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Claiming Letter

Name: Melanie Watt (means dark, in Greek, because she is shy)

Gender: Girl

God Parent: Athena, Aphrodite or Iris

Mortal Parent: Pr. Sam Watt

Appearance: Blonde hair and grey eyes

Personality: Melanie is a very calm and shy person, where her name came from. She wasn't miss perfect, nor popular. Before her quest, she had no friends. She obvionsly didin't have Dyslexia, since she loved books, but had a minor case of ADHD, only on the Battle Field. Random Fact: she likes Kool-Aid.


Dad told me I was left in a basket in front of my house, by my mother. He told me my mother was an angel. When he was in university, my mother was his colleague. She helped him study and eventually they fell in love. This is how they met:

One day, my father had biology class, at the university ( he is studying to be a doctor/writer ). He bumped into a new girl and did the "pick up her books and talk" cliché. At the end of the class, my mother offered to help him study and have dinner sometime. It was love at first sight. She helped my father get his diplomat and dated for about 5 months. One night, and his last with Athena, my mother revealed herself. She told him "I know you are a legacy of Ares and that you might not known this, but I'm Athena, godesse of wisdom and a Virgin. As you have read in books, my father gave birth to me by his skull. Our futur daughter will be from my mind, so don't be surprised, when you will see her. Take her to Camp-Half Blood where she will train to survive when you see the time is right, the adresse will be in the basket, don't ask. And be reminded, Sam, that I love you, but I have to leave for my dutys on Olympus." My dad knew a little about the Greek world, being a legacy of Ares, and knew what to do.

Before she left me and my father ( when I was left in a basket ), my father got a job. I lived with my father in Los Angeles until I was 16. He told me I was special. Lately, I've been attacked by some weird creatures ( since I was 12 ). At school, I learned a lot about Greek mythology and my father took me to a sword fighting class every day (that is why I survived). One day I cracked, I asked my father what was going on and told me that I was a half-blood and all that stuff (my mom told him she was a goddess). My first monster attack was from a Dracanae, when I was 12. I just took a dagger (my father kept it, just in case, he can see through the Mist) and stabbed it, when it wasn't looking. I was a legacy of Ares, but I didin't have his powers. My aunt was a Wood Nymph, named, Emma. She gave me a necklace that transformed into a sword whenever I took it off. She was also the one have my father weapons to protect me.

So I went to this place called Camp Half-Blood. A place where demigods trained to adjust to the mortal world and whatnot (he told me the address). I only went at the age of 16, because I couldn't leave my dad, like my mother did. Along the way to the camp, I was attacked by dangerous creatures ; Telekhines, Dracanaes and worst of all, spiders! I was afraid of them all the time, for some reason... So here's what happened on my journey that was the most stunning. I was walking on my journey when I saw a boy attacking a weird creature, who somehow looked like a reptilian version of my grandma. So, my instincts told me that I had to help him. So I transformed my necklace into a sword and started fighting. The boy didin't really care, he must of figured out I was a half-blood as well. When we finally killed grandma snake (which was a Dracanae),he thanked me and introduced himself. He told me he was a son of Poseidon (coïncidence) named Dan, who was going to CH as well. By the way he wasn't the ugliest nor hottest guy in the world... Don't't judge me! So we traveled together fighting off monsters and we also met girl named Jenna, who traveled with us. She was a daughter of Aphrodite, who was going to CH too,btw, was one of the smartest peokple I met and we became BFFs. When we finally got to camp, our real journey only started.


I have a sword that is made a celestial bronze given to me by a nice wood nymph, named σοφός, which means wise. It's a necklace at first, but when I take it off, it's a sword. It always comes back... (The Wood Nymph told me how to use it). For some weird reason, every time I try to make people think rationally and try to find a solution for someone, it calms the person. During my fight with a dracanae, I had real reflexes and strategies, like I've been training my whole life! Dan and Jenna called me the "Wise Chick"... Dan has a sword and Jenna has a dagger and can also charmspeak, fyi.

~~PJO girl~~

P.S As soon as I get claimed and be a member for week or two, I will make à claim for Dan and later Jenna to explain they're lives. (It was too fast in this claim)... And also, who ever is overwrighting my photos, please stop or I will report for rollback and you Will be found.


alright let's see how would her dad know anything of the Greek world? realistically it'd be pretty goddamn hard for melanie to figure out percy was a demigod, even if she was an athena kid (especially since this wiki takes place 16-20 years after the events of PJO) and also you'll need to explain how she got to camp and what her childhood was like 75px I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 16:19, June 9, 2013 (UTC)

Please do not delete the comments placed in this claim. Also, you don't have to place the weapons for Jenna or Dan in another section, you just have to write it in the history when they are in a fight scene. If she was attacked by so many monsters, how could she have survived? Also children of Olympian deities have their first monster attack from the age of 10-12. A manticore is considered as a difficult level monster that takes skill to defeat, so how did she? Where did she get the necklace transforming sword? How did she know how to even use it? What exactly is the reptilian monster called? Also, how did they know the way to camp? Please explain. We also ask you to separate the sentences into paragraphs: how her parents met, her childhood, her first monster attack, and how she got to camp.
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The same way Percy did, She survives. He didin't train to survive Mrs.Dodds. A Wood Nymph gave it to her when she was 12 (she was a daughter of her Mother, so she gave it to Melanie and she Never took it off).

