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This claim has been completely and officially edited.

I've spent approximately more or less than 24 hours working on this claim alone.

Honestly, I don't think I could ever truly get it approved. The only reason I started roleplaying was to improve my skill at character development, making it easier to write. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed my time here, editing and editing and fixing Minka for better or worse. I started with just the basics of: Name, got cursed, child of darkness, goes solo quest in history, kicks a lot of monster butt.

I never thought it could become a story like this. I'm incredibly sorry for the length, but I do wish that you'll ignore the "short story" history. The reasons I didn't make it an official quest at Camp:

First and foremost, I wanted to make a different character. I've made OCs before (they were all OP, so I apologize for any problems I have caused to the claim checkers because of my lack of experience in the area), and I wanted to do something different. Loosely based off experiences in real life, Minka holds a special place in my list of mostly OP OCs because a. she's not that OP and b. she isn't cliche. I've always liked Greeks more than Romans, solely based on the fact that Greeks are more independent and rely less on teamwork. I wanted to make a character who did a form of a "solo quest" but needed to acquire help from other demigods later on or else pay a severe price. Minka became that character. It's not really an official quest, but I consider it a part of her life, and ridiculously horrible luck that quite frankly, a lot of demigods have. (If I had a penny for every time a being in a demigod history died, I'd probably be a zillionaire.)

So yeah. I'm not sure if that's enough to satisfy you people, but whether or not Minka is claimed, I'm pleased to say I wouldn't care and just be happy I came up with her. Just a few more things I want to clarify:

  1. Magical compact tent thing. It's actually canonly used by the Hunters, mentioned in The Lost Hero and The Blood of Olympus (not sure if it's mentioned in other books.) I do take note that a size of an apartment is a little iffy (thanks for pointing that out, HiddenRealm, didn't even consider it since everybody else just pointed at the op amulet.) By the time this is done, tent should be fixed to be still a magically enchanted room (please...allow me to put in a toilet and self-regenerating tissue paper...just please...) that's been modified to be a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Think a snug mattress middle of the floor, mini-table that conjures fresh, healthy food, a sink to wash hands, and an armchair. That sound good enough? Yeah, hopefully. 
  2. I noted that a lot of people pointed out that the boosts the Amulet of Willpower gave were op. I probably wasn't figuring the logistics back then and thought it would be okay to give my char an approximately 13% boost in total. As a happy note, it's not like that anymore :3 Modified it, and will gladly modify it again if needed.
  3. Hunters do allow non-Hunters to wear their clothing, as shown in Lost Hero when Piper was sick from hypothermia (is that the term?) and one of the Hunters gave her warmer clothing. This is very likely only for girls because for one, Leo and Jason didn't get clothes. Which would be very wise since the Hunters are all females and trying to fit the boys in girls' clothes would probably kill a monster from laughter. (You know what, someone should add that in a claim history. that'd be freaking hilarious.)
  4. I apologize if I ever made it seem like Minka could use her demigod powers as a child of Hades without any training whatsoever and not be exhausted. Next time, I'll be more specific. x.x
  5. Minka's martial arts/combatives training. Please note that she wasn't taught by an expert, just by a prodigy. There's a large difference between being able to learn something extremely fast and being able to teach it to other people. Thus, Minka only knows a moderate amount, and isn't that expert-ish on these grounds. (And if people find even a moderate amount of knowledge of combatives too op, I'll be fine with editing that out and just allowing Minka to power-slap people. [Power-slaps: Pack the power of a punch but without the risk of broken bones. Uses palm of the hands, so thus a power-slap. Very effective when used against an opponent's chin - it shakes the brain and disorients people on a range of a few moments to a few minutes, depending on opponent.]) That was some info I gained in the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Personally, I think judo-flipping is cool and all, but girls slap people. 'Twas time a female made use of that underestimation of the slap.
  6. Minka doesn't know how to wield a sword. Currently, if she tried, she'd likely swing it around and smack herself in the face with it. With sufficient training, she might be able to do so, but I'd rather she stuck to her knives.
  7. After seeing a few people's claims get rejected because of well, time things, decided to reduce Minka's two year hunt to one year. It's faintly possible for a child of the Big Three to not get noticed too much by monsters for one year even after they've attended camp, proven by Percy Jackson. But Tyson was a Cyclops, scaring off most, so yeah. Let's just say Minka lay low on the monster radar and managed to scrape by for a year, only getting attacked by the occasional monster here and there. 
  8. Changed the curse. I understand the "no sanctuary" is a little iffy when Minka stayed with the Hunters. YAY SHE'S GOING TO TURN INSANE NOW.
  9. If this still isn't claimed due to short story that should have been a quest, I'd like to note that if it was in fact claimed, I'm going to try and request a quest asap because Minka is going to become permanently blind if she doesn't go with help from others. Hallo, spoilers.

