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Name: Nareus Blu Enki Kennedy

Gender: Male

Age: currently 16

Birthdate: March 19

God Parent: Poseidon, Palaemon, Eros

Mortal Parent: Danielle Kennedy(clear sighted) Chuck Tales.(stepfather)

Appearance: Obsidian hair with grayish-cyan eyes. Is about 6'00'" in inches? He is usually seen shirtless with a blue jacket (from his mom's fiancé) and some jeans or shorts. Has a starfish necklace he got from Poseidon on his fourteenth birthday. Has a great body :) He lis a light chocolate color, as he is Greco-African American- Australian.He weighs about 150lbs. He has a pair of sport blue retro3s that he is usually seen wearing.

Personality: A fun loving guy with a starry personality and a love for nature. Always ready for adventure and excitement. Has a love for aquatic sports. He is super empathetic to everyone. He has a tendency to shrug of things. He has a humorous nature that makes people like him. He love to be around people, and has a firm belief everyone has destiny. He is very artsy and loves to draw.


History: Background: Danielle grew up in Cape Byron, New South Wales, Australia and had a love for children, and always wanted one. She was very smart, but shy, and went diving in the Great Barrier Reef often. Because of this her family was surprised when she suddenly became a people person is 12 grade. After graduating she did five years of university and earned a masters and bachelor’s degree. At age 26 she got a job as a marine biology/ marine health professor and worked there for two years before she meet Poseidon.


Parents Meeting: Danielle was at a conference of the board of marine biologist, when the Co chairman introduced himself as Poseidon (which she thought was ironic). After a terribly long discussion, Poseidon asked her for coffee and she says "yes." They dated for a few months and she found out she had been pregnant, since late June(It was late July).He said he must go, knowing her love, he left her  Palirroia Tou Chalkou, and a starfish chain for her son. He also told her, everything about camp, including her son's abilities.


Birth of Me:  Nareus was conceived on June 25' and born on March 19 while his mom was going on 27 years of age. After this his mum moved to King Mills, Ohio, to be closer to New York, when the time came. He was named Nareus after a roman in the bible.


Childhood: Nareus grew up on a farm in King Mills, Ohio where he played with the animals, and had lots of fun. His mother taught marine dynamics at Case Western Reserve, therefore their farm was purely fun. At age five Nareus was diagnosed with major Adhd and Super dyslexia. When he was six he met a nice girl named Bering, who became his best friend (who was also his protector).They immediately became great friends and she came to his seventh birthday party. On his seventh birthday his mom gave him a starfish necklace and told him to never lose it, but he shrugged it off. When At age nine the horses on his farm started whispering to him, which he found unreal. On his tenth birthday he had a huge party with lots of kids, and his favorite foods. His mother seemed nervous as if waiting for something to happen (I later found out she feared a monster attack), but he shrugged it off and continued with his fun.


First Monster: At age eleven, while at home a Giant scorpion appeared. Luckily Bering (she is about 600 YEARS, but was 13, and trained when she was stuck inside the Lotus) was there and she created and ice storms, while muttering “you are prepared”, “keep it together Bering." Next she molded a small sword out of pure ice and tossed it to him. Then she disappeared, I mean like invisibility cloak disappeared (I later found out that she disappeared into snow/ice in the storm then went back to normal and snuck up quietly on the Scorpion).Suddenly the scorpion screeched in pain and swung his tail nearly stabbing my mother, while she was standing in the doorway, and she abruptly closed the door and ran and threw a sword to me. The scorpion fell on its side and I went to give the sword to Bering, when she said "use it." And he did, and the scorpion turned to reddish-brown colored dust. With that the ice melted all over his cut which then closed up immediately, which he shrugged off.


Power development: Bering told him aout his powers, and Nareus wanted to try them out. He and his mom were in Cape Byron for the summer. He already knew he could breathe underwater, and survive water pressure. So he went to the beach and thought about fish. Suddenly a sea lion appeared, and starting talking. Well in his head at least. It said hello master you request my services, which freaked him out. When Nareus said no, it said " would you like to play. Of course I said yes, and we swam for an hour or so, playing with his other sea lion friends. Nareus started shooting water, and he could densify his bodily water pressure. HIS mom took him to the Great Barrier Reef, a place he;d always wanted to see. He realized it was June 15, which meant fathers day. He had a seashell print tie for his dad anyway, because Bering said godly parents often visited in dreams or even real life. He willed the currents to let the gold trimmed box float down. A minute later a small bright orange fish with blue stripes rose up in some kind of sphere of water, Nareus mad a silent thanks to his dad, and named him Fons( a play on fins). He asked his mom and she said she'd never seen anything like it. He knew if she didn't know what it was no one did. His dad had just sent him an undiscovered fish. And with that he smiled.

