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Name: Michael "Mike" Donovan

Gender: Male

God Parent: Ares, Deimos, Hermes

Mortal Parent: Mary Donovan

Appearance: Photos

Personality: Mike is an cheeky yet arrogant person. He doesn't like being called "Kid" as he technically isn't one. He is a violent person and normally uses fighting as the answer to many problems. He is very hot-headed and his big half-sister used to state that he has an unnaturally big ego. The other thing she used to say is that he was super-skilled at annoying people.

History: Mary Donovan was an extremely lonely women. She was married to a constantly absent man and only had her infant daughter, Natalie, to keep her company. Worse, it was July 1914 and WWI was approaching. One night, Mary was walking home from work when she caught the eye of Louis, who was actually a Greek God. Louis approached Mary and complemented her. Mary, unused to being so flattered and knowing her husband was going to be gone for the next week, accepted Louis' offer to coming with him. After a one-night affair, Louis suddenly disappeared and Mary returned home. There, Natalie's nanny, Eliza, was waiting for Mary to return home. Eliza confronted Mary's absence and Mary said she was extremely busy. Eliza said Natalie needed her mother and that Mary should stop with her Suffragette business. That night Mary's husband Johnathan returned home. After a few weeks, WWI began and Johnathan left to join the army. A month and a half (two months after her affair with Louis) later she discovered she was pregnant. Mary thought the child was Johnathan's then remembered her short affair with Louis and wondered if the child was his. Seven months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy called Michael.

Michael grew up close to his sister Natalie and their nanny Eliza. Michael was close to his mother but she was often working. The one relative he was not close to was his 'father' Johnathan. Johnathan was away fighting in The Great War and Michael never knew him. When it was 1917, Mary was given the news that Johnathan died, leaving everything to Mary, his five year old daughter Natalie and his three year old son Michael. Mary wasn't heartbroken and only pretended to grieve her husband, having lost love for him many years prior. When the war was finally over, Michael was four years old and an extremely hyper and violent child. He would use very opportunity available to torment his big sister. Mary had no idea how to sooth her son’s bloodlust and constant activeness.

When Michael started school, he was one of the most popular kids and humiliated people whenever he could. He befriended a guy called Henry who had a walking defect, unknowingly caused by the fact he was a satyr. When Michael was seven, his mum and sister realised he had a reading defect and was too active all the time. Mary, for some unknown reason, refused to take Michael to the doctors, despite Eliza insistence. Unknown to his family, Michael suffered from ADHD and dyslexia. When he told his friend Henry about what was going on, Henry told him that it was fine. Michael and Henry became closer since then and grew to depend on each other.

When Michael was eight, his mother met another man named James. James and Mary went on a couple of dates and three months after that, James proposed to Mary. Mary accept and were due to be married four months from then. James though, was a son of Asteraeus, who had left Camp when WWI began, and didn't wish to return to Camp, for some unknown reason. James became a fatherly figure to Michael and Natalie and trained Michael how to fight monsters, as he had a very large suspision that Michael was a demigod, though Henry, who knew James was a trained demigod, confermed it the minute James told him of his suspision, which was before James married Mary. Eventually James and Mary were married and Michael finally had a father in his life. Mary told her husband about Michael's 'problems' though James could easily calm him done and helped him with his ADHD and dyslexia (as James had it too).

When Michael was thirteen, he, James and Henry were in a park playing a game. Now, two half-bloods, especially one who was trained, in the same location, is bound to attract a monster. Which it did. Michael was all the way at the end of the park, while Henry and James stayed a bit further behind, discussing when Michael will be brought to Camp and what should be told to Mary, Eliza and Natalie. That is when a harpy tried to attack either Michael or James but James and Henry killed the harpy before Michael could see what was happening. Henry thought that Michael should be told about his demigod status but James told Henry to wait until Michael knows he has been attacked. Eventually, three days after the harpy attack, he snuck out of his home, intending to play a prank on his family when he arrived at a big building (nowadays called Lotus Hotel and Casino). Michael entered the building, and stayed in there for, to him a few days and forgot about his family but to them was 86 years.