3/7/2015 - Fixed a load of history, edited appearance a bit. Put history in tabs. History mostly edited now. Still need to fix magical items, remove op boosts from amulet etc.

Basic Info

Name: Minka Kinsey "Maize" Collias

Species: Demigod

Model: Rylee Fansler (reserved)

Gender/Sexuality: Female, straight/heterosexual

Current Age: 14

Godly Parent: Hades, Hecate, or Nyx

Mortal Parent: Lisbeth Maria Collias, PhD (Hades), Nocte Filipe Collias (Hecate), or Fletcher Desmond Collias (Nyx)

Minka is a shorter than average young girl with strikingly luminous green/blue eyes. Her hair, true to her third/nick name, is a white-blonde color. It is usually in a waterfall French braid, in a high ponytail, or simply let down. She has a lithe body with a skinny build, enabling her to move more efficiently. Her cheekbones are quite high in placement, and her face is a thin, pale shape.

Minka's skin is a sickly pale shade, often leading to most people thinking she is fragile. Her eyes tell a different story. There is something about the young girl that unnerves a fair amount of people. Perhaps it is the constant unreadable look in her eye, or the unrealistic grace she moves with. Physical contact with people often leaves them claiming that her skin is "burning cold", though there is the rare occasion when she supposedly has the temperature of a normal mortal.

Her arms are exceptionally quick and sturdy, both good qualities for an archer and dagger wielder. Minka's fighting style focuses more on speed and accuracy than the strength, mirroring Artemis' own style. Minka's reflexes are faster than the average demigod from her time spent with the Hunters. She's unusually light on her feet, allowing her to be stealthy and swift at the same time on an adequate level. 

Minka is slightly nearsighted, which makes it somewhat difficult to fire arrows in rapid succession with certainty that each one hits their mark. This becomes worse when she becomes temporarily blind at day, but eventually that is reversed and she is prescribed glasses. Minka is diagnosed with ADHD, but is surprisingly not dyslexic. 

Clothing preferences? Weirdly enough, Minka isn't too heavy on the gothic look like the common Hades child. This was likely influenced by the Hunters with their silver-based clothing. Minka tends to wear light colored clothing under a black sleeveless vest (somewhat symbolic of her nature.) She's usually fitted with dark blue jeans, and rarely ever in a skirt or a pair of shorts. Shoes? Black steel-toed combat boots please. Or good old worn sneakers, but either works. 

Personality: Minka tends to keep to herself most of the time, being unusually reclusive. Half the time, she simply melts into the background, thus startling most when she speaks up suddenly. Despite the brightness of her eyes, there is definitely something dark about the silent fourteen-year-old.

Though she seems incredibly cold, those she has warmed up to can easily see that she is very protective of those she cares about. Minka, however, is not a calm, collected person, defying the signs. When aggravated, she will not back down from a fight, even if the odds are not in her favor. The smallest of things can turn the quiet, reclusive girl to a vengeful, merciless demigod. However, she is known to be forgiving, though she rarely ever forgets a wrongdoing.