Second Monster:  One day Nareus was riding CHESTNUT, a horse from their farm when a harpy attacked just before his twelfth birthday, Nareus still recovering from his mom explaining his parentage, just hours before was shell shock. It especially didn't help that Chestnut was screaming save me master, save me. When Bering shot a ball of ice at it from a tree (seriously I'm starting to think children of Boreas can be invisible). Regaining my mindset I pulled out PTC (Palirroia Tou Chalkou) and lured it down then slashed its wing and it crumbled to white dust. After this I confronting Bering and she said that “As you know I am   a demigod but I’m also your protector." Naturally I replied "what?", and she said she was a daughter of a woman and Boreas, and was had been stuck in a state of un-aging in the Lotus, and had escaped after Aphrodite willed her not to eat a lotus, under one condition and so Aphrodite told her to protect me.


Third Monster, Bering and he had left his mother, after spending about 10 months with His new dad Chuck Tales. They were at lake Erie when a telikhine appeared and attacked us , i knew it was faster in water so i lulled it out by created a bubble to trap it in, and then I let the bubble pop. I knew my water powers would not do much so I created a small earthquake, and it fell to the ground hard.I caught it by surprise and jabbed it and it immediately turned to dust.


Fourth Monster: Nareus had stayed with Bering and another demigod they met named Tyler(son of iris) Nareus,Bering and Ty were out in upper Pennsylvanian when a harpy attacked, but we scared it away by shooting ice and water at it till it it's feathers froze up, and it flew away because Ty had a thing against killing them. Something about them being family.

Fifth Monster: Nareus, Ty, and Bering were in northwestern Pennsylvania when a gorgon (Euryale) attacked. Ty pulled out his shield and told us to get behind him. Apparently this wasn't his first gorgon. Euryale lunged and we dodged barely, but her nails had raked my skin. Ty caused a rainbow to crash down, though I have no idea why. But it was super blinding, and made Euryale stumble. With a swift move Bering pulled out her sword, that she never uses, and cut of Euryale's head. We ran to the nearest restaurant, and bought some food. We pretty much we're knocked out after that.

Visit From Goddess: One day at night nareus came across a beutiful women, i mean stellar. her eyes were iridescent, and her skin was flawless. Her hair was lusciously flowing, and was a mixture of auburn and blond. She was wearing a vivid light green dress with a pink trim. She was that beautiful without makeup or jewelry. She beamed when she saw him, and motioned him over. SHE SAID " I normally don't interfere, aw who am I kidding I love to interfere. You have met your true love. So rare important demigods like you find true love. I wish you not to squander this opportunity, Son of Poseidon. Naturally I asked who, but of course she would not tell. Nareus said" I thought you of all people would love to gossip". Do not underestimate love. In the ancient days your father had thousands of romances including ones like yours. YOU KNOW HE ASKED? Aphrodite said its not a burden, or a sin. Nareus replied" I know but wow, even Olympus knows I;m gay. I must go she said, but remember what I told you.

Love: Nareus decided that he was sure Aphrodite meant Ty. Who else could it be cclouded his mind. Not that he didn't like Ty, just the opposite. A person who just like Ty would have made a move by know, but Nareus truly loved Ty. The next day bering went of to ask the local nymphs how far CHB was, as in her time before lotus Hotel CHB was in Greece. I dont know if Aphrodite was encouraging him, but nareus got the courage to ask Ty if he wanted o grab some lunch. TY said yes, and they found a Chick Fil-A and got some food to go. They kind of wandered until they came across a park. They walked deeper into the trees, and talked about what they think ChB would be like. Nareus leaned in for a kiss, right on Ty's cheek. For a brief second neither said anything, and Nareus feared rejection. Swiftly Ty pulled Nareus in and kissed him. Softly at first but then tighter confirming Love. It was the best thing he had experienced. Disappointied yet aroused as they both pulled back, Nareus decided the moment was over. AS they walked out of the park holding hands Nareus felt amazing.

