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Name: Nayra Capac

Gender: Female

God Parent: Hecate, Aglaea, Apate, 

Mortal Parent:


Personality: Nayra is fun to be around, having the combination of beauty and brains. She is wise beyond her years, and always tries to please people she likes. She wants to find love, after seeing the way it affected people over history. Nayra is also very headstrong, but in a subtle way, and will strive to get what she wants in the most morally correct manner. She has no self-inhibitions when it comes to her appearance, and is comfortable in her own skin.

History: Manco Capac was a god. Or at least his people thought so. He exuded power and magic, and had created the Inca Empire through his own work, sweat and tears. His people had believed him when he chose Cusco as the heart of the Inca Empire because his alleged father, the sun god Inti, had told him so. He taught his people to build homes, make weapons and grow plants. His people had been awed, and decided Manco would be their king. So, in Cusco he sat, the first Sapa Inca, the first of many to come. He had married is sister, Mama Ocllo, and they were expecting a child together. But something was missing in his life. 

There was a woman who would often visit Cusco, a woman who named herself Qullana (Hecate). Manco desperately wanted her, and he believed she would fulfill his deires. Qullana was attracted to Manco as well, and they had a secret affair that lasted only a week, as Qualla soon disappeared. Manco felt whole, and continued to rule the Empire with his wife unaware of his adultery. 

Nine months later, in 1107, Manco had built up Cusco to a grand city and Mama Ocllo had given birth to a baby boy, who they named Sinchi Roca. His life was perfect, until a messenger arrived at his house bearing a baby girl and the message that Qullana was truly the goddess of magic, Hecate, and that the baby was his. Manco fully believed that he had seduced a goddess as a reward for the fine empire he had built, and the child was his godly daughter. He believed that, to ensure the well-being of his Empire, he would have to sacrifice his daughter when she was of the right age.Manco told Mama Ocllo of the gift they had received in the form of his godly daughter, and she agreed that it would be a grand sacrifice to worship the gods. 

They named the child Nayra and raised her to be as innocent and pure as possible. Nayra’s mother, Hecate, began watching her from time to time on Olympus as she was only the second child she had sired, the first being Circe. She had no idea of the sinister plans Manco and Mama were harbouring for Nayra. Manco and Mama Ocllo raised Nayra and Sinchi differently. Manco trained Sinchi to be the next Sapa Inca, and Mama raised Nayra away from all the difficulties and impurities of life in the Empire, feeding her only corn and choosing only select innocent village children to play with her. 

When Nayra turned five, Manco led her up to the highest point in Cusco, to an altar on the top of the mountain. At the top, he tried to explain to Nayra that she was going to die to help the Empire. Nayra didn’t want to die, and she started crying. She tried running away, but Mama Ocllo caught her and dragged her to the altar and sat her on it. In one dramatic sweep, Manco brought the sacrificial knife across Nayra’s throat, and her head lolled, lifeless, onto the stone altar. 

Hecate missed the moment of Nayra’s death, but saw enough to realise her daughter had been killed by her own father. In the Underworld, Hades had also noticed Nayra's death and thought it brilliant, a child sacrifice. Hades had been angry at his brother for receiving all the glory and loved that these people were now killing to worship the gods. He restored Nayra in the Underworld, flesh, bones and memories, to act as a reminder of the first child sacrifice. Hecate rushed to the Underworld, making sure not to be seen by Nayra, and struck a bargain with Hades. Nayra could stay in the Underworld with him until Hecate decided the world was safe for Nayra again. Hades agreed and so Nayra began her life in the Underworld.

At first, Hades treated Nayra as a slave, having her look after Cerberus and shine his palace floor daily, but eventually he softened, and began treating Nayra as his own daughter. He told her stories of the Gods and trained her to use weapons. She got her own bedroom in the palace, and Hades let her visit Elysium. Nayra’s body never aged, but her mind and soul did. She began to grow into her powers as a child of Hecate, and when she asked Hades what was happening to her, he told her how the Gods often consorted with mortals and conceived children who were half-God and half-mortal. Nayra understood, and trained with her powers for two hundred years, until Hades offered her a proposition. 

