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Name:Mio Sato


God Parent: Persephone

Mortal Parent: Akira sATO

Creator: Persephone

Species:Tree Nymph (Cherry Blossom)

Age before death: 15, but was almost 16

Appearance: DIBBED_IU.jpg|right|275px]]

Personality:She is very cheerful and energetic, like a little kid . She loves to meet new people and help in anyway possible. She has a gentle and kind heart. She often puts her trust in any and everyone and is very trustworthy. She is very honest and very stubborn


How Her Parent Met:

Mio was a daughter of Persephone. She was born in Chiba Matsudo, Japan. Her father was Akira Sato. He and Persephone met at his restaurant and bar called Sake and Rice Balls. He was bartending that night, because his bartender was sick and persephone was one of his customers. They talked and got to know each other, he'd found out that she loved plants, so he decided to show her his bamboo garden. She loved it, the bamboo was healthy and growing tall. They were planted in a circle like a wall and behind them in the center was a beautiful cherry blossom tree. As soon as persephone saw the tree she fell in love with Akira. Then and there is where Mio was created. But sadly, persephone had to leave and she didn't return until some months later. When she came back she had a baby with her, Akira was not at the restaurant so she placed Mio under the cherry blossom tree leaving a letter behind.The letter said

Dear Akira,

I fell in love with you that week quite some time ago, and that love created our beautiful daughter her name is Mio fspelled with the characters for cherry blossom. I am sorry that I wasn't completely honest with you and couldn't explain everything face to face, but I will do so now. You see, I am the greek goddess persephone. You can choose not to believe me, but please remember what I am telling you, for it will be what protects moi's life. Because Moi is a daughter of a goddess and human she is a demi-god. When she is around the age of twelve her powers will kick in and so will her demi-god scent. This will cause monsters to try to kill her. But, there is one pace that is safe. That place is in New York. You will probably need to move there. Please take good care of her.

Love, Persephone

Growing up

Not to long after Persephone left mio, Akira found her. He'd been going to the garden everyday after Persephone left hoping to find her again. Instead, he found moi and the letter. When he read the letter he was a bit skeptical, but believed it because his love had written it.

Mio was a quiet child who didn't complain much. When she made five Akira got married to a beautiful and kind woman named Katsumi. Katsumi was unable to have children, so she treated Mio as if she were her own child. When Mio made seven her father decided to buy a summer house in New York. Every summer they would go and Mio would practice her English getting better and better. When Moi made thirteen her father had found out he had a tumor. The doctors said he had a year to live. So for that whole year, they traveled all over the world. Moving around so much that Mio learned bits and peaces of many languages.

They went China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Egypt, South Africa,France,Spain, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Argentina, Honduras, Hungary, Libya. They tried to go to as many places as possible, but right before they got to go to her father's dream place, which was back home he died. They followed his wishes which was to bury him under the cherry blossom tree.

Father's Death and Mourning

They had thought that by the time they got back it would be withering away, but it was still alive and looking as healthy as ever. Sadly, the bamboo wasn't doing as well. So they cleared it away and had his funeral where many people came to pay their respects.

After the funeral and a week of mourning Katsumi and Mio were supposed to move to the summer house and live there until they found the camp moi would be safe at. (Akira had explained everything about Moi to Katsumi when he found out he would die). Even though those were his wishes Moi refused to leave the cherry blossom tree and her father behind. She slept bye the tree and grave for four nights and Katsumi could do nothing about it.

On the fourth night a hellhound tried to attack Mio, but unbeknownst to both moi and the hellhound, her mother had been protecting it. That is how the tree did not die unlike all the other plants. Persephone had loved the tree so much that she had used to protect it and some of the land around it, which also protected Akira's grave and Mio.When the hellhound came forward to attack it worked to like the protection around camp causing the hellhound to leave her alone. Even so, it scared the crap out of moi. But, eventually she was able to fall asleep again.

In moi's sleep she dreamt of her mother. Persephone was trying to convince her to go to Camp, but mio refused to. Mio didn't want to leave the tree or her father, and she saw no reason to do so since the tree protected her. Persephone had no good response to that so Mio's decision was not changed.

Mio camped by the grave for a year. Katsumi would bring her food and sometimes camped with her. She continued to try and convince Mio to go to America, but Mio was stubborn and refused. She had gotten no other message from Persephone and no other monsters attacked. But, she was not able to stay there forever. In the restaurant that her father once owned and still belongs to the family, there was a robbery. There was a small apartment over the restaurant which is where Katsumi had been staying.

Mio didn't realize there was a robbery going on until she heard Katsumi scream and a few seconds later gunshots. Quickly she ran to the restaurant where she found katsumi bleeding out on the floor; the robbers nowhere to be found. Quickly she called for an ambulance. As the ambulance brought them to the hospital a Scythian Dracanae had caught Mio's scent, but so did a satyr. When they arrived the paramedics had immediately taken Katsumi to surgery. The Dracanae was posing as a nurse and went to confront Mio, when Mio noticed how weirdly she walked. When mio focused she realized that the lady didn't have legs and quickly ran, causing the dracanae to chase after her.

The satyr had finally caught up and Mio was going to run from him to when he threw her a cb sword and said "I'm here to help, now kill it!". Immediately Mio's instincts kicked in and she was able to easily defeat the dracanae, she was left with only a few scratches which some ambrosia mended easily. The satyr named Danish tried to convince her to come with her to camp but she refused, right when he was going to try again a doctor came out. The doctor made Mio aware that Katsumi would probably not make it and that she should say her goodbyes now. Mio rushed to the Katsumi who was unconscious and her heart monitor showing that her heart was very weak . Danish came in and decided that this was a way to convince Mio to come to camp.

She swears to the gods

He told mio that if he gave Katsumi some ambrosia which she'd just learned heals demigods, she would have to come to camp. Mio of course accepted this agreement, but the satyr made her swear to the gods not exactly believing her (which was a smart thing to do). When Katsumi drank a sip of the ambrosia nothing had happened. The satyr being in a hurrry cause she was his first demigod simply convinced Mio that it would take some time to kick in. They then went back to the restaurant to see if there was enough money to catch a plane to New York. Which surprisingly there was, it looked like the robbers hadn't taken anything. Luckily for moi and Danish they'd gotten in and out right before the police came to investigate.

Going to camp and death

When they got to the airport they easily got a ticket to New York. The flight went smoothly and the made it to New York safely. While making their way to camp a minotaur caught Mio's scent. He attacked and she was unable to fight him off, Danish wasn't much help either. She and the satyr died before they could make it to camp at age 15. But, because she swore to the gods that she'd go to camp her mother planted a cherry blossom tree at the camp and made her the nymph for it. Now she is forever attached to that tree and camp. She never found out the her step-mom Katsumi died and was buried next to her father.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Sword

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