Minka generally feels animosity to any children of Apollo due to the fact that the god cursed her. She is extremely wary of them, and feels the need to annoy them whenever an opportunity arises. She also has a natural dislike of any boys in general, likely developed from the time she spent with the Hunters.

The demigod doesn't show it, but she absolutely loves learning new things. Minka tends to get along with children of Athena, Hephaestus, etc. The latter find her very enlightening with her ability to stand and listen to blabbered pieces of information without complaint. Those who seek to teach a camper some new craft or art (like pottery or fishing) can usually count on Minka listening to them offer random tips.

Minka believes that she is "not even remotely 'pretty'", offering an insight on small insecurities most people never notice. She often feels helpless in certain situations, blaming herself for things that was out of her control (i.e. Lisbeth getting cursed by Apollo). Thus, she does not like taking help from people, unless it is completely necessary or the person is just plain stubborn. Minka also trains religiously, honing her skills to the point that she is a smidgen away from passing out. Though this may only emphasize the fact that she enjoys training, it also secretly points out that she believes she is weak compared to other demigods, compelling her to do even more intense training.

Overall, Minka is a usually scrupulous person. She finds it nearly impossible to hate anyone (including Apollo), and forgives people if they really want forgiveness. Her loyalty is almost unswerving, also hinting at the fact that she greatly dislikes backstabbers and cheaters. If any guy ever won Minka's heart, they'd be almost certain that she would never turn on them. Minka should still not be underestimated by anyone, especially her enemies. She is a formidable opponent in battle, and getting on her wrong side usually ends really badly. Like, Tartarus bad. Traitors should watch out for her hot temper - it's sure as the death of Hercules that she will take it out on them.


  • Hades History

Lisbeth Collias, a psychologist residing in a small mining town in Nevada County, California had unknowingly attracted two gods' attention, Hades and Apollo. Despite being a clear-sighted mortal, Lisbeth was ignorant of gods' natures. She ultimately chose Hades, and quickly forgot about her fling with the sun god. Apollo forgot about her as well until he spotted her and a four-year-old girl walking together. Remembering her and realizing who the girl was, Apollo angrily came down from his sun chariot, intent on cursing Lisbeth’s demigod daughter with his lyre. However, Lisbeth shielded her daughter by clapping her own hands over the girl’s ears then ordering the girl to do the same. The little girl, Minka, heard a few of the notes causing her to pass out, but Lisbeth got the full blast.

Apollo was so focused on casting the curse that he didn’t realize what had happened till it was done. Horrified, he tried to shoot the unconscious Minka before remembering his sister Artemis was the patron goddess of young women and children. Apollo rode off in his sun chariot, having ruined two lives with a few strums of his lyre.

Minka Collias had had a terrible childhood, to say the least. Her mother was insane, and no matter how many times the townsfolk tried to remove her from Lisbeth’s custody, the curse kept her bound to her mother. Eventually even Minka gave up. Her school days weren’t really as bad, school being her escape from the bolted house and fearful tantrums. The other students didn’t dare to even talk behind her back. The Collias girl was danger. Stay away.

Three years passed, and one day Minka found Lisbeth dead. This was a turning point in her life. Her mother was the only family she knew she had, and she was gone. The small scratch of insanity that had squeezed into her mind was slowly growing as time passed. Minka didn’t know that. She was so young back then when the curse was cast; all she could remember was a really bright light. An emotional mess, Minka fled to the forests, taking nothing with her. As she walked half-starved and running on pure adrenaline through the wilderness, she came upon a drakon. The drakon had been attacking the Hunters of Artemis’ camp nearby, but it had found it too hard. It lunged for the easy breakfast, and Minka was saved in the nick of time by the Hunters. Seeing a mythical beast was the last little Minka could take, and she collapsed from hunger, exhaustion, and emotional distress. The next six years were practically heaven to Minka, training and traveling with the Hunters.

