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Name: Merida Frey

Godly Parent: Astraeus

Age: 15

Mortal Parent: Lyla Frey

Personality : 

Merida is erratic, spiteful and vindictive. Because of the heartbreak she has endured, Merida has built up an emotional wall and she comes across as being cruel, aggressive, brutal and mean. Despite her aggressive and brutal nature, she has shown to be emotionally fragile. 

Merida fears being left alone and she doesn't believe it when people treat her kind as a friend or a lover. Though she is extremely loyal and generousness. She has frequently had to step up for her friends against those who want to hurt them, she doesn't like those who think they are better than others and say nasty things behind others back. She stands up to anyone who seeks to take away those she cares for such as her team mates. She can frequently be seen at the homeless shelter or giving money to the hospital, she gives up all the hard earned money she has just to see those people smile.


Merida's parents met one day in Logan, Australia where her mother Lyla Frey was an astonomer and she was studying the stars and marking them down in her book, after a while she felt like she was being watched, she then turned around and a man with purple eyes looked at her. She questioned him what she was doing, and he said he was admiring the stars and her beauty. Lyla thanked him and offered him for a drink, they had multiple dates over four weeks. Lyla was sturrborn at first but after 15th date, she then cosied up to him and allowed him to kiss her. After the first 3 months of her pregnancy, Astraeus was with her but then told her he needed to leave. The day Lyla had her child he then appeared and held his own daughter. He told Lyla who he was a god, and that their daughter who he named Merida was a demi-god. He then disappeared leaving Merida with Lyla.

Lyla married her new husband Mark Bleyze when Merida was 8, Mark hated Merida and whenever Lyla wan't at home he would pick on her and bully her. Then Lyla gave birth to twins, Marco and Kyle and as Merida and her brothers grew up, Lyla started to favour the twins. Merida then became the ghost of the family, the least important one, she then started to resent her mother and would verbally attacker her step dad and half-brothers, they started to leaved her alone, but Merida was bullied too long, she didn't stop until she was able to get her step dad to devorce her mum, so he would leave.

When Merida had just 13 she was coming back from school on the bus, she saw someone following her and it was a woman she had her arms wrapped round her and she was wearing a featherlike cloak. Then she started to change, the feathers became apart of her as she grew wings. The woman attacked her but Meridia fought against her, but Meridia was able to blast her away into golden dust with a blast of energy that just came out of her. She then fell asleep exhausted. 

In her dream Meridia was in space just floating looking up at the beautfiul stars, she then saw a face appear across the stars, he told her that he was Astreas and that she needs to go to a place to keep her safe, since her mother had failed to honour that. Merida then awoke and went back to her house and hauled herself up in her room, keeping herself from others. She started to think she was crazy and how she wanted to see a physiatrist, her mom wouldn't let said that she wasn't crazy, but she can see one if she needs to talk about things. She met doctor Fenix a woman who helped her get in touch with her feelings and control them. She went to Dr Fenix for another two years, bur in those years she was attacked again by shadow like creatures yet she was able to blast them away, but due to being untrained she keeps fainting, through she still thought she was losing her mind.

When she had just gotten back home from her rugby match, she saw her house was on fire and two creatures that had snake tails curl out of the flames they slithered towards her, but them Dr Fenix appeared and grabbed her and they started to run through the forest and away from the monsters. Dr Fenix explained that she was a fox animal nymph, and that Merida was a demigod and that there was a special camp for her. Merida asked why where they running from, the nymph then said they were dracenei. They were able to make it to a harbour where a woman with long black hair talked to Dr Fenix and then gave them special pearls. Dr Fenix took a red one, while she gave a special midnight blue one to Merida, the women told her that she was a star nymph called Malia and that the specail blue pear was a gift from her farther. Dr Fenix told her to throw the pearl to the ground and stomp on it, Merida did that and a blue mist courced up through her body.

