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Monia Schwarz

Name: Monika Schwarz

Gender: Female

God Parent: Deimos/Thanatos/Phobos

Mortal Parent: Katrina Schwarz

Appearance: Monika has long black hair, pale skin and hazel eyes. She stands at 5'9" and has a slim figure. She has awful eyesight, but she wears contacts.

Personality: Monika is cold towards most people, and doesn't make friends easily. Her mood changes easily. She loves photography and music.

History: Katrina Schwartz was just a poor artist, living in Frankfurt, Germany. She met Deimos in 1994. She was attracted to him because he was all she liked in a guy: very handsome and mysterious. He was attracted to her by her dark style. Though, after a few nights spent together, Deimos left. Katrina was hurt, she thought that Deimos was different, she was hoping things will work out with him. A few weeks later she found out that she was pregnant.

About nine months later, on the 8th of June 1995, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She named her Monika, but she realized she couldn't raise her. So, she decided to leave her in an orphanage, hoping that she will have a better life that way.

Monika got adopted when she was a few months old by a wealthy couple, Veronica and Leon Konig. Veronica couldn't have children, that's why they decided to adopt.

Monika had a normal childhood. She got diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia when she was 8, and her grades were always bad, but she didn't really care. Plus, most people avoided her, because they were scared of her for some reason. The only friends she had were Loreen Hoch, a beautiful blonde who was dyslexic just like her, and Andrea Dark. Andrea was weird in many ways, she had a harsh accent and some problem with her legs, but neither Monika or Loreen cared.

Monika had a great relationship with her parents, and when they told her she was adopted, she didn't even get mad. She was happy about her life. Until one day when something really weird happened, and everything changed.

It was just another day of school, boring as always. That was when Loreen suggested to ditch class, and go shopping. Monika agreed happily and together they convinced Andrea to go with them.

They were in front of their favorite cafe, when something strange happened. Two huge dogs attacked the trio. Andrea got two rings out and threw them at the girls. Once they caught them, they turned into swords. They both were shocked, but after seeing Andrea trying to kill one of the dogs by shooting arrows at it, they got the clue.

They started fighting the huge dogs, and about ten minutes later Monika got a lucky hit and the dog in front of her turned into dust and disappeared. A few minutes later the same happened to the dog in front of Loreen. The swords turned to rings again. "Put them on and start running", Andrea shouted, but the girls wanted to know what happened. "No talking, just run!" Andrea shouted again and they all ran away.

A few minutes later, they were at Monika's house. Andrea told her to pack some clothes, and get her passport. Monika did what she was asked to, and got some money from her adoptive mother's wallet. Once she was done, they all rushed to Loreen's house to do the same. Then, they caught a taxi and a few minutes later they were at the airport.

Andrea bought three tickets to New York. Monika and Loreen were confused, and refused to go with Andrea. "Girls, if you don't follow me, you will most likely be killed. I promise to explain everything once we get on the plane, but now you just have to trust me and go with me. Please?" Andrea said.

The girls decided to follow their friend, and once they got on the plane Andrea explained everything: that she was their protector, that they were demigods, and everything about Camp and the Greek Gods. At first the girls didn't believe her, but after remembering the two hellhounds that attacked them, they didn't have no other choice, but to do so.

When they finally arrived to New York, Andrea summoned the Grey Sisters' Taxi and a few minutes later they were at the Half-blood Hill. That was when a manticore appeared. It attacked them, and Loreen got injured badly. Monika managed to kill the monster soon, Andrea picked Loreen up, and they rushed to Camp.

When the trio stepped into Camp, Loreen was still breathing. But the moment Deimos claimed them both, Loreen took her final breath. Monika was hurt, angry, but mostly devastated by her best friend's, and now half-sister's, loss. But of course she couldn't do anything. She just had to accept that Camp Half-blood was now her new home.

Weapons: A sword that turns into a ring, a gift from her protector, Andrea.

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River Schwarz

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Name: River Schwarz

Gender: Male

God Parent: Prometheus/Thantos/Hermes

Mortal Parent: Katrina Schwarz

Appearance: River's a light-brown haired boy with green eyes and a medium, skinny, yet muscular body. He's usually found wearing black hoodies, skinny jeans, and other dark clothing.

Personality: River's a quiet and somewhat shy rebel that tends to stay away from people and is probably the least sociable person that you'll ever meet. He is kinda closed-off and doesn't trust people easily but the people he do trust are the only people he expresses his feelings to. Although Rivet acts homophobic, he's bisexual and leans more towards to guys then girls.