Artemis knew there was something different about the girl. One night, Minka had a dream, a dream that told her that her path lay elsewhere. Her memories were relived, and the next day Minka confided to Artemis, telling her the truth and that she was cursed. Artemis was forced to let her go, but both the Hunters and the goddess didn’t let Minka leave without a few parting gifts, including the first fragment of the Amulet of Willpower.. Minka then set out on a self-assigned quest that made “failure” equals death. Minka followed Artemis’ advice, and headed to Athens, Ohio. There, she met Athena, and pleaded for help. Athena gave her a riddle, which Minka readily solved. Impressed, Athena gave her advice and the second fragment of the Amulet of Willpower. Following Athena’s wisdom, Minka headed for the Underworld to see her father, but not before buying a bouquet of fragrant flowers.

Minka easily navigated through the Underworld, and quickly gained access to Hades’ palace. Unfortunately, her father was not there, but Persephone was. Persephone quickly deduced who she was, and attempted to kill her. Minka placated the goddess with the flowers, and Persephone was so touched by the gesture that she asked what Minka wanted. Minka asked for acceptance, and a stunned Persephone readily gave it, along with granting her stepdaughter amnesty and giving her the third fragment of the Amulet of Willpower. Persephone then granted Minka permission to leave, teleporting her out.

To Minka’s shock, she was teleported right in front of her old house, which was definitely not in a very good condition. After climbing the surprisingly intact stairs and looking through her old bedroom, Minka was graced with Nemesis’ presence. At first, the demigod didn’t know who it was due to her decision not to hate anybody. Nemesis was stunned at first but quickly recovered, asking Minka why she didn’t hate Apollo for what he had done. Minka explained, and Nemesis’ powers work around her willpower. Nemesis’ face morphed into Lisbeth’s, and Minka broke down in tears. After admitting her anger towards her parents, Minka forgave the latter and Apollo. Nemesis gave Minka the final fragment of the Amulet of Willpower, explaining what each fragment symbolized. The goddess then warned her that the curse was still not broken and told Minka that very few demigods had ever earned her respect before vanishing.

Minka found Apollo and Artemis just outside the house at twilight. After giving the sun god a rightfully earned slap, Minka demanded to know why the curse still wasn't broken. Artemis took over and explained that the curse was too far gone, and removing it would be considered direct interference. Angered, Minka almost exploded while inquiring how to break it. Artemis offered a proposal: They could change the insanity curse to a blindness curse since a. they were gods of light and b. Apollo could still change around the curse with a bit of music since he was the one who cursed her in the first place. Since she had no other choice, Minka grudgingly agreed. As dawn approached, Minka’s vision darkened, clarifying that it had been done. The twin archers warned her that she would be blind during day but not at night, then advised her to head to Camp Half-blood. Seeing as they only extended the time before the curse took full effect, thus permanently turning Minka blind, Minka would need help to break it. The gods then left.

The gods sent Minka a satyr for the first time, seeing as she was practically defenseless during day. The two managed to travel at night when Minka could see, finally reaching the entrance to camp. They were attacked several times along the way, but the demigod managed to fend them off with some help from the satyr’s panpipes. At the entrance of the camp, they were ambushed by a flock of harpies. Both were already exhausted, and Minka impulsively caused a fissure to open and spew hellfire when she dropped her weapons, giving the satyr enough time to play some disorienting notes. With the last bit of her strength, Minka cut through the last of the harpies before passing out. Her satyr guardian force-fed her ambrosia to wake her up. Both limped into Camp Half-blood, Minka semi-conscious and the satyr with a broken leg.

