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Name: Neo Johnson Leigh

Gender: Male

Age: 14

God Parent: Hypnos.  (2nd: Poseidon, 3rd, Eros)

Mortal Parent: Caraline Leigh

Appearance: Thin, tanned skin, dark brown eyes, often with bags under eyes. Dark brown hair that slopes to the side, hiding his eyebrows and covers a small portion of his right eye, reasonably tall. He wears his casual camp half-blood shirt but with a grey and black checkerboard jacket, Neo sometimes wears a silver compass around his neck. He also has a slight English accent.

Personality: Mostly Chill, Neo acts nice around others, trying his best not to make any enemies. Neo is usually quite calm in most situations, allthough sometimes the stress can get to him, allthough he tries to hide his stress. Neo acts quiet, he barely talks towards stangers. Neo does find him self clumsy, which irritates him at his constant mistakes during sports etc etc.  

History: Caraline originally came from New Zealand, but when she was 16, she and her family moved to America where she stayed for the majority of her time. Her family moved there thinking it would be a new and better lifestyle, as her rich cousins did live here. Caraline worked at a Cafe; she lived in a rundown apartment by herself. Caraline first met Hypnos as she served him a coffee; they had very small talk. Although Caraline met Hypnos once again as she was going for a walk. From there, they started to met up together more often until the point they were in a relationship. Caraline eventually found out about Hypnos and the Greek gods, but she didn't mind. She had found out the day after she fell pregnant with Neo, Hypnos stayed with her for a few weeks, then left. Hypnos just had to straight up tell her, which at first Caraline was confused and thought he was joking, but Hypnos insisted and told his full identity. Caraline did try to believe him, but it was a crazy concept then she had been told about how her son was going to be a demigod, and monsters will attack at some time. Thats when Caraline came into realisation that Hypnos might be telling the complete truth, and kept his promise. Caraline thought he would stay forever, but no. Caraline was alone. She decided it would be a safer idea to move to England far away from the possible monster attacks. Caraline did think of moving back to New Zealand, as it was further away and a large portion of her family lived back there, but she allso wanted to live a more secret life, as Caraline was quite talkative, she constantly worried she would give away the big secret of which Hypnos told her to not give away. Neo was born in England and Caraline worked as a Nurse at a local Hospital. Neo didn't talk till the age of 4. They were happy, yet Caraline was still a single mother. When Neo was around 6 years old, his mother Caraline died in a car crash. Neo's wealthy uncle and auntie took him in, living back in America, California. Neo had to adjust, the climate, the people, his new life; it was hard for Neo at first, but he started to fit in. His uncle bought him a dog which was named Caeser, which became one of Neo's good friends as he was trying to fit in. Neo had very few friends at school, yet wasn't quite considered a 'loser', etc etc. Neo didn't speak much at school, apart from his friends, at some point some bullies kept attempting to pick on him, all of which failed as none of it offended Neo.

Around the age of 7, Neo found it very hard to fit in, and the fact he was still very sad about his mothers death, he struggled through the year, trying his best to get over it. Neo wanted to fit in, but he felt like a large weight slowed him, the life of his mother. At the age of 8, Neo had started to try get a normal way of life back. He had very few friends, but his first since he arrived 2 years ago. Neo thought it was a good year for him, he could actually have fun for once and attempt to leave his past behind, but a pain still slowing him down in the distance. Finally at the age of 9, Neo left his bad past behind deep down in his secrets and didn't let them show, he tried hard at school and made more attemps to fit in with the crowd. Neo wanted to be a explorer, to explore the world from the far corners and back. 