He told her that the Sapa Inca Pachacuti had recently set off on a solo journey to try and reach enlightenment and closer association with the sun god Inti, but had died on his way through the Andes. Hades explained how his soul had already passed to the Underworld, but his body was still in fine form, and could be inhabited by Nayra’s soul if she wished it. Nayra, although used to her home in the Underworld, yearned to see the living world again. She accepted the proposition and took control of Pachacuti’s body, leaving her body dormant in the Underworld.

During her time in Pachacuti’s body, Nayra expanded the Inca Empire and redefined the political system. She grew to accept the fact of her role as a sexually active alpha male, and sired a child, whom she named Tupac. As a gift to the Gods to show her appreciation of their kindness, Nayra ordered for a grand palace to be built near Cusco for the gods.

The Inca people, thinking Nayra meant the Inca gods, happily obliged, and, seven months later, the great Machu Picchu appeared. Nayra left the palace empty for the gods, but surrounded it with a sacred village where llamas, the Inca’s sacred animal, could graze amongst the most pure and respectful villagers. 

Eventually, Nayra decided it was time for Pachacuti to die, and moved back to the Underworld. In the Underworld, Nayra slept for ages, waking in the Renaissance, when Hades explained to her how the Inca empire she had helped build had fallen. Nayra was deeply saddened, and returned to her slumber, but not before training again with new weapons, and catching up on the world's history. Nayra slept for hundreds more years, even sleeping up to the 1990s. 

Up on Olympus, Hecate was frustrated. She had forgotten something important to her, but she couldn't remember what. Suddenly it came to her. A daughter! She had a daughter in the Underworld, waiting for her. But she couldn't bring her back into the world directly, so she sent a letter to Nayra. 

Nayra was sleeping calmly when Hermes woke her up with a letter. It read as follows; 

Daughter,  For too long you have slept. I had admittedly forgotten about you until recently, and understand you have grown to the best of your ability in that body. I am proud of you. But it is time to start afresh. At the completion of this letter, your memory will be wiped and you will be taken back into the world, and raised by a loving family. I will return your memories to you over time, but you should be innocent for as long as possible. Hermes will attach a bracelet to your wrist. It was made for you by Hades. Don't question it until you have your memories back. It will transform to your touch in battle when the time comes.  Farewell my child. 

Before Nayra could protest, her mind went blank and she blacked out.

Nala was raised in an orphanage until the age of five, when Ms Alice Cardew adopted her. Alice treated Nala well, enrolling her in a private school in upstate New York, and supporting her with extra tutoring and support when Nala was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. Nala had a fine childhood up until the point, when she was twelve, when her class had to do a presentation on an ancient civilisation. 

Nala was picked to study the Inca Empire, and she had happily accepted. But when she began studying the Empire, and reading about the great Sapa Incas Manco Capac and Pachacuti, her head began throbbing, and figments of lost memories would haunt her. At one point during the research, something in her mind broke, and Nala screamed, remembering her past years and everything she had gone through. She remembered her true name, Nayra, and her mother, the Greek goddess Hecate wiping her memory so she could live an unburdened life. She remembered Hades, and his stories about the gods and goddesses, and she remembered building Machu Picchu as Pachacuti. Most importantly, she remembered her father murdering her, spilling her blood on ancient stone. 

From that moment on, Nayra was distraught. From time to time, she would remember something new, like the Renaissance, and the memories would bring her to her knees. She never told Alice, thinking she would send her to a mental hospital, and knowing that she had been kind to Nayra through all these years. Two years after she got her first memories back, Nayra was attacked by a harpy.

Nayra had been walking home from school, when a woman had come up behind her and pulled into a dark alleyway. The woman began transforming, and Nayra screamed and ran. The woman, now an ugly human sized chicken, chased Nayra as she sprinted through the streets of New York. Remembering her training with Hades, nayra threw small magic fireballs at the harpy, hoping to burn it, but with no success, as the harpy dodged each one. Nayra kept running and running, continuously throwing fireballs, until she reached the apartment where she and Alice lived, slamming the door into the face of the harpy. 