Abilities and Tools

  • ADHD: Minka was diagnosed with ADHD when she was little. This gives her inborn supernatural reflexes and senses superior to mortals.
  • Enhanced Senses: Besides ADHD, Minka's lack of sight during day has helped her hone her other senses.
  • Fighting skills: Minka shows more skill in her fighting abilities than her powers. She was able to survive on her own for an entire year with no help in keeping monsters at bay, proving to be unusually resilient.
    • Knife Wielding: Minka is exceptionally skilled with her twin hunting knives. During close combat, she is able to calmly maneuver through attacks and will her knives to lengthen to her advantage.
    • Archery: Having been trained by and hunted with the Hunters, Minka is quite good with a bow and arrows. Her skill equals to that of the best Hunters.
    • Combatives/Martial Arts: Minka was trained by a Hunter named Kitana in martial arts and combatives. She is fairly proficient in this, even being able to power-slap Apollo hard enough to make him feel pain.
  • Willpower: Minka is shown to be infinitely "stubborn", able to resist Nemesis' attempts in making her lust for revenge. She has proven to be mostly immune against the effects of hate through willpower, broken only be seeing her dead mother's face.

(Note: No 3/6/9 skills.) Child of Hades Abilities Offensive:

  • Children of Hades can create one weapon out of diamond at a time or enhance an existing weapon of their own or an allies with a diamond coating that makes them unbreakable and stronger. After a short time, the diamond weapon/coating becomes weak and brittle.
  • Children of Hades can create very small fissure in the ground which spew small amounts of hellfire for a few moments before closing. The hellfire is more powerful than normal fire, but it’s likely to harm the user, so this power must be used carefully.
  • Children of Hades have the ability to create a dome of hardened soil and diamonds, roughly two or three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  • Children of Hades can conjure a set of very durable bone armor around themselves which grants enhanced protection against physical attacks. The longer the armor is maintained, the more energy is drained. After which, the armor grows weak, brittle and falls of the user’s body.
  • Children of Hades are able to communicate with and command the dead, able to sense spirits or other undead beings.
  • Children of Hades can sense when a mortal, half-blood, nymph/spirit that they know has died through a "buzzing" in their ears.
  • Children of Hades have the ability to Shadow Travel, to teleport from shadow to shadow; the further the distance, the more energy drained.
  • Children of Hades have a heightened control over undead and can usurp dominance from others who control undead who aren’t also children of Hades.
  • Children of Hades can telekinetically move dead matter.
  • Children of Hades can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.
3 Months After Character is Made:
  • Children of Hades are able to summon skeletal/zombie humanoids/animals to do their bidding, the more animals summoned and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained. Any armor/weaponry the undead possess increases the strain of the summoning. The undead can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner; the longer they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained of their energy.
6 Months After Character is Made:
  • Children of Hades can use their energy to enhance their undead minions causing them to be more limber and be able to endure more attacks, essentially, undead meat-shields. The user can fight beside the constructs, but not at full force.
9 Months After Character is Made:
  • Children of Hades are able to use many recent deaths to empower themselves for a short time, making them stronger and quicker. The user is immune to all attacks and receives a boost in their existing abilities over necromancy. Once the transformation subsides and the user reverts to normal, they are immensely drained, cannot move and could possibly faint.
Amulet of Willpower Boosts'
  • The Amulet of Willpower is permanently bound to Minka, and can only be used by her unless she gives permission to another person with the ability to shadow travel.
  • The Amulet of Willpower allows Minka to shadow travel to a maximum of 100 miles at a time.
  • The Amulet of Willpower removes the side effect of weakness when Minka shadow travels using it. If Minka shadow travels any farther than 100 miles, the Amulet does not remove the side effect.
  • The Amulet of Willpower can only be used exactly during sunrise, midday, and sunset. During a day or night of a full moon, the Amulet can be used once at any time.

