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Name: Myra Nixon

Gender: Female

God Parent: 1. Melinoe 2. Thanatos 3. Hecate

Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Horace Nixon



  Personality: Myra is emotionally fragile, but covers it up with a blank look, making people believe she's a tough person, She has a tendency to distrust people, but opens up easily once she has your trust. On the inside, she's bubbly, worrisome, yet at the same time trying her best. At her worst, Myra can come off as cold and rude, but at her best she's loving and just wants the best for people.

History: Horace Nixon, a city man and proud executive of a company, was also a superstitious man who believed he was haunted by the Devil himself. He prayed to God daily for a blessing in the form of a woman who can help him with his demons. Melinoe, goddess of ghosts, took pity on the mortal.She disguised herself as a mortal woman close to his age under the name Melody. She got herself a job as an intern at the company, so she could meet him. He had fallen in love with her at the first hello, and so had Melinoe. They stayed together for about 3 weeks, before Melody had to leave, as she was expecting a child. Horace was devastated, but understood her choice. The hauntings stopped, but he was in a deep depression.

Just as he was tying a noose, months later, the doorbell rang. He found a small ebony basket, with pure white blankets comforting a small child with some short black hair, asleep. Horace read the letter addressed to him near the infant, as it read,

"My dear Horace, I am sorry to startle you, but this is our child. Her name is Myra, and she is the offspring of an immortal. I am a goddess, one of ghosts, Melinoe. When Myra is attacked by a monster, send her to this address so she can train. I'm afraid keeping her will worsen the attacks, she is only safe at camp.  Best of luck to her, and you."

Accompanied was the address to Camp Half-Blood, and a small onyx pendant. He felt blessed, and thanked the lord daily for the blessing. Growing up, Myra was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia.Horace was told by Melinoe it's normal for the children of gods, so he didn't put her on any medication. She was often distant to her peers, to the point she was considered a spirit by them. Myra was happy on her own, as she had found some spirits on a school graveyard trip, and befriended them. Mary, Doug, and Bill were her only friends growing up. She met more ghosts, and helped some of them move on. When she was 10, she was talking with Mary alone at a park, as a giant black dog with sharp teeth, a Hellhound, pounced on Myra. Mary was unable to interact with the hellhound, but told Myra to use her pendant, Confused, she palmed the small onyx, as it grew into a 4 feet tall Celestial Bronze spear, made purely from bronze and with an onyx embedded into the tip. She stabbed at it, not knowing what to do, but she managed to kill it with Mary's guidance, dissolving it into gold dust.

After going home, she told her dad everything. Horace disobeyed Melinoe's orders, and kept her around for 4 more years since he was never around for her when she was younger, being too busy with the company. She took karate in this time, and trained on pillows to master her spear. The monster attacks were increasing in deadliness. She begged her dad to send her to the camp, after 3 more attacks by various monsters. He caved in, and drove her to Camp Half-Blood, managing to get there in 1 piece. They had a brief talk about safety, and about strangers, before he finally let her go. Mary had stayed with Myra, as Doug and Bill had passed on with the help of Myra. They both entered the camp, together. Days later, Melinoe claimed her.

Weapons: A spear from solid Celestial Bronze, about 4 feet tall and accented by an onyx near the tip. When not in use, the spear is hidden as an onyx pendant.

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Hi! I'll be your claim checker for the day. I've got a few things you'll need to fix, but welcome to the wiki, and good job for a first claim! So first off, Melinoe probably wouldn't be able to stay with Myra's father for years, as wouldn't she have duties to attend to as a goddess? Another thing: how did Myra know how to wield the spear? The last thing is that if Myra were at home for four more years, she would probably have more than one monster attack. You don't have to explain them, but just state that she was attacked. That's all for now!

Seashell "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible!'" |DemigodSwan 21:42, July 18, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for the help, I fixed it up and did some spellchecking. Hopefully now it's good. Doombinder (talk) 19:17, July 20, 2015 (UTC)

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