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Name: Melody Stone

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Godly Parent: Apollo, Poseidon, or Hades

Mortal Parent: Miranda Stone

Apperence: Melody has bright blue eyes, short, slightly wavy, chestnut brown hair, and slightly tanned skintone. She wears a light yellow sleeveless shirt, blue jean shorts, cute leather sandals, small sun shaped earings, elegant gold leafed headband, and a matching bracelet.

Personality: Melody is calm, witty, and curious. She loves archery and trys to practice every day. She is also very musical, she can play piano, flute, and has a lovely voice.


 Melody was escourted to Camp Half Blood by a sayter, who found her at a park doing her homework. The sayter didn't have to ask Melody twice. Her mom always told her stories about the gods, so any excuse to possibly meet a god or goddess was very exciting for her. Before she left with the sayter, Meldoy ran home to ask her mom if she could go and she said yes because Apollo(Poseidon or Hades) told her that when Melody reaches a certain age, she will have to go to Camp Half Blood. 

  When Melody was younger she would spend all her time practicing archery on the closest shooting range. She has ADHD and dyslexia so she never did very well in school. Her favorite subject was art, she loved all the fun projects, and it was the only subject that had any personal value to her. Melody loved the outdoors, she would complete her homework outside, practice archery, and even sing. Not many people liked Melody because she didn't do well in school. So she didn't have many friends, her only friend moved away when she was 7. 

    Melody comes from a rich family, so all the other people who claimed to be her friend just thought they could get some extra money by hanging out with her. No one would take her seriously because she didn't like to interact with other people. She liked to be by herself but, she would occasionally preform at a party or celebration. Melody's mom would host parties all the time so Melody got used to big crowds. Everyone loved Melody's mom and thought that Melody was some sort of stuck up rich kid that always got what she wanted and that always made Melody mad. Finally, when Melody got to attend Camp Half Blood she was so excited, she finally thought that she would be able to fin in somewhere.

Wepons: Melody has a celestial bronze bow with a leather quiver and celestial bronze arrows.


Hello there! I'm Flopfish3, and I'll be helping you out with finishing your claim.

  • You actually only need to pick one godly parent due to lower wiki activity. Take your pick!
  • How did Melody's mother Miranda and her godly parent meet, fall in love, etc.?
  • There should be at least one monster attack in Melody's history before camp, at age 10-13, and then one every year afterwards that Melody isn't at camp. For this part, select an easy monster from this list.


Flopfish3 (talk) 23:01, January 7, 2020 (UTC)

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