In 2014 (Michael looked around fourteen, though he didn't notice he had aged a year physically), a satyr called Kayden, who was a great-grandson of Henry, entered the building with twin demigod daughters of Hebe called Michelle and Diane Griffin. Kayden kept knocking the Lotus Flowers out of Michelle and Diane's hands. Eventually they bumped into Michael, and Kayden automatically knew Michael was a demigod. Kayden tried to get Michael to leave with them though Michael refused. Kayden, getting tired after asking eight times, knocked Michael out and got Claire and Diane to help Kayden get Michael out of there. Eventually the group made shelter in an abandoned building. Diane had gotten some clothes for Michael while Michelle had gotten food for the group of them. Kayden took first watch while the other to went to sleep.

And that is when Michael woke up. Michael looked around and asked where he was. Kayden said that they were in an abandoned warehouse, and had to get him out of the Hotel. Michael asked why and Kayden told him that it was 2014. Michael's jaw dropped and he told Kayden that it was1928. Kayden raised his eyebrows and pointed to the clothes, saying he might want to change. Kayden then stood up and went to investigate a strange noise he heard (which turned out to be a rat) while Michael got changed. Kayden returned and for two hours, he and Michael discussed everything, including that Michael is a demigod and that he was stuck in Lotus Hotel and Casino for 86 years. Michael, after thirty minutes, could wrap his hand around everything. Kayden told Michael that they were heading to a Camp for people like Michael, Michelle and Diane and asked if he wanted to come along and Michael agreed, not having anywhere else to go. Kayden then told Michael to get some sleep as they would have a lot of travelling to do. Michael then went to sleep.

The next morning, Michelle woke up Michael and said that they had to move. Kayden had stolen a car and Diane had packed stuff up and in the car. The four of them hoped into the car and Kayden jokingly made a speech that Diane, who was sitting next to him, had to slap his arm just to make him shut up and drive. Coincidently the song "Shut up and Drive" by Rihanna started playing on the radio. Michael asked what the music was and Diane told him that it was good pop music. Kayden jokingly asked him if he wanted to hear music from his era. Michael rolled his eyes and made small talk with Michelle, who was sitting next to him. Since Michelle had a passion for history, she asked Michael all sort of questions about the 20s. After the 300th question, Diane made her sister shut up, causing a silent relief from the boys. The four of them drove for four days until they arrived at Manhattan, and were only an hour away from Camp. The four of them stopped for a necessity break, and had two hotel rooms: Diane and Kayden (who were secretly dating), and Michael and Michelle (who had become good friends). Michael and Michelle were sleeping when they both heard screams coming from Diane and Kayden's room. The two rushed in, Michelle handing Michael a CB sword while she had her throwing knives. They found Diane and Kayden dead. Michael heard a growl and saw a hellhound there. Michael tapped Michelle's shoulders who freaked out at the sight of the hellhound. The two of them killed it (or at least think they did) and bolted, before hotel security showed up.

They travelled to Camp on foot though never of them brought up what happened to Kayden and Diane. Michael knew Michelle was trying very hard not to burst into tears as she had known Kayden since she was nine years old. Here Michelle told Michael that Kayden's great-grandfather was first assigned to Michael and that his name was Henry. Michael, in shock, asked Michelle how she knew that, and Michelle revealed that she and Kayden used to date and Kayden told her about his great-grandfather. Michael asked why they broke up and Michelle revealed that she secretly caught Kayden with Diane and ended their relationship a few days before they came to Lotus Hotel. Michael was surprised though they eventually saw Camp's borders though before they entered, the hellhound returned and fatally wounded Michelle though Michael was able to kill it. Micheal tried to heal Michelle though she said that it was pointless and that he should head into Camp before another monster attacks him. Michelle then died and Michael buried her body. He then entered Camp Half-Blood, not looking back towards Michelle's grave.

Weapons: CB sword

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (talk) 23:04, September 21, 2014 (UTC)


  • Unless I'm reading this incorrectly, you state that the pregnancy was seven months and that the baby arrived in a healthy state, but as a normal pregnancy would last roughly nine months a baby born at seven would not be healthy.
  • Please expand on some details of his childhood before the age of 13.
  • How did Henry defeat the Harpy without Micael noticing?
  • The magic of the Lotus Hotel persuades you not to leave, so Michael wouldn't have been able to leave so easily.
  • How did he travel to Manhattan?
  • How old is Michael physically when he reaches camp?

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  • Why did James teach the children to fight monsters if he didn't know whether they were clear-sighted/demigods?
  • When did Henry tell James that Michael was a demigod?

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