After she was sure the harpy wasn't at the door anymore, Nayra curled up into a ball on the carpet and tried to remember more of her past. As she was rocking back and forth, trying to remember, it came to her. Nayra held up her wrist, examining the gold and jade bracelet it had held since she had been at the orphanage. She tried tapping it, but nothing happened. Nayra frowned, and then it came to her, the bracelet would only react in battle. Pleased with herself, Nayra went on with life. Monster attacks became more frequent, but each time Nayra had been lucky and had found herself a place to hide or a way to kill the monster with her scimitar.

When Nayra turned sixteenth birthday, all her friends had a huge party to celebrate. They hired a lion tamer and a few circus performers, and rented a huge marquee. They held the party in a small public park, and over 100 people came. Nayra was smiling the entire night until the party ended and the circus performers were packing up. The lion tamer was just closing the latch on the lions cage, when it burst out and leapt towards Nayra. As it came bounding towards her, its form shifted, changing into that of a huge black dog, a hellhound. Nayra tapped her bracelet and it grew into long, bronzen scimitar, with a moonstone handle and gemstones adorning the hilt. She was surprised at the change, but nevertheless charged at the hellhound. As it neared to her, the hellhound pawed lunged at Nayra, slicing open the skin on her right shoulder. With her back to the hellhound, Nayra could still see it, and quickly swung around and sliced the hellhound down the middle, turning it to golden dust. 

Alice didn't see the attack happen, but when Nayra returned home from her party with her shoulder wounded, she took he to the hospital to be cleaned up. Alice believed that Nayra was being stalked, so for the next year she kept a close eye on her, making sure she wasn't harmed again. When Nayra turned 17, Alice received a text message from her workmate telling her to meet him at Long Island for a picnic with Nayra. They both arrived safely and whilst Alice and her co-worker were chatting, Nayra explored the woods of Long island, stumbling across the entrance to camp. She walked through the entrance and looked across the set up of camp. She saw people milling about below her and knew that this place was special to her somehow. She left to tell Alice about the Camp and organised to be dropped there again the next day, hoping the people there would accept her.

As Nayra walked through the entrance to Camp the next day, she was claimed by Hecate.

Weapons: Her scimitar, Inti, that transforms into a bracelet, and her powers. 
  • Inti as a bracelet
  • Her scimitar, Inti

Harlequin Moon   Bring me the Moon and Stars -  Bird    02:25, June 1, 2013 (UTC)

I don't believe Hades would restore her to flesh and bone just because she died at the age of five, seeing as there are other children who have died at a similar or even younger age. What age was she when the harpy attacked her? Did she have any other attacks apart from the harpy and the hellhound? With her being 16-17 and knowing about the gods, monsters would have caught her scent by then and she'd have a couple of regular attacks starting from when she was around 14. Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Ok, fixed why he restored her. She was 14 when the harpy attacked. Uh, no. I could add some in?

Harlequin Moon   Bring me the Moon and Stars -  Bird    04:16, June 4, 2013 (UTC)

While Nayra's soul was in Panchacuti's body, what happened to her body? Monster attacks would simply stop for two years. On the contrary, they would grow more frequent and more dangerous each time.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ


Harlequin Moon   Bring me the Moon and Stars -  Bird    00:47, June 9, 2013 (UTC)

Could you add in how she was able to kill the monster(s)? I'm not sure if holding a party in Central Park is allowed (I even asked this on chat >.<) unless you have permission from the authorities (because you're bringing in a lion to the city and it can get ugly under given circumstances). 

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Ok. She killed the monsters with her scimitar. And the party was held in a small public park.

Harlequin Moon   Bring me the Moon and Stars -  Bird    23:20, June 12, 2013 (UTC)

Wait, so on her first harpy attack, the harpy didn't pursue her after the door got shut?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ


Harlequin Moon   Bring me the Moon and Stars -  Bird    02:39, June 14, 2013 (UTC)

It all seems good to me. Sorry it took a while. Don't forget to add in the name to list and the picture to the photo album :)

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