History: After Deimos left Katrina, Katrina was heartbroken and started shunning her responsibilities to be a mother and take care of Monika, so she left her at an orphanage. It wasn't long after she met the second love of her life; while walking to work, she soon felt like someone was following her and she turned around to see a man. She kept walking but was shocked to find that he was still behind her after she entered her building, then the same floor, then in the same section. Fortunately, her boss came over and introduced her to Peter, the replacement for Deimos. She soon fell for him and after weeks, they started dating, slept together, and she became pregnant with River. He then left and she was once again shattered and left her two souvenirs of broken hearts to the orphanage.

Karin was one of the first and youngest boys to join the orphanage and was the first to get adopted. When he was three, a young man, named Samuel Warren, who's wife died of cancer and needed someone to accompany him came to the orphanage and adopted Karin. They lived in Germany for two years before Samuel got a job promotion in New York and they moved there a month afterwards.

Karin didn't really fit in in school, he was quiet, shy, wasn't American, and had a girl-sounding name so he dropped it and started going by River. He had a handful of friends every year but they disappeared as soon as they came and he was left by himself. It wasn't until eighth grade when he started getting bullied. One day, he was walking towards homeroom when a group of hockey players came up to him and shoved him against the lockers. They started harassing him everyday but he didn't really care much and continued on with his life until it finally got to him. He was trying to avoid them by hiding in the janitor's closet but the tallest (and hottest) tormenter, named Luke. saw him and snuck into the closet. River tried to escape but Luke pinned him down and leaned in to kiss him. River shoved him off but was once again pinned again the wall where Luke forced him to make-out with him.

Afterwards, Luke threatened Rivers that if he ever told anyone, he would kill him. It lasted for a while, until Luke went another step and while making out when they were supposed to work on a science project, he forced Rivers to sleep with him. Rivers was disgusted with himself but didn't say anything or protest because he actually started falling for Luke. One day, when they were in ninth grade, Luke decided that he really loved Rivers and publicly asked Rivers to be his boyfriend, which he agreed to. Soon afterwards, they were harassed in school and Luke was kicked/voted off the hockey team. One day, a new girl, named Quinn, came and kept looking at Luke with almost a hungry look. During P.E., he snuck out of class and ditched Rivers, who didn't believe in ditching classes, and soon met Quinn, who pushed him into a closet and tried to seduce him. He started falling into her trap but accidentally grabbed one of the condoms that he and Rivers had used and snapped out of it. He tried to run past her but she suddenly turned into an empousa and pounced on him but was stopped halfway when his pocket-knife transformed into a sword and sliced her in half. He ran back into P.E. just as class ended and walked Rivers home while trying to explain what happened. Rivers' eyes widened and he told Luke about his encounter with an ugly, flying cafeteria lady. Suddenly, a random boy overheard them and popped into their conversation, telling them that he had to take them somewhere. The boy, who's name was Alexander, tried to call the Grey Sister's Taxi while hastily explaining to them. They got to Camp and Luke was immediately claimed as a son of Aphrodite but it took weeks, even months for River to get claimed.

One day, Luke was assigned a quest to retrieve one of his mother's doves that had flown away and took Rivers along with him. Although they safely managed to retrieve the bird and return it, on the way home, they were attacked by a hydra. Unfortunately, the hydra had a lucky shot and while Luke and his other quest-mates were attacking it, one of its head blew fire, hit a cliff, and huge chunks of rocks landed on Rivers, immediately knocking him out. The hydra knocked the rest of the people to the ground and started walking towards Rivers but they soon recovered and killed while dying themselves.

When River woke up, large chunks of his memory were gone and he was surrounded by dead demigods and rubble. He clumsily walked over to a dying Luke who smiled, stroke Rivers' hair, and fell back into unconsciousness. River stayed with Luke for a few days, surviving on the supplies they had left until he was sure that Luke was dead and walked away. On the way back to Camp, his lack of memory included where Camp was and he soon got lost. He wandered all over the country, getting attacked by monsters and almost dying a couple of times until he reached New York, where he met Phillipe Victoire, who was going to a Nike store to buy a new pair of shorts to replace the pair his boyfriend ripped and saw Rivers get attacked by a hellhound. Phillipe quickly paid for his items, ran out of the shop, and followed them. He soon caught up and jabbed the hellhound, instantly killing it. Phillipe began explaining to River but was stopped when River interrupted, saying that he had already been in Camp and gone on a quest. Phillipe soon recognized the face and brought him to Camp, where he currently resides.

Weapons: None at the moment.

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