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Mila Ylvadottir


16 (Immortal, turned in 946 AD)

Mortal Parent:

Ylva Gunjarsdottir. Biologically, Asbjorn Igorsdottir



Appearance (optional):

Mila is a dark-haired, blue-eyed young girl. She wears her hair long, usually tied up in a braid or hanging down over her shoulders. She wears earthy colors, and a Norse symbol of Tyr in a silver pendant around her neck, along with the bronze necklace with an Ares symbol pendant. Mila always has her hunting knives on her, resting on her belt, and not to mention her Ares necklace turns into a spear. Mila always has a calm and collected vibe about her - Unless you piss her off. Her model is Michelle Trachtenberg


Personality (at least a sentence or two):

Back in the day of the Vikings, women were often equal or better than their male counterparts. Mila has seen the world go from that to what society is today. It actually hasn't really registered to her yet exactly what to not to do in todays society. Some may see her as awkward, or un-ladylike. Because of this, she doesn't speak much unless her interest is piqued. Mila can be known as quiet, a bit distant, and a little bit cold, especially towards men. NOt because she does not like them, but because her oath calls for her to turn her back on them. Still, all Mila reaally wants to do is protect people. That has been her goal since she left for the Huntress life. Man or woman, adult or child, Mila has a protective nature above all.

Mila has a violent nature around her - Not all because of who her father was, but also because she was born and raised to be a warrior. It is in her mother's blood, and her father's blood just ensures her love for fighting. Her courage in the Huntresses is usually unmatched, and her temper even more so. She has a good control about it, though she has been known to give an attitude. Though she used to be able to cause chaos among her peers, she is also good at preventing chaos among them. She has a silver tongue - Albiet, one she rarely uses. She has a calm aura about her, and tries to never go out of line with other people.

Since she became a Huntress, Mila has seen a side to nature she's never noticed before. The creatures, how beautiful it is at night, among other things. She loves the Hunt, even more than before she pledged herself to Artemis. She became much better at it afterwards, as well. Mila can see herself more as a tracker now, rather than a pure fighting machine. She can control herself, think, and act based upon her strategic planning. It's something she had taught herself over the years. She'll never be as good as, say, Athena's daughters, but she likes to believe she's pretty good at strategizing.

History (more than a paragraph):

Back in the day of the Vikings, the Norse gods and the Greek gods were not the best of friends. Very typically, one or the other would breach the other's territory. On a specific day, Ares had sought to anger the Hearth Goddess, Freya. He took one of her people, and he took her for his own, in order to impregnate her. He did this successfully, and when it was complete, he headed back off to tend to his duties.

Asbjorn Igorsdottir was a virgin before this encounter. It was a shame to her family and to herself to betray her goddess like this, so after she carried the child to full-term, she left her in the very capable hands of her best friend, Ylva Gunjarsdottir, and she died in Freya's name. Ylva proved to be a great mother, despite not knowing who her new daughter's father was, and losing her own husband to war not two moons before. She dubbed the child, Mila Ylvasdottir.

Mila grew up to live to her unknown father's legacy. Ylva used to joke around, saying she must be a daughter of Tyr, with her bravery and fierceness being more prominent than half of the men in their tribe. She had grown to be a better fighter than them as well. Mila took pride in this, knowing she was a great warrior made her feel much better about herself. Still, something was missing from her life. While Freya still took mercy on her as a newborn child, she was still a disgrace in the Goddesses view.

In Mila's tribe, the tradition of the Seidr sorceress making her rounds into her small village was a celebrated time for everyone - Except Mila. Mila was never seen by the Seidr. She was always shunned by the legend. That is, until one day, Mila managed to get to her. She convinced her to discern her destiny, and despite being blown off at first, Mila had eventually worn her down. Mila and the Seidr sat down, and she had gotten her Destiny spoken.

Mila, according to the witch, was meant to leave her family. Her journey would go much farther than the small village she and her mother inhabit. She was also told why she felt a piece missing from her - She was a disgrace to Freya. A petty rival God's joke. Mila had told herself afterward to not believe the words of the Seidr sorcerer. She wanted to believe she belonged. Mila did, until one day. It was after the destiny reading, Mila had gone for a walk. It wasn't until she heard a growl and something pounced on her that she realized something was wrong - That's what she gets for being stuck in her own mind. Mila was lucky she had an axe on her, an axe made of her people's legendary material, bone steel. She thought the hound would never stand a chance once she entered a rage mode in order to save her own life. Since she could remember, Mila would be able to ignore pain, and would even sometimes use it as fuel to drive her to fight. That's exactly what she did. A hound-like monster lay dead at her feet only moments later. Mila could only recall her first moves, dedending herself, then a glowing bronze spear. When it was all said and done, her necklace, a gift from Ylva to a very young Mila, was gone. When she limped back to her village, and after she got treated, Mila had to rest for a few days. The next couple of nights were some of the worst nights she's ever had, filled with nightmares.

Mila occasioanlly had nightmares for years after. There were even some more of those Hellhounds coming after her every once in a while. It wasn't until she was sixteen did she finally understand why. One night, she ahd a vividly real dream. In the dream appeared a man with fire for eyes, and a silver-haired beauty. The two introduced themselves as the god Ares and the Goddess Artemis. Ares soon explained that everything she has experienced out of the rodinary was the work of Gods - Freya saw Mila as a blight, and Ares could only watch from afar, not being allowed to take his daughter home. Artemis saw her brother's plight and agreed to take her upon Mila's request. All she had to do was recite an oath in Artemis's name. When Mila woke up, it is exactly as she did.

"I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis, turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the Hunt."

That was the day Mila's life changed. She felt something so different about herself. Mila had said goodbye to her family, and her tribe, left Ylva her bone steel axe as a sign of good fortune, and then set sail, away from her blight to join the hunt. It was her first mission, sent by Artemis herself, that she find a man named Ragnar, who was hunting Huntresses and Amazonians, and a woman named Adalithia. She would do exactly that, eventually. Mila would learn that Adalithia is being held under a sleep spell, and would break her out of that. Mila had then helped Adalithia reverse the spell - On to Ragnar. Those two were the first other demi-gods she's encountered. Years later, there was a woman named Eileithyia. She claimed to be a former Huntress- Even more so, claimed to be a former Queen of the Amazonians. Mila was struck with her immediately, and at first it was a simple fact of Mila looking up to the millenia-old woman. At first. After all, the way they met was still fresh in her mind to this day. A giant had set his eyes on Mila, and then suddenly comes this woman who killed him almost immediately - A protector of Demigods.

It was clear soon that Artemis also knew this woman, because she wanted to keep her safe. That was soon to be Mila's mission - To keep the Protector of Demigods safe. This was not something Mila was against. In fact, she looked forward to it. Now in 2017, she follows Thyia, and is now at Camp Halfblood as the ally of Thyia.

Weapon(s) (optional):

A silver bow that disappears when not in use, arrows, two hunting knives, and a celestial bronze spear in teh fomr of a necklace Ares gave her mother to pass on to Mila.

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