^

  • Sorry if I missed, but did Iris leave Matthew when she was pregnant? Remember, goddesses return to Olympus once they're pregnant (3-5 months usually) and there they give birth, take care of the child within necessary time and give the child back to its father.
  • So, how old was she during her first monster attack? If I'm correct,seventh grade = 14 years old? If that is, her Age claim stated she is 16 (that is her current age now in Camp). In the claim, it looks like she's been brought to camp immediately after the attack, which means 2 years in Camp? remember the two-week rule. (Maybe it's just a typo, tough)
  • As far as I know, Stymphalian birds don't and can't disguise as a human. (But feel free to argue me)
  • Minor, when did the dad give the CB knife?

All I see for now. See you again!

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Thanks for keeping up! One more little thing, the usual range of ages for first monster attacks is 10-13 years old. So sooner than that there should be a reason. Like maybe her scent was covered by a really mundane mortal, or she lived in remote areas and stuff like that. Sorry if I missed some thing like that c:

We have a choice: to live or to exist.Harry styles png 10 by tectos-d5t9eu6

^^^ I was thinking since she was the daughter of a a goddess that wasn't one of the big three or one of the more "powerful" gods that her scent wouldn't be as strong

Welp seems like you did everything that was asked and so congratz

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