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God & Mortal Parents, History

  • God Parent: Eros/Apollo/Hephaestus
  • Mortal Parent: Alivia Phelps


Alivia Phelps was a successful photographer. She was always travelling around the world, always busy. That's was the main reason why Eros fell in love with her: she was always full of energy and happiness. The two met in New York, while Alivia was on one of her work trips. After a few dates they started dating, and a few months later Alivia found out that she was pregnant.

When she told Eros the news, he said that he had to leave. Before leaving, he explained everything. He told Alivia that he was a Greek God, and the fact that the children (he told her that she is pregnant with twins) that she will give birth to will be demigods. He also told her about Camp, a safe place to send teh kids if things get crazy. Then, he left. Alivia was brokenhearted, but she understood why Eros had to leave and wasn't mad at him. She returned to her house in London and a few months later she gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy. She named the girl Naomi and the boy Kyle. She loved them with all her heart.

The twins had a very beautiful childhood. They never saw their mother much, and were mainly raised by their aunt River, but in general lines they were always happy about their lives. At the age of 7 they both got diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, like most demigods. Although their grades were almost always bad, they were pretty popular at school.

The twins loved each other, but Kyle was always over-protective. It was driving Naomi crazy. When she was 14, Kyle beat her boyfriend up, just because he asked her out. Naomi had enough. The twins had a big fight. Naomi called her mother and asked her come and take her away. Alivia went back home a few days later and after hearing the whole story, she made a deal with her children. She would take them both on her trips. One at a time. First Kyle, then Naomi. The twins agreed. That was how their life was for the next few years. One month with Alivia, one month with River in London. They saw each other for one week at the worst case and were always fighting. River and Alivia were always trying to reconcile them, but that never worked.

Two more years passed. The twins were 17 years old. They had visited almost every country. Alivia was tired of travelling and working. She decided to take a break. When she and Naomi returned from Melbourne, Alivia announced her decision. The twins weren’t happy at all, but they understood that their mother could use a few months of relaxation.

That was when strange things started happening. The twins were going back home from school, arguing as always, when a giant dog attacked them. They would be dead if Marine didn’t show up. She killed the monster. Naomi and Kyle were confused, so Mari explained them everything about the Greek Gods, that they were demigods and that she herself was a Nereid. That was when they finally got to their house.

When the twins told their mother what happened, she talked to them about Camp Half-blood. The twins agreed to go. Alivia bought them tickets to New York and asked the Nymph to take them to Camp.

After arriving to NY, Mari summoned the Gray Sisters’ Taxi and a few minutes later, they were at Camp. The twins were soon claimed by Eros. When they first got to their Cabin, they found gifts from their father: a necklace that turned to a bow with for Naomi and a keychain that turned to a sword for Kyle.

Personality, Appearance, etc.

Naomi Phepls - Nicki

  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Naomi has long-ish blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She has a slim, yet athletic figure, one of a dancer. She stands at 5'9". She is considered attractive by many people.
  • Personality: Naomi is flirty, communicative and very artistic. A good friend and adventurous. She loves to dance, draw, and plays the guitar. Although her brother always pisses her off, she loves him. But she will never admit that.
  • Weapons: A heart necklace that turns to a bow with arrows. A gift from her father.

Kyle Phelps - Elfie

  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: WIP
  • Personality: WIP
  • Weapons: WIP

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