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Name: Micheal Williams

Gender: Male

God Parent: Dionysus

Mortal Parent: Tana Williams

Appearance:Micheal is fairly tall standing at 6’1”.  He is broad shouldered and very fit.  He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Personality:Micheal is a pretty laid back guy, but has a flair for the dramatic, and he is pretty competitive but only when he is playing a game.  He is pretty athletic and loves to work out, but he is also very protective over his loved ones and will fight with his life for them.

History:Parents:  Tana was a rowdy teen and continued her rebellious streak well into her 20s.  She was born in a small rural town in Minnesota, and she left as soon as she was 18 to move to Chicago.  She spent the first two years of her life working in run down hotels and apartments taking any work she could find to support her partying lifestyle, she would spend all of her money as soon as she got it on alcohol and drugs, doing anything to get a buzz.  The night of her 21st birthday she went down to her favorite club in downtown to celebrate.  Tana was a regular at the club and she recognized most of the people there as they were as well but one guy she had never seen before caught her eye while she was on the dance floor.  The man approached and they danced the night away before going back to Tana’s tiny apartment.  When she woke the next morning he was gone, she did not pay it any attention, it had not been her first one night stand and would not be her last.

Needless to say she soon found out she was pregnant, she struggled with the idea of aborting it because she was scared she could not supply, but she decided to carry it to term.  After the Micheal was born she realized she had to get her act together.  She stopped partying and got a decent job, she even made enough money to rent a decent apartment close to the outer edges of the city and it was where Micheal was raised.   One day, soon after Micheal was born, Tana came home to a note on her bed explaining that Michael's dad's name was Dionysus and that in the future Micheal would be in danger and that she must protect him until the day he can protect himself.

Early Life:  Micheal lived a fairly uneventful life, he did decent in school.  His mom noticed that he had a flair for the dramatic and he was extremely energetic.  He would put on little shows for her in the apartment when she got home from work, and when he was 7 she enrolled him in Karate to help him take out some of his non stop energy. Micheal spent a lot of time training in Karate and when he was 10 his sensei gifted him a pair of short ninja swords that he said was made of an extremely rare material called Celestial Bronze.  Micheal brought these home and practiced with them regularly.  He also would participate in every show that his school put on.  This is how he spent his childhood, performing, martial arts, and having a pretty normal life for the most part.

First Monster Attack:  When Micheal was almost 14, he got home from school to an empty apartment.  His mom was normally still at work so this wasn’t anything new.  He quickly changed into more comfortable clothes since he hated tight clothes, and sat down to watch tv.  Suddenly the window in the living room crashed and what looked like mangy bird crashed through.  Micheal froze while the Harpy picked itself back and lunged at him, he barely dodged the attack and it shook him out of his stupor enough for him to run to his room and slam the door.  He frantically looked around the room for something to protect himself with when his eyes landed on his ninja swords.  He locked the door while the Harpy attacked the door on the other side and quickly ran over and grabbed the weapons before running back over to the door he took a breath and unlocked the door and let the monster in.  The Harpy was taken off guard as the door opened suddenly and Micheal used this to his advantage and quickly sliced the Harpy in half dissolving it into dust.

After: After the attack with the harpy nothing was ever quite the same for Micheal. For starters, he didn’t trust his mother like did before. When Tana saw the broken window, she asked for an explanation from Micheal, and he explained what had happened. Of course, she didn’t believe him and so, she chastised him severely. They both lost trust towards each other. He didn’t like this, as he’d been a ‘momma’s boy’ his entire life.

After about a year and a half of nothing happening, Micheal found himself fighting against hellhound in an alley on his way to the park. This attack to him, was somehow scarier than the one before. He’d convinced himself that the harpy attack had never happened, that he’d accidentally broken the window  somehow, but for some reason he always kept his ninja swords hidden on his body whenever he went out, the were short so he could easily hide them in some make shift holders he made that fit under his shirt.  He was able to take it down relatively easily since they were in a tight space and it kept the Hellhounds attacks relatively easier to defend from.  But fighting with the hellhound just reassured Micheal that the harpy attack had actually happened. That he wasn’t like other people. Like normal people. He was different somehow, and he didn’t quite know why or how he was abnormal. But he wanted to find out, and he set out to do so.

The attacks became more and more frequent, but he also learnt how to use his katanas even better.  He had started training with a renewed vigor after the first two attacks to make sure he would never be unprepared.  One year after a hellhound, he fought a dracaena. She was fairly easy to beat, as he was 16 and a half by then, and he’d already mastered his technique. What wasn’t easy was his next attack. As if it were a pattern, six months later, Micheal got attacked by a small flock of 3 stymphalian birds. Katanas weren’t the most useful weapons to fight against flying creatures with CB beaks. He got to beat them, but he ended up with several scratches, gashes and bruises all over his body.

This was the first time he had been seriously injured during a fight.  His mother had forbidden him to tell anyone about these attacks that she was sure were not true.  When he came home with these injuries she finally broke down and began to believe him for the first time since this had all began.  She confessed that she had found a note on her bed soon after he was born from his father telling her she would have to keep him safe because he would face a lot of danger in his life.

After he had recovered decently he returned to his dojo to train.  When his sensei saw the scratches and bruises he asked Micheal about it and Micheal finally broke and told the story he had only ever told his mother.  To his surprise the sensei said he believed him and that he was what he called a demigod and that Micheal was too, but had kept it a secret because being a demigod was a hard life and he wanted to protect him from it.  He told him about how he had noticed something special about him when he was young and that is why he had gifted Micheal with the ninja swords because he figured he would need them one day.  He then told him about a place called Camp Half Blood where he could be safe and that he himself would escort him himself.  Micheal stayed silent through the entire story before nodding his head and said they would have to visit his mom first.  Micheal and his sensei soon arrived at Michael's childhood apartment where they explained everything to Tana.  Tana broke down and cried but said it was for the best, they then booked two train tickets to manhattan for the next day and packed their bags for the trip.

On the way to camp, Micheal and his sensei ran into no monsters, which was a real fortune to them and they arrived at camp later that day.  The next day after he got to camp, Micheal found himself claimed by none other than the god of wine and madness. It somehow made sense, after all.

Weapons: 2 CB Katanas.

Floragain (talk) 04:47, October 25, 2015 (UTC)


Hey sorry for the lateness for someone to check your claim

  1. first and only thing i could think of is if the sensei knew Micheal was a demigod why didnt he either tell him about camp then or take him to camp? 
  2. My suggestion to fix the top thing would be to maybe have the sensei know how bad a demigods life could be, since he is one, and wanted to keep micheal away from it for as long as he could so, he never told micheal

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Alright added that detail in :3

Floragain (talk) 04:47, October 25, 2015 (UTC)

Okay, sweets! Everything looks good, but there's one thing.

How did he hide the Katanas? They're not very easy to hide on ones self, especially since they're full length swords.

That's the only thing that needs to be fixed, and then I believe it'll be good to be claimed.

-User Left

Made them ninja swords so he could hide them easier.

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