  • Magical compact tent: Given to Minka by the Hunters. Is roughly the size of a medium-sized room, acting as a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and dining room. The tent compacts into a small box about the size of a bubblegum wrapper. It contains most things that fit inside a tent when compacted.
    • Mattress: The tent holds a snug mattress in the middle.
    • Table: The tent holds a mini-table and silverware that conjures fresh, healthy food like fruit and grain.
    • Armchair: The tent holds a comfortable armchair.
    • Toilet: The tent houses a toilet in the corner.
    • Sink: The tent has a sink next to the toilet.
  • Weapons:
    • Silver bow and arrows: Bow and arrows gifted to Minka by the Hunters. The arrows are tipped with Celestial bronze and mortal silver.
    • Twin enchanted hunting knives: A gift from Artemis herself. One knife is made of Celestial bronze, while the other is of mortal silver. Both knife hilts are made of Celestial bronze and wrapped in leather. Both can shorten and lengthen at Minka's will, making them extremely useful in close combat.
  • Amulet of Willpower: The Amulet of Willpower is a necklace with a chain of woven Celestial bronze and a silver and gold pendant made from four fragments from four respective goddesses: Artemis, Athena, Persephone, and Nemesis. Each fragment symbolizes a different trait: strength, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. Each fragment also symbolizes Artemis' protection, Athena's faith, Persephone's vow to not do harm, and Nemesis' respect. The Amulet grants Minka a limited boost in shadow travel, and keeps her sanity in check.
  • Other:
    • Hunter clothes: Standard Hunter wear. Summer wear include white shirts, silvery jackets, silvery camo pants, and black combat boots. Winter wear include silver ski jackets, blue jeans, and the same boots. Minka later has these enchanted or replaced.
    • Ambrosia and nectar: A supply of the god food from the Hunters. Demigods use it for emergency purposes including if they are wounded. Too much consumed of either will kill a demigod. Even the smallest amount can kill an ordinary mortal. Minka keeps most of the supply in her tent and some in her pocket.

Omnia Lesvos (talk) 14:36, March 7, 2015 (UTC)

^Final major edit on.


Wow nice claim but please use easy monsters from here in the claim Forum:The Monster Encyclopedia

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I have to say this has got to be the longest claim I've ever read..and it I have to say you have a talent for writing but before I could claim this...Please change the cyclops...It is a medium monster thus it means more than one demigod is needed to kill the montser...sorry but thus far thats the only problem I have with it good luck!

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhore.gifThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 00:21, March 5, 2015 (UTC)

In reply to both: Done.

Omnia Lesvos (talk) 07:27, March 5, 2015 (UTC)

I'm going to flat out say: We are looking for a claim, not a short-story... While you are a good writer, you character excedes and large amount of OP, and God-modding of god characters. Let me list all of your characters apparent collected abilities: Martial Arts, (taught) Archery, (taught) Knife Combat, (taught) Sword Combat, (taught) Full control of emotions, (necklace) Manipulations of her dreams, (necklace) God-like swiftness and speed, (taught) Ability to control nullify her senses and pain, (necklace) Ability to learn any combat abnormally fast, (necklace) Full, and Great control over her powers despite not having any training with them and without being exauhsted from them, (inherent) the ability to self-heal, (neckalce)

This still isn't all of them really... I suggest removing all these powers from the necklace. The necklace itself is too OP for this claim to be passed through. As for her own developed powers: She is apparently able to create a HUGE fissure which spews enough hellfire to kill multiple Harpies in one single round... here is what the power says:"very small fissure in the ground which spew small amounts of hellfire"

Not only would overpowering this power exhaust her, but she has no training with her powers (Artemis apparently couldn't figure out she was the daughter of Hades, let alone be able to train her in use of his powers) As far as her being as fast as Artemis, that's kinda pushing it...

as for her other items:

At least make the tent the size of a normal tent, I don't think I'm going to be ok with a expandable tent that is the size of an apartment, and can hold everything inside of it... fully furnished... She would not be able to wear the Hunter's outfit, as she is not a hunter.