Sixth Monster: Nareus, Bering, and Ty were almost to Long Island, when Orthrus attacked, and he and Ty were prepared. Nareus took on his octopus form and jabbed at orthrus while Ty made a sword of rainbow essence and stabbed at orthrus tail. Nareus saw there was a stream just a little bit away. It went all around, and behind orthrus, and he jumped at orthrus only to water travel to its behind. Meanwhile Ty was burning it with some prismatic light. Nareus delivered the final blow with PTC(his sword) and Orthrus turned to dust. They arrived a day later.

Camp arrival: Nareus arrived and was greeted by Bering and a automaton named Alexander, who explained everything and welcomed him to his new home: The Poseidon Cabin.He arrived two days before his sixteenth birthday.He left for two days to spend his b-day with his mom and dad before he left. He currently resides in his cabin and is know 16


Weapons: PTC (Palirroia Tou Chalkou) which as you Greeks know means tide of bronze. It is a Celestial Bronze mini-trident that morphs into a sword.It has palirroia tou chalkou on it sideways and a trident on vertically.If Nareus is angered its power to freeze or boil water that it touches(his choice) but only for five minutes a day and glows with a stellar turquoise color. it's hilt is Lapis Lazuli. It looks like this: Trident.jpg</p>

asteríes means starfish, and is a starfish chain that can turn into a polished celestial bronze dagger. looks like Dagger.png

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Thank you for your first claim and welcome to the wiki. There are a few points I would like you to address, so your character can be presented in the best way possible and fit in. If there is anything you find confusing then feel free to message me on my page. By clicking my signature, you will be directed there.

1: Please can you mark it with your signature? This can be done by pressing the signature button in source mode, if you're unsure what that means, please contact me or ask someone on the main chat (:

2: There are a few spelling, grammatical and formatting errors in your claim. It's nothing to be ashamed of (claims are big after all!) but sometimes it's hard to mean what you articulate. I would ask you to have a quick proof-read of the claim and fix any errors you find. If you need any help/struggle with spelling, feel free to ask and I can retype for you.

3: Please can you reformat or extend the personality and apperance section a little more, a few more lines would go a long way to helping the claim workers see who you're playing, additionally it's advised to add the name or a link to the model you are going to use for that character's page.

4: There needs to be some more work on history, maybe a little more on Naerus' childhood, why he was moved to Ohio by his mother, what his early childhood was like etc. Around 5-6 lines would do. Additionally Bering cannot be a daughter of Poseidon/Khione as I believe she would be an immortal then which isn't acceptable under wiki policy. However I could suggest that she be a demigod daughter of Poseidon or a camp god like Boreas (the north wind) or merely an ice nymph created by Boreas, please also add her age at the time of the first attack. An ice weapon would injure the scorpion but celestial bronze would kill it easier, Bering seems to have too much control over her powers for a demigod who seemingly hasn't gone to camp. If she is indeed an ice nymph, she would struggle in combat as the nymphs have weaker power-sets than demigods.

5: Second monster attack: Please write an age when this occured, also I doubt that Poseidon would give his son a pegasi if he wasn't at camp, as Naerus wouldn't know how to ride or look after it and both of them would consequently be at risk. As Naerus isn't a trained demigod, he may also find it harder to take out a harpy and need Bering's help to do so. Please can you also detail the trip/journey to camp, if Bering is an ice nymph or a daughter of a cabin god, she could probably escort him to camp safely c:

7: Please can you add further detail on the weapons? I am unsure of what a PTC actually is; is it a sword, is it an axe etc? Please list all weapons you intend to use and detail any minor enchantments placed on Naerus' weapons? I assume these were given to his mother by Poseidon and then passed down to him at some time?

Thanks and feel free to ask me any questions, I look forward to Naerus being developed!

CherryBlossomBranch Embrace tears. They're the cheapest way to accessorise. FateScalesOfFate

Please fix to what Scales suggested. I believe the girl and him couldn't have killed a giant scorpion as it would overpower and outsmart them. How did he arrive at camp? How did he receive the pegasus?{{User:Broken fire/

(she is about  600 YEARS, but was 13, and trained when she was cursed ) so was 13ish when the first attack happened

Who exactly is Zethes?