She then appeared in a field at night, she wore a sleevless midnight blue t-shirt and grey jeans with black boots, and a black belt. She had a bronze sword attached to the belt. Dr Fenix appeared behind her, she clutched a dagger and she was dressed in a red greek dress, her olive hair pulled into a plate. Merida questioned where she was, Dr Fenix said that Merida's farther used the pearl to better equip his daughter for the fight of her life if needed be. Dr Felix then looked behind them and saw harpies flying towards them. They both sprinted through the forest and saw a camp in the distance and then ran towards it.

Meridia and the Dr finaly made it over the line, the harpies then flew away. Dr Fenix then told Merida her real name was Arianne, she then told Merida that because she was largely emotionaly fragile and started to think that she was crazy that she would have help dealing with this before transitioning to camp and because that if they tried to run away to camp a dark group whould have tried to take her and manipulate her into turning against the gods or possibley causing her powers to lose controll and eventually kill her. Arianne then brought Meridia over to a tall man that told her that she was a dmeigod and she is now apart of this camp is she chose's. Meridia then asked what was this place called. The man told her it was Camp Half Blood.

Meridia had been at camp for just three days when a couple of campres from the Astreaus Cabin came over to her and told he that they had a cabin for her, thats she could live in, Meridia took up there offer.

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Hi there and welcome to Camp! I'll be your claim checker for today!

  • The general age a demigod (not of the Big Three) is attacked is from 10-13 years old. Any older than that requires a valid reason, like having something that has a stronger scent to mask the demigod's scent.
  • How exactly did Merida arrive from the streets after being attacked by a harpy (I think) to a field and with different clothes while unconscious? Please state in in the history.
  • Since the girl who helped her is a dryad, please be reminded that a dryad's life source depends on its tree and it can't stay far away enough from the tree or else it weakens and dies.
  • Your Age claim states she's 16, yet in her history it says that she arrived in Camp at 14. The wiki has a two-week rule in where an unclaimed demigod can only stay in Camp 2 weeks maximum prior to being claimed. 2 years is pretty long enough and is not allowed.
  • About her weapon, it's better to have a Celestial bronze one, as it is the main weapons of demigods. A primary weapon would be better, too, like a sword or a bow with arrows. (It's your story though, so do what you want)

Those are all I see for now. Very impressive for a beginner!

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Really sorry for having you wait so long.

  • What do you mean "she had broken her step dad"?
  • About her being sent by a shooting star near Camp, it was Astraeus' doing, right? The dream is fine, but having him send her there is direct inteference of the parent in the demigod's life, and that is not allowed here. (To other claim checkers, please check again.)
  • Again, monster attacks start from 10 to 13 years of age. Later than that requires a reason. So please state why she was attacked only when she was fourteen.

Just that, and really sorry \\.//

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Me again.

  • About the oceanid, Astraeus doesn't have anything in connection with them to have one give a gift to Merida.
  • A nymph, just like a satyr, once they found an unclaimed demigod, will immediately bring them to Camp. So Dr. Fenix should've brought her immediately to Camp. Exemptions will be made if with a valid reason why.
  • After the first attack, more monster will come. Usually there will be one attack/encounter every year. So in the two years she was with Dr. Fenix, she should've had 2 (or more, if you'd like) attacks.
  • Based on the history, she came to Camp at 15, yet your Age claim says 16. Please be reminded of the two-week rule.

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Realy, really last things. First, during the 2-year stay with Dr. Fenix, please state that she passes out becasue of exhaustion after using her powers (of course, since she's not trained). And please state how long has she been in Camp since arrival.

After that, she's gonna get claimed :)

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One last question from me.... (sorry if I ruined your mood for almost getting claim and stuff) but who is arriane? (sorry again if I missed that) and how did she just "made them appear" at camp? what kind of powers does she have? is she a demigod? if she is a demigod then how did she know Merida is a demigod? Sorry for giving you more question than answers...

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Ok the only thing I see is why didn't Dr Felix take Merida straight to camp (found no reason so had to ask this)

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