As for the curse: It would have either been broken with her mother's death, or every night she sleeps she would have to be returned home... even with the "sanctuary" specification, being under the protection of huntresses, and Artemis herself would be a sanctuary, sleeping inside her apartment-tent would be a sanctuary. Any area that provided any kind of safety, would be a sanctuary and she would wake up back home.

My suggestion would be this: Shorten down this claim. Find a different effect for the curse. Re-create this story through Rp during quests. Not only would this be fun for you to actually RP, you have something to look forward to, she isn't overly OP before even setting foot in camp, and you can have fun with other users while doing it... Like I said, you are a good writer, so making quest would probably be great for you. I really hope I'm not making myself off as a jerk... Thanks,

Ferret.png"Lord of the Hidden Realm"-"Gateway between Realms"~HiddenRealm Hidden Realm Logo.png

Well, I kind of just followed the wiki thing on that expandable tent. Will fix that.

As for the sword wielding, she in fact doesn't know how exactly, I just said it might be possible. 

The sanctuary thing wasn't really specified. With the Hunters, she was also still in danger since they hunted monsters. I did mention monsters tended to target her more, supplies ran low, and overall made it more difficult for those around her, leading even Artemis to suspect something. I'll add in that she came close to death a few times, that should fix that. She's not as fast as Artemis, just as good as a Hunter. She didn't really have Artemis' protection, because something was stopping Artemis from asking her to become a Huntress, since that would interfere with the curse. Apartment tent had no wards, any monster could have gotten in while she was sleeping. You know what, I'll just add in a few attacks when monsters nearly killed her while she was sleeping. 

You misunderstood the necklace thing. It does NOT self-heal, nor give full power over her emotions and her dreams, nor does it teach her any type of combat in an extremely faster process. 

As for the fissure thing, she killed more than half before losing her weapons. The harpies, sensing their chance, went in for the kill, aka dropping to the ground. When the harpies got close, she opened a fissure right in front of her, and giving them a "mouthful of hellfire". They were already damaged - she was fighting for her life. I never said she wasn't exhausted after using her powers, and as noticed, she was "bloodied and bruised." I'm sorry for not making those clear.

I don't want to change the effect for the curse simply because it makes it more interesting that way. She lived in fear and darkness for three years of her life - it's bound to have a huge effect on her. Her mother was insane, so sometimes she'd get hit by the stray flying object when Lisbeth was in a tantrum. 

Umm, please elaborate how Apollo's curse would have broken with her mother's death...Apollo had them cursed separately. Dionysus was the one who got Lisbeth to succumb to insanity, and Apollo was the one who directly cursed Minka. 

I'll elaborate more on the necklace. It allows Minka to control WHICH injuries to heal. Meaning she can stop her body from healing the smaller injuries, focusing entirely on the major wounds. This also means the smaller injuries will continue to bleed and pain her and whatever while the major wounds get all the healing. 

She wasn't under the protection of the Hunters. She had to fight for her own, just getting training from them. They couldn't have someone who always had to be protected. They may have looked out for each other, but Minka was never safe with them. Like with the hydra, she was on the brink of death. Add six years with staying with them hunting exceedingly dangerous monsters with a 7-13 year old girl who had none of their Hunter advantages (immortality, no diseases, etc, etc.). As for the Hunter's outfit, I'm pretty sure the Hunters gave Piper Hunter clothing when she was sick. Artemis suspected, but she never truly clarified what Minka was. Minka occasionally had hellfire spew from the ground. Who wouldn't be suspicious? Once again, pretty sure I placed nothing anywhere that said she wasn't exhausted after doing that with no training. Then, counter argument, I placed nothing that said otherwise. I hope that settles most of the stuff.

Nah, you're just doing your job. No hard feelings ^-^

And lol, yeah, thanks. Been writing for a bit now. I was thinking of making it a quest, but decided to yolo and do that instead.

Omnia Lesvos (talk) 06:32, March 6, 2015 (UTC)

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