Skullwindleft "No wind is of service to him that is bound for nowhere."  -WindSkullwindright   

Zethes is the demigod son of Boreas, brother of Calais. He is a Boread

The weapon enchantments are overpowered to be honest and need to be fixed in order to comply with wiki guidelines. CherryBlossomBranch Embrace tears. They're the cheapest way to accessorise. FateScalesOfFate

  • This is a tiny, tiny detail, but in Australia we attend university, not college.
  • You mention Danielle knowing about camp indirectly - King Mills, Ohio, to be closer to New York, when the time came - but how did she get this information? Did Poseidon tell her?
  • If Bering was a Boread then she would be immortal, as from my understanding boreads are essentially snow nymphs.
  • Was his mother clear-sighted? If not, how did she see the scorpion to run it through with a sword?
    • Where did she get the sword?
  • The scorpion would completely disintegrate, meaning there would be no hide left. Only special monsters such as the Nemean Lion leave behind spoils.
  • A Karkinos is a medium-difficulty monster to kill, and requires 3-5 demigods to slay it. Therefore it is unsuitable for a single demigod to take down. Please refer to
  • Poseidon cannot appear to Nareus and talk to him, that is counted as direct interference and is not allowed.
    • Living with Poseidon is simply not possible for s demigod child due to the godly rules that forbid contact with children. That entire section of your history will have to be changed.
    • Subsequently, Nareus cannot have received any gifts from Poseidon whilst staying with him. This includes the pegasus and hippocampus.

User:Bird of Winter/sigcoding2

She did not kill it, he did, but yes his mom is clear sighted, as stated under the parents section. She is not a boread, but a daughter of boreas, and a demigod. Her half brother zethes(from mythology) is a boread, like in thee HEROES OF OLYMPUS SERIES. The sword is from poseidon, like in the parents meeting section says, it named palirroia tou chalkou. Lastly are the weapon enchantments overpowered, are their guidelines i can look at for weaponry? Oceanhalo12 21:03, October 9, 2014 (UTC)

Zethes would not have the power to curse a demigod to never age. Once again, please explain in the history how Nareus' mother comes to know about his demigod abilities etc. ALexander, the current camp director, is not a centaur but an automaton.

Do you have a lot of sad thoughts? ...Doesn't everyone? ~Ava Ire Tumblr mqb6t1mLTM1sbc0poo1 500

  • Again, I have an issue with Bering's curse. She cannot be cursed by the lotus casino to never age; only when demigods are inside the casino do they not age. Once they are outside they age as normal.
  • Water travel is only possible between two significant sources of water, and a puddle doesn't count as large enough (during the fifth monster attack)
  • Three demigods would attract more monster attention.

Do you have a lot of sad thoughts? ...Doesn't everyone? ~Ava Ire Tumblr mqb6t1mLTM1sbc0poo1 500

Fixed ev'thing you said. Oceanhalo12 15:55, October 29, 2014 (UTC)

Love the name and where you got it :)

Mmmm you mentioned above that he is currently 16 but then you wrote that he is 15 in the last part of your claim. Kindly clarify his real age :)

Four penguinsSmile and wave, boys. Now that's the worst disguise ever. ~Alias KitMen-In-Black-psd71564

Who Nareus's name or Bering's? I aligned everything to say he is sixteen. Oceanhalo12 17:08, October 31, 2014 (UTC)

I added some stuff to make his life a bit more demigodish, like visits from godesses, and blessings from his godly parent etc. hope you like Oceanhalo12 22:31, November 4, 2014 (UTC)

  • I'm confused about Bering's age, you don't make it clear in the early childhood paragraph.
  • The giant scorpion would not attack his mom.
  • How did Bering know who Nareus was a child of?
  • How did they scare away the harpy?
  • A gorgon would not attack Nareus.
  • I still don't get why exactly Aphrodite came to Nareus.

Bering is about seven years older than him, so in the childhood she is about 13 and at the end of the claim she is 23ish The scorpion was not trying to hurt her, it just swung it's tail because it was in pain. I can still change it though. Like I said her father Boreas got her out of the Lotus, and gave her to my father as a protecter. Why would a gorgon not attack them? I dunno, I just kinda added that for fun, but I'll take it out.

ok I have no problem with the aphro coming to see him part but please change one thing for me...god parent cant interfere soo bering's reason for being there change it as boreas can interfere even if its just to bring the kid out from lotus casino. change that and I'll claim this personally

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 14:59, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

let me get this straight bering randomly decides to be protector? that doesnt sounds logic to me..soo how about I offer you a solution? she was curse and then poseidon or aphro say they can help her but in return she has to protect nareus other than that I see no wrong here

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 16:57, November 27, 2014 (UTC)

Cheque the end of the sec mster prgraph I am done I hope Claim Time?! Oceanhalo12 13:55, December 1, 2014 (UTC)

sadly....yes... :P

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