How old was she when the first monster attack happened? Who told her about camp half blood? How did she survive all those monster attacks? How did her parents meet?Joker by NerdXV.gif Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -The Joker 16:30, June 13, 2013 (UTC) As it is written, her parents met in university, she was first attacked by a Dracanae and her father told him she was a demigod, hé sees through the mist.

Was the dagger celestial bronze? And how did she manage to defeat the monster, being untrained? Also, is one of your images of the actress AnnaSophia Robb?

1. Melanie, Dan and Jenna all have celestial bronze weapons. 2. Percy also didin't train, yet he defeated Mrs.Dodds. 3. Yes, but there is no rule about Putting photos of celebritys in our forum, but to IMPERSONNATE one. Thank u for the advice.

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

The photo of the wood nymph, Emmy is already in use by me so it would be kinda awkward >.< Please change it Cause you've got that one thing. Kookies and Kream

okay so why do you need all these other demigods in this claim? it's not like you can rp them like melanie! >.<

Despite some of the pictures not included with the character, their still famous people. Cher Lloyd, Kristen Stewart and Lucas Grabeel. We have this rule of no famous models allowed so... could you change it pretty please?

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The rule is only to not IMPERSONATE an actor by saying "I'm JB" and so can I please keep it. Ps: I don't think I can work on this claim forever, I have a life just like you, so its getting annoying...

patience is key :P but yeah you're gonna have to change those models 75px I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 17:22, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

Fixed. And Can I PRETTY PLEASE be claimed, I développed my ideas, made sense, followed the policys.

How did Melanie know about Camp Half-Blood and how to get there? Also, I would recommend fixing some or all of the spelling and grammar if you can. Windsword7Chb.pngLet The Battle Begin 02:38, June 19, 2013 (UTC) It is written that her dad told her all about her being a demigod and camp HB, sorry for the mistakes, the autocorecter on my devise has a bug.

No worries. Regarding her father's knowledge of Camp Half-Blood, I would just recommend adding a small entry where the godparent confides in her dad the location of it and that she wants her daughter to go there one day or something like that. Windsword7Chb.pngLet The Battle Begin 20:08, June 19, 2013 (UTC)

Fixed! !


Just so you know you don't really need to go into detail about her feelings on the attractiveness of her friends or things like that. It's definitely a neat thing to put on a character page but it's not really needed on a claim. Windsword7Chb.pngLet The Battle Begin 23:46, June 19, 2013 (UTC)

I just wanted to add that she had a crush on Dan and her BFF is Jenna to développe her relations and feelings for them so that they can ressent her passion to get into her story.

It seems a little odd that after 5 months of dating her dad never got the least bit curious about the fact that she continually refused to have sex with him.

Peanut.gif IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!  WAYEAH!Peanut.gif    Her dad was also a Virgin, but Athena wanted to make it clear that it would stay that way. Not all people have to have it to be a couple...

seeing as how most of gods hook up. i think he'd at least find it a little weird :/ 75px I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 22:36, June 20, 2013 (UTC) The fact that he is smart, creatif and a Virgin, attracted Athena to him. Can I get claimed now? I'm starting to think that you guys are staling, so I don't get claimed, like you question the obvious. Just saying...

Look, we are just trying to fix things that don't make logical sense. Every user has to go through this process, this is not stalling.


Ok, here's the thing, the whole thing with what Hydro just said, not really that big a deal, the problem is, you pretty much make her out to be like way more powerful than even Percy was. I realise I haven't read the books in a few years as far as cover to cover, but As soon as he started getting attacked he goes to camp, which was around 11 or 12 if I recall. Yet your character just sticks around for 4 years surviving all these attacks on pure instinct is a bit far fetched. Also, I get that your father can see through the mist, but defeating a dracnae, with a dagger, as a mortal, is a bit much. Also, how is her cousin a wood nymph? Like she was raised thinking of the wood nymph like a cousin, or she was literally by blood, related to the blood nymph? Also, was her father the demigod child of Ares, or was it a grandparent?

Hello Sweetie! The Doctor is in.... Allons-y ~The Doctor Bach D7d8 doctor who new sonic screwdriver.gif

His dad was a demigod of Ares (Melanie didin't have The first of Ares), so hé protected Melanie until hé was ready to let her go. Her dad trained her, so she survived. I know its still a little edged, but it has good explenations. U see how long my comment section is? Way to long to edit everyday! So can I get claimed now!

I'm still confused on the wood nymph thing. if her dad was an ares kid, why would he need to get weapons from her? 75px I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 19:52, June 21, 2013 (UTC) Fixed.emma was her aunt and her dad left his weapons and asked his halfsister for weapons when she was born.

How did she know that her aunt was a Wood Nymph, how did her aunt become a wood nymph? Plus how did she find out that she was a legacy of Ares?

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When her dad explained that she was a demigod, hé also told her that her aunt Emma was a Wood Nymph and that hé was a demigod of Ares. Ares fell in love with a ruff nature Spirit, so they're technicly related.

Well, if they're technically related wouldn't it be that her father would be a spirit too?

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They are step siblings. Emma s mom is a Wood Nymph and Sam s mom is a mortal. They just look out for each other cuz they're techn. Family. Don't people hère have lives other than édit claime?! Please be patient and wait for when your claim shall be claimed. Cause you've got that one thing. Kookies and Kream

I'm going to be claimed! Finally, it was about time!

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