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Name: Nerissa

Species: Water nymph

Age: Immortal

Appearance: Nerissa1.jpg

Personality: She's a bit eccentric, and is passionate about the ocean. She is mainly friendly, but very aloof and spacy. You could talk to her for hours and she would probably only absorb a couple minutes of the conversation.

History: Nerissa Tudor was once a regular girl, a demigod child of Palaemon. She grew up with her single mother, who was a professional surfer. She loved swimming, and aspired to become a great surfer as well. Her mother didn't know about her daughter's divine heritage, she just assumed Palaemon was a mortal man who came and left without notice. Still, she didn't mind. Nerissa grew up in Hawaii and was happy, so her mother was as well. As Nerissa grew older, she began to notice that there was something different about her, but besides the dyslexia and ADHD, she didn't know what it could be. One time, Nerissa swore she had seen a one-eyed creature at the mall, but when she looked again, it was gone and all her friends dismissed her as crazy. The school satyr took notice of this event and began to pay closer attention to her, but he didn't have time to do anything. When Nerissa was about fourteen, she went our to surf. Slowly, she kept wading out further towards the sea, and a freak wave emerged from nowhere. Nerissa tried to escape, but she did not make it. She had not yet learned of her powers, and though she could very well breathe underwater, she started panicing from the discovery. In the midst of this, she hit her head on a sharp rock on the ocean floor and became unconscious. She drowned, and her father took pity on her and turned her into a nymph. She then learned about her heritage as a demigod, and made her way to camp. She misses her mother, who now mourns her loss and did not learn of her daughter's true fate.

"I am the Master of my Fate; I am the Captain of my Soul." 01:56, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

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