By the age of 12, almost 13, a new kid joined the school. His name was Sam Evergreen. He was a bit crippled and needed to use crutches to move around. He always wears jeans, shoes and a cap, everyday. He had slightly curly light brown hair and light brown eyes. At first, Neo thought nothing of him yet, then Sam did quickly become Neo's best friend. Something was always fishy about Sam, but Neo could never quite understand what it was. Neo's 13th birthday came, unfortunately, his Aunt and Uncle had to be at work for his party, but it didn't matter too much for Neo. His friends, Sam, John and Simon (and of course Caeser the dog) came to his party.  Neo and his friends were snacking out on Lollies and Chips; Caeser trying to get into the cake (yet failing). Then there was a thud at the door, Neo stood up and walked towards the door, but then the door busted down. John and Simon quickly started to run but realized there was no where to run. John and Simon must of have been desperate, as they run out onto the backyard and started to climb over the fence, thinking that Sam and Neo were behind him. Caeser stood there and growled. It was a demon lady? Her arms were part wings and she did NOT look like a happy camper. Neo stumbled back and started to run, the Demon lady lunged towards Neo baring her fangs. SMACK! Sam smacked the Demon lady across the face with one of his crutches. He seemed to be standing upright perfectly fine, then Neo noticed the strange thing: Sam's shoes weren't on his feet but instead of having feet he had...hooves. The Demon lady sprang back at Sam. Neo had to think quick; he picked up a nearby chair and clumsily threw it at the Demon Lady. It missed but it tripped over the Demon lady. Sam pulled out what seemed to be a bronze Knife and stabbed the Demon lady in the back. The Demon lady exploded into dust, covering the floor, and Caeser stopped growling. 

Sam had a lot of explaining to do. Sam started off slow, explaining how the Greek gods are real, the entire mythology. Neo wasn't sure if they were both going crazy but let Sam continue. Sam then explained that was a 'Harpie' which attacked him, How he was a satyr and then had to explain how Neo himself was the son of a god. A demigod. It sounded silly at first, but then it started to make sense. How he never knew about his father and how his mother wouldn't mention anything to do with his father. When Sam and Neo found John and Simon, they had just reported a thug had broke into Neo's house, Sam whispered "Play along". Sam had explained something brief to do with mortals not being able to see through some sort of 'mist'. There was a lot of interrogations by the police. Sam and Neo just explained the exact same thing as the others but in their own words. Neo thought to himself 'worst birthday ever'.  Sam didn't take Neo to the camp yet, as Neo's Aunt and Uncle did not know about the whole 'Greek Mythology is real' and Neo was not sure how he could leave without returning, fake a death? all these silly ideas popped in Neo's mind, but Sam just decided to wait. A year passed, Neo and Sam were good friends and Sam taught Neo a lot more about the whole 'demigod thing'. Sam had mentioned something to do with a safe haven, a 'camp' for demigods. Neo wondered if the older he got, the worse and worse the monster attacks would be. As after the whole 'Harpy' incident Neo did experience an unhappy group of Stymphalian Birds a year after, which gave Neo a surprise as he was walking home, luckily he was able to hit very few down (Using a Nearby Rock) and Hide from them. But Unfortunately, they shot feathers down at him and swiped at him, Neo only could take a few down, until Sam came to help, throwing his Dagger at them, although vulnerable as he had to go collect the Dagger each time but it was the easiest way to do so and he only threw the dagger when he knew it would hit, whilst Neo barely helping as he threw rocks around. Sam and Neo tried to convince his Aunt and Uncle that he and Sam were going to go to a Summer camp, and his Uncle and Auntie happily accepted. Neo wondered if he was even going to go back to his old life if he left to 'Camp Half-Blood'.

Neo knew he would miss Caeser the most, quite strangely as he was a dog, but Neo felt that this Camp was going to be 'awesome'. Sam took Neo to a red painted house, he knocked on the door, another but much Older satyr opened the door. Sam explained he needed help bringing Neo to the 'Camp' (Camp Half-Blood). The older Satyr agreed. The three of them took a taxi to the airport. They all went on a plane to New York. When they arrived in New York, they all tried to blend in, as if they were expecting an attack out in the public with all these mortals around. Neo found it a bit funny how the two satyrs both wore the same brand of caps. The three of them walked along, until there was a parked grey slightly broken car. The older satyr pulled out some car keys. Neo was about to ask 'is that really what we are going to be driving in?' but the satyrs didn't seem to care as much as Neo did. The three of them drove off towards the camp. Eventually they stopped at some farm land at Long Island. The older satyr said to walk from here. The older satyr drove off, leaving Sam and Neo behind. Sam seemed to know his way, Neo followed. Sam seemed to walk in a fast pace as if he was in a rush. Then Neo tripped up on some rock. Neo got up, it wasn't a rock. It was some silvery object. Neo picked it up. It was a silver pentagon shape. It opened up when he pushed the Lid, revealing a compass of some sort. Neo put it in his pocket and made his way to the camp with Sam. Sam seemed to urge Neo along and looked around as if expecting an attack anytime. "Its really close we have to hurry!" Before Neo could say any thing, They started to run along. Neo saw a large forest up ahead in the distance. Neo asked if that was where the camp was, and Sam nodded, still running in a rush. Neo started to feel tired, not from the walking but just a sleepy tired. He always got that feeling, which he found irritating sometimes but dealt with it. Neo must of have been going slow because Sam was quite up ahead. Sam stopped in his tracks and looked at Neo. He gave him that look as if 'don't move a muscle'. Neo froze in his tracks. Sam lowered his hand to his knife/dagger, and Neo realized. Another monster. Neo's eyes dashed to a piece of wood on the ground. It looked like it could make a good club. Some sort create from behind crawled out of the ground, he heard the sound of dirt being lifted out of the ground, and Sam squealed out to run! Neo picked up the piece of wood and ran. He looked behind him to see a angry Giant Scorpion chasing him, snapping its large pincers. Neo knew he couldn't defeat the Scorpion on his own with a peice of wood, so instead, Neo threw the club at his face with all his might. The Scorpian stumbled a bit, snapping its claws in anger, giving enough time for Neo to grab onto the Tail of the Scorpion, the Scorpion tried to fling him off, but failed. the Giant Scorpion started to lower Neo to it Claws. Sam stabbed the giant Scorpion in the face, as it was distracted, The Scorpion was mad. It fired its stinger at Sam, Neo being flung off in the process, but Sam dodged the stinger and sliced its tail. The giant Scorpian Screeched in pain. Sam slid under the creatures body and dug his dagger straight into the Scorpions chest, the giant Scorpion  screeched in intense pain, snapping its Pincers around aimlessly. Neo got to his feet, Sam run away from the Scorpion and Neo sprinted to the forest. The giant Scorpion, mad as ever, snapped its claws at their direction, screeched in pain, then crawled down into its hole. Neo checked his pockets, the compass was still there. They eventually made it to the Camp, breathing heavy. At the entrance, Neo saw something glint in the sun light, another object? Neo tried to pick it up, realising it was buried in the earth. Neo tugged harder at the object untill it gave free. Neo looked at the object with a weak grin on his face. He was weilding a Bronze Sword. Sam and Neo walked into the camp grounds, waiting for his new life to begin.

Possesions/Weapons: Terrabane (Celestial Bronze short sword) and a Silver Compass (Points towards Thalia's Tree)

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  • How did John and Simon run out of the building if there was someone at the door? 
  • Did Neo encounter any other monsters in the year after he was attacked by a harpy? 
  • How did the Laistrygonian manage to sneak up on a satyr, who could smell monsters?
  • Did the two ever arrive at Camp?
  • Lastly, does the compass have any real value? For example, is it a weapon of sorts? Or is it a normal compass which some hiker must have dropped?

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How exactly did Caraline "find out" that the man she was with was a god?

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one more thing that I wish for you to add please? where did the demigod receive his weapon? add that and I promise you I'll claim this as soon as I can

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How exactly did Caraline come to "find out" about Hypnos and the Greek Gods? I mean it's quite possible that she'd read books on greek mythology and knew the names of gods, but she wouldn't be able to know that the man she was dating was one unless he explicitly told her.

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Almost there buddy! Just change the Laistrygonian giant because, according to our monster encyclopedia, this monster is included in the medium level which means it does not attack demigods who have not yet gone to camp so please replace it with a monster in the easy level. Also, you must at least mention one monster attack a year since he first encountered a monster attack. The third monster attack you mentioned, I thought perhaps happened the same year the stymphalian birds attacked. If that is so, I'd recommend to just move that one to when he is 14. Why is that? You mentioned that he is currently 14 but he arrived to camp at the age of 13 so that would leave us the question--what happened in the one year gap?

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Cool name for a weapon :)

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