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Name: Milliana Scott

Age: 13

Gender: Female

God Parent: Asteria, Apate, Ariadne

Mortal Parent: Daniel Scott

Appearance: See picture

Personality: Milliana is a bright, fun loving kid. She was a brilliant mind, and is extremely fond of corny joke and puns. She has a slight fear of the dark, but nothing she can't handle.


Daniel Scott was in his twenties, and studying astronomy at Harvard University. He was incredibly bright, and one day, during a lecture, a young woman came in and sat next to him. He was blown away by her stunning beauty, and after the class, asked her out. She agreed. They spent the night together, eating at a nearby cafe and seeing a movie together. It was a really nice night. The woman (who called herself Sammy) and Daniel went out for about three months or so. It was an intimate relationship, but one day, she disappeared. Daniel was incredibly heartbroken, yet life went on. He got another girlfriend who had gotten her degree at a nearby school, and they began living together.

One early morning, he found a baby girl, wrapped in a blanket and in a golden cradle. There was no note, no anything. He took in the baby.  His girlfriend (named Mirabel) was very pleased with the baby, and named her Milliana. When Daniel got his degree, he and Mirabel married, and raised Millana along with two other siblings who were mothered by Mirabel.

Milliana had a really fun childhood. She grew up in Boston, going to a public school . Her grades were stellar, and the public school didn't challenge her enough, so when she was 11, her father ended up hiring a tutor for her so she could meet her academic needs. Milliana made friends from the community center, where she often went in her free time to play sports or volunteer to help out with the little kids.

When Milliana was 13, she was at home with her tutor, Ryan (who was also a demigod child of Demeter), when she was suddenly attacked by two hell hounds. One shadow traveled into the living room, and pounced at her. Milliana yelped with surprise and  fell out of her chair. The other cornered Ryan, but he touched his bracelet and it turned into a sword. He slashed and jabbed at the hell hound, until it turned to dust. Milliana was freaking out about this. Ryan helped her up and explained all about the Greek gods. He could infer that she was a demigod, because the monster had attacked her first.

As he had driven with Milliana many times, he drove Milliana to camp. Her father was out, so he wrote him a quick note about going out to get some school supplies and a quick bite to eat. He later explained it to her father after Milliana was safely at camp. At the hill, he gave her his necklace. Later,she was claimed as a daughter of Asteria at age 13, today.

Weapons: A sword, given to her by her tutor, Ryan.

Madoka237 (talk)


In this case, 14 is too old for a monster attack, try age 13. Also, why did the tutor wait so long to tell her about being a demigod?
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Her tutor didn't know she was a demigod untilthe monster attack. It never occured to him that she could be one.

Madoka237 (talk)

Please add her current age.

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Was the tutor a satyr or a demigod?

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Madoka237 (talk)

If he were a satyr, he would have picked up her demigod scent the instance. If he were a demigod, he would need to wait until the monster attacked to be acknowledged of her heritage.

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So... demigod?

Madoka237 (talk)

Kindly add more to her early childhood. If you could add in specific events at certain ages, it would be much better. Next, if her tutor were a demigod as well, a monster attack would have occurred sooner, since her scent along with her tutor's scent would have been strong enough to attract at least one monster. Then, a hellhound doesn't simply bark. It immediately pounces on its prey. a hellhound wouldn't simply "bark" at her. It would immediately pounce on her. Did Ryan explain to Milliana's father about where he was taking Milliana and why he was doing so? Lastly, when was